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Journal Entry #3//Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day my friends. Today is really important for our planet and our environment. If we want to keep living on this planet and see amazing animals in the future, we have to keep doing what it takes to help this planet. 192 more words

Enviromental Issues

Baby Seal Hunting in Canada?! | Journal entry #2 (GRAPHIC PHOTOS/VIDEOS. YOU ARE WARNED)

I found out on youtube that Baby Seal hunting is starting in Newfoundland, Canada. I was pretty shocked to find that people in Newfoundland hunt seals for their fur. 79 more words

Enviromental Issues

Journal entry #1| Environmental issues in America.

Hello, and welcome to my first post. I would like to discuss the environment and how the world is affecting the country’s woldlife.

I went on twitter this morning and read that the wall that Trump is building on the Mexican boarder is going to affect the wildlife. 169 more words

Enviromental Issues

Change Your Mind

Nothing’s for certain.¬†

In high school, choosing a career path is pushed on you from a fairly young age. Some people know what they want to do, some just have an idea, and some don’t have a clue. 657 more words


Whose Garden Was This: Tom Paxton

This song has been in my head for a while now – its the ultimate environmental anthem!

“Tell me again, I need to know
The forests had trees, the meadows were green… 229 more words


Meat and fish industry, the culprits of enviromental destruction

The main leading cause for environment destruction is the meat and fish industry. Overconsumption of water, greenhouse emits of farming animals, pollution, species extinction, deforestation, habitats destruction, and world hunger are the results of animal exploitation. 1,142 more words

Animal Exploitation