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PARLEY For The Oceans #Environment Issues


“Our oceans are about to collapse and there is not much time to turn it around. Nobody can solve this alone. Everyone has to be a part of the solution.

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Invasive species in every corner of B.C.

Dozens of non-native invasive plants and animals are established in British Columbia, arriving on the wind, in nursery plants, soil and on improperly cleaned boats. Invasives are more than a nuisance, costing millions in crop losses, ruined infrastructure and threatening natural biodiversity, according to the Invasive Species Council of B.C. 791 more words

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Microplastics in the ocean are moving up the food chain, study says

Plastic fibres and particles in West Coast waters are being consumed and passed up the food chain by tiny marine creatures that apparently mistake them for food, according to a new study from the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. 430 more words

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Ten tips for coping with watering restrictions in the garden

As new restrictions limit opportunities for watering, home gardeners can take steps to reduce water use and to keep their plants comfortably moist through the summer heat. 447 more words

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Visiting the Serengeti has made me more certain that wild animals don't belong in captivity

I stared out into the distance and could see no end in sight. That’s how much freedom the animals of the Serengeti have to roam. In fact, that’s exactly how this particular piece of land spanning 14,750 square kilometres got its name. 479 more words


Mankind to blame for caribou declines in South Peace, not wolves: BC government report

A Ministry of Environment document released through freedom-of-information legislation clearly blames human actions — not wolves — for the decline of BC’s endangered woodland caribou herds in the South Peace. 282 more words


Why money can't solve our environmental problems

It’s times like this when I realize that even in a technological revolution, the true force that connects the world is Mother Nnature herself. Everyday we see examples of this. 443 more words