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Humans are unsustainable super-predators, UVic scientists say

Humans have emerged as a unique class of “super-predators,” exploiting other animals in ways seldom seen in the natural world, according to a new report in Science by researchers at the University of Victoria. 612 more words

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Canadians among the world's water hogs

While public education and water restrictions help to conserve water, dramatic reductions can be achieved through water pricing and government incentives to upgrade wasteful appliances. 1,408 more words

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Owning our Health: Why caring about Cecil the lion is good for our health

The senseless killing of Cecil, the nationally beloved lion in Zimbabwe by an American big-game hunter has provoked a media storm of angry protest and controversy. 1,015 more words


Oscar nominated "Virunga" highlights crisis of endangered gorillas #Leonardodicapriofoundation

January 15, 2015Netflix teamed up with executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio and production company Appian Way on the original documentary film, Virunga, released in theaters in New York and Los Angeles and aired on Netflix. 371 more words


Particle pollutants spike after fireworks shows, studies show

Areas downwind of fireworks displays can experience sustained concentrations of fine particulate pollutants 16 times greater than the worst air quality day recorded in Metro Vancouver this fire season. 622 more words

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Black bear kills down, while human-wildlife conflicts soar

While the world wrings its hands over the fate of two bear cubs from Port Hardy, it turns out the number of black bears killed by conservation officers is down by half since the 1990s, according to government statistics. 771 more words

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B.C.'s surprising tree deficit

Trees give life. They create habitat for wildlife, oxygen that we breathe and shade from the sun’s burning rays.

So, imagine my surprise when I learned that British Columbians are LESS likely to have trees on their property than other Canadians. 108 more words

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