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Regulation and Common Sense Often Don't Mix

In California, Proposition 65 requires that retailers and manufacturers disclose the use of any chemicals that may pose an environmental health risk.    Sounds like common sense, right?  825 more words

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Sea Level Rise and Sustainability

Do you feel lucky?  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg apparently does not.  He sent one of his Long Term Planning and Sustainability staff members to a hearing before the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee in… 579 more words

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Coke and Pepsi Change Product to Avoid California Regulatory Stupidity

In the ‘Don’t these Regulators have Something Better to Do’ department comes this over the news wires—both Coke and Pepsi decided to change the way they produce their… 299 more words

Environment Choices For Competitive Advantage

Two Nukes in Thirty Years Do Not a Resurgence Make!

I know it’s an election year and the administration is looking for good news anywhere it can find it, but the press reports about Energy Secretary… 453 more words

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Shovel-Ready Domestic Energy Projects at Work

Every day there is more bad economic news it seems, and even President Obama started campaigning for reelection a year early.  But things are different in… 384 more words

Economic Choices: Grow Or Die?

Give the President what He wants and Give it to Him Hard!

That was the message from American Electric Power in announcing that it will retire 6,000 MW of coal fired power generation to comply with new… 671 more words

Economic Choices: Grow Or Die?