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Scratched and bloodied in re-opening the path to Folly Bog

I say that I was bloodied in re-opening the path to Folly Bog. I massively overstate the amount of blood, it was a couple of small pricks from the gorse that drew blood. 99 more words

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Windlesham Field of Remembrance celebrates its Green Flag Award

Not to be outdone by the Green Flag Award to Frimley Lodge Park, the Windlesham Field of Remembrance has also received a Green Flag Award. This, from their website, 148 more words

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Secateurs needed to regain access to Folly Bog

Getting down to Folly Bog from the track alongside Red Road is not everyone’s idea of fun. It is mine.

So, I’m frustrated that the spiky gorse, bracken and other vegetation seem to have closed off the path down to Folly Bog. 29 more words

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Discover the Thames Basin Heaths circular walks

When at the Bisley Strawberry Fayre this year we stopped by the Thames Basin Heats Partnership stand, and picked up some leaflets. Below is the inside of one of the leaflets. 86 more words


The last survivors on Earth

From Eurekalert
Public Release: 14-Jul-2017

University of Oxford

The world’s most indestructible species, the tardigrade, an eight-legged micro-animal, also known as the water bear, will survive until the Sun dies, according to a new Oxford University collaboration. 1,007 more words

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*Non Weather Related* Interesting article for proof of life on other planets...

Butterfly watching in a group led by experts

We could have spent Sunday afternoon TV viewing, watching the Wimbledon men’s tennis final, the British F1 Grand Prix, or stage 15 of the Tour de France, instead we went butterfly watching in Horsell Common. 72 more words

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Phewee, for one photo it took 4,200 hours and 720k images

In the Wired magazine amateur photographer, Alan Mcfadyen, reveals that for one photo of a diving kingfisher it took him 4,200 hours and over 720,000 images. 13 more words