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Up to no good

Your Monday morning bug.
Most likely “not good for the garden”, this bright coral pink thing was last seen this A.M. enjoying the dampness by scurrying somewhere. 53 more words

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Late Friday Hot Links: Too much water in parts of America, and the politics of drinking water

Was going to plant some daffodils – Jetfire and Minnow varieties – I bought on Friday. However, it was just so jolly cold, I couldn’t face it. 166 more words

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The Sea Diamond

Many will remember the sinking of the cruise ship “Sea Diamond” in April 2007. She hit a reef while maneuvering to one of the permanent moorings beneath the caldera of Santorini and sank 13 hours later. 357 more words

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Ze weather, eet iz confusing

Yesterday, walking back home from Lightwater village centre, I came across a lovely patch of early crocus – Crocus tommasinianus. They weren’t in a garden but at the edge of a play area. 69 more words


The well is dry

This photo of the new reservoir, taken yesterday, pretty much sums up the state of the Greek economy. We all await the “negotiations” to take place on Monday when the Greek government presents its list of reforms to Merkel/Schäuble/Dijsselbloem. 103 more words

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Red Deer bucks ignore me, even when I shout cooee! to get a better photo

Caught two Red Deer bucks grazing just inside the protective fencing on Chobham Ridges of the Bisley & Pirbright Ranges. When I shouted cooee! to get them to raise their heads and look at me, there wasn’t a flicker of interest. 30 more words

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Friday morning pretty picture

We know that many of our readers visit only for the photos of Skopelos we post. We don’t mind. We like pretty pictures of (or from) Skopelos too. 80 more words

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