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High Curley without trees and bushes

Here’s a photo of from the top of High Curley in Lightwater, without its cover of trees, bushes and vegetation restricting its scenic views. My photo is of an image of High Curley taken from an exhibition board at Surrey Heath Museum’s exhibition on the work and history of the… 62 more words


Help! I'm becoming a bit of a birder

A birder, for those not familiar with the term, is a person who seriously pursues the hobby of birdwatching.

Friends recommended installing a bird feeding station in our garden, to which this year I’ve added half-a-dozen different types of bird feeders. 98 more words

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Listening to passionate Anne Brummer about hedgehogs and wildlife rescue

Yesterday evening at the Windlesham Parish Council Annual Meeting, the guest speaker Anne Brummer, of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, spoke about the crisis in the decline of the hedgehog population, and about wildlife rescue. 198 more words


Field bank, hundred bank, fox hole, or sawpit; cultural features in our woodland

Am I looking at a field bank, a wood bank, or even a hundred bank? Is that hole or hollow, a military fox hole, or a saw pit? 64 more words

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On until April 23rd Camberley Natural History Society Exhibition at Surrey Heath Museum

Surrey Heath Borough Council announce that Surrey Heath Museum’s current exhibition on the work of Camberley Natural History Society continues till April 23rd. Dartford Warbler Photo credit: Barry Hughes. 235 more words

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Question answered about the large stone on Curley Hill

What’s the question I hear you ask.

In the March edition of Roundabout – the rather good parish magazine of All Saints’ Church in Lightwater – was a request ‘Do you know anything about ‘the stone’ on the top of Curley Hill? 255 more words