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Δολοφονία στον κήπο "Murder in the garden"

Tip-toeing through the tulips the other day (actually clumsily trudging through the basiliko) I happened across a very still carpenter bee. As the carpenter bees (‘bumble bees’ to you, ‘bouni’ to Greeks and ‘humlebi’ to Andy) are usually very active and never remain on any one flower for more than a few seconds. 122 more words

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Heat index

A little known feature of Yiannis Chatzitrakosas’s local weather station feed to the Penteli/meteo system is the daily “high heat index”.

The “heat index” is a subjective accounting for the “feeling” of the heat on a hot day. 174 more words

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Viewing the London skyline from Chobham Ridges

Part of the fun of walking in our local heathland is, apart from the joys of the flora and fauna, the variety of views.

  • From High Curley in Lightwater, height 129 metres/423 feet, you can see into the heart of central London, including the BT Tower and the Victoria Tower of the Houses of Parliament.
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Cartography for beginners… and knitters

One of the SkopelosNews so-called troika spent a pleasant lunch among friends at the Pavlos taverna in Agnontas last week ignoring the fact that they were marking yet another birthday. 107 more words

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Local produce up and running

This photo of overflowing bowls of tomatoes caught in the orange light of the sunrise illustrates the bounty of fresh vegetables available now on the island. 98 more words

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Cicadas or “τζιτζίκια” (Tzit-TZEEk-ee-a) (singular-Tzit-TZEEK-ee) are out in force this year, many more are active than in years before.
In summers past one might see only a few of the moulted exoskeleton of the nymph (see photo) on the leaves of a plant or a tree trunk. 29 more words

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What the heck ?

Funny that I took a photo of a similar sea smudge last week and thought that, though the photo was good, the “story” it told was no big deal. 85 more words

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