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Button up the hatches

Several weather prediction sites are telling us that the wind will change direction and pick up later tonight.
As the graph says just after midnight the wind will blow at close to 40 mph (65 Km/h or 35 knots or 8 Beaufort) briefly and then subside. 49 more words

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The day after…

One day after the 25th of March Church/State celebration and one day into the gestation of Christ, (id est 275 days before Christmas) we have another wet day in Skopelos. 27 more words


The (freaking) oat report March '15

Fellow gazers and geezers, sorry about the delay with this month’s report. We were waiting, waiting, waiting for a sunny day or at least a sunny interlude at a convenient time. 41 more words

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Preferring daffodils to tulips

I read the descriptions on the packets of daffodil bulbs, and made my choices, hoping to have a variety of daffodil colours. Planting done.

Awaited for the flowering. 144 more words

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700 meters +/-

Jodeling our way down the Pelion mountain rode last Wednesday at about 5pm, we momentarily took our eyes off the road. In a quick glance we noticed something remarkable, this sunsetty thing happening so we pulled over. 94 more words


World water day

Yesterday was world water day and we received this link from the head of the water company. http://www.unwater.org/worldwaterday

Water was something that we have had enough of this winter and the island certainly needed it. 63 more words

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This pine had been teetering on the edge of the embankment for a long time. Though its roots were 75% exposed for years, it took the weather weirdness of the last week to finally knock it down. 26 more words

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