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Here's a chance to do your bit to preserve our heathland

Yours truly began being a local conservation volunteer way back in 2002, or perhaps earlier. It’s such an age ago. Keen to help improve our heathland habitat in Lightwater Country Park I was part of a dozen or so volunteers joining the park rangers in their winter works conservation programme on one day a week. 147 more words

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Millions die in beach clean-up horror!

Literally handfuls of people succumbed to the rarely-reported Acquired Outer Space Ebola-Lassa-Fever-Cauliflower-Ear Syndrome while innocently clearing up Ammos beach on a sunny Sunday morning yesterday. Fleets of ambulances stayed where they were, the fire service weren’t answering the phone, and NASA were refusing to comment. 181 more words

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the beach…

As there have been some suggestions that it may not be safe to work on the volunteer clean-up of Ammos beach tomorrow, I (john) popped my Dick Tracy hat-with-press-card-in-band on and decided to, you know, actually… 214 more words

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

The town beach last year. Hopefully with the help of everybody who is on the island and feels like contributing we can at least clear all the big pieces rubbish before a big storm sweeps it all again in the sea and kills some turtles, seals etc. 30 more words

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Autumn leaves have no hiding place from me and my assistant

Our green recycling bin, which is actually brown, is full of autumn leaves. I’ve had an assistant to help me collect up all the leaves in our gardens – front and back. 44 more words

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It's always good to hear of community good spiritedness

A much under-rated thing is community good spiritedness. Encountering it is a wonderful antidote to the bad stuff which fills the media’s agenda.

Walking back from Lightwater village centre I meet a friend, someone to whom I was able to be of some help when a I was a councillor.  138 more words


The gloves are, er, off

The mayor’s office apologizes but after a rummage through the mayoral escritoire – sporting a fresh coat of shocking pink paint, if only to cover up the My Little Pony decals favoured by the previous incumbent – the office has discovered that it is unable to provide gloves for Sunday’s volunteer clear-up of the imaginatively titled town beach, Ammos (‘sand’). 86 more words

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