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Planning updates 16-07-2018

This week’s crop of new applications are in postcodes UB10 8… then QF and SG. Map link.


Cedar waxwing in Canada

This video says about itself:

Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum) at Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada, on 18th May 2018.


You Don't Miss Your Water... | Part v

Redmires Reservoir | Sheffield

You Dont Miss Your Water ‘Til Your Well Runs Dry

Smartphones, smart homes, smart cars, Facebook, Google and the internet make the list of most people’s top ten things they cannot live without.   182 more words


3 days in Hobart: go far, without breaking the bank.

Hobart in Winter is not for the faint-hearted. Icy winds and single-digit temperatures (Celsius) frame an otherwise sunny day with frost.

So what takes a lover of 40 plus degrees so near the Antarctic? 1,523 more words


Land or ice

Generally speaking, Polar Bears in the Arctic can choose between two strategies for summer, with both their advantages and disadvantages. Naturally one would expect the bears to be out on the ice. 430 more words



“The mass of humans – the sum of the body weights of all 7.5 billion people on Earth – now comprises 32% of the total mass of all vertebrates (mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians) on land. 41 more words

The Great American Give-Away

The Trump administration is giving away access to our public lands for discovery and exploitation of minerals and fossil fuel reserves. Conservatives and mining interests are setting a place at the table to get their share. 545 more words