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Haiku #22: Rain

The rain falls softly

As the pain of heat eases

At last the sun weeps.

Author’s Note: Wishful thinking on my part. We are having a record heat wave in Arizona,USA. 7 more words

Dying Navy Sailors Sue for $1 Billion Over Radiation From Fukushima


A federal appeals court has ruled that members of the US Navy can now, in a US court, pursue their lawsuit which alleges that they were exposed to radiation while providing aid after the nuclear crisis in Fukushima, Japan. 331 more words


The First of Many Steps to a Better World

Hello World!

My name is Sasha. You may or may not know that I was running a fashion blog for the past few years. I stopped keeping up with the blog and I lost my passion for it. 198 more words


Vivienne Westwood's Secret to Success

In order to do well as a businessperson, it is essential that you learn from the experiences of those who have successfully conquered the industry. So when Vivienne Westwood offers some advice, we make sure to listen closely. 209 more words


Strange Berries, Strange Days

June 22, 2017

I went out this morning to pick a few blackberries, intent on leaving most of them for the bears and other critters…just wanted a taste, as there is nothing quite like a fresh berry outta the hot sun…and just being there amongst those tangled, snatching vines in the humid air always gives me fond memories of going blackberry picking with my dad… deep in some neglected cow pasture with not a house or road for miles. 252 more words


Sent a Myth to the Mythbusters!

Yep, I sent that trash incinerator idea to Mythbusters. I wonder if they will try it. I hope they do. I would love to see what they have to say about it. 17 more words


Thrift Shop Theology: Seven Reasons Macklemore Was Right

We’ve all heard the song. Macklemore made second-hand shopping hip and managed to brand brandlessness. But I’ve always liked thrift shops. I like the eclectic frugality that they offer. 1,230 more words