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3/24/17: In the garden this week

Normally I scatter seeds for mesclun and other cool-weather greens around mid-March, hoping for a harvest in mid-May. This year, right now, my vegetable plot is almost clear of the foot of  snow that fell on it 10 days ago, so I may be able to plant this week. 670 more words


Why Overcoming Nationalisms and Uniting is Necessary

Only unity between humans can create real progress and build a better world, a good one. Our common wealth is our planet.

by Katia Novella Miller 3,768 more words

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A Natural Solution to Water Security

New report analyzes 4,000 cities to demonstrate the health, climate and biodiversity benefits of source water protection.

When you turn on the tap in Quito, Ecuador, the water that emerges does so after a long journey. 2,620 more words


Bird Food

Imagine a sunny day, suddenly turned dark. But it is no cloud that is blocking the sun, and the drops that have started to fall are… 1,005 more words


How to Change My Biases on Climate Science | Scott Adams' Blog

Source: How to Change My Biases on Climate Science | Scott Adams’ Blog

If you want to convince me that climate change is a clear and present danger, you need to change my biases on three things:

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Bat-killing fungus spreads to Texas

White-nose syndrome has killed 5.5 million bats so far

Staff Report

Read more about white-nose syndrome in the Summit Voice archives

A fungal pathogen that has wiped out bat populations across the eastern third of the U.S. 593 more words


GDP or GNH (The Bhutan Way)?

March 24, 2017

GDP or GNH (The Bhutan Way)–Maybe it’s Time to screw the  Economists and start looking at alternative ways to measure what makes life worthwhile… 103 more words