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Fall In Love With Hawaii With These Gorgeous Paragliding Photos

Alright, Hawaii, let’s just cool it with the never-ending bucket list of awesomesauce.

How is anyone supposed to get to it all? Between the awe-inspiring scenery… 200 more words


Senator Who Cited Snowball In Climate Change Debate Cites Scripture To Back Himself Up

WASHINGTON — Senator Jim Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma, became the object of global ridicule recently when he sauntered onto the floor of the world’s greatest deliberative body with what he declared was persuasive evidence climate change was a hoax. 352 more words


Why Does Rain Smell?

The New York Times has an interesting video with excellent photography explaining how rain gets its scent. Clue – it comes from the ground not the water. 8 more words


Anti-Vaccine Haven Digs In As Measles Outbreak Hands Science Crusaders An Edge

VASHON ISLAND, Wash. — Since arriving from Puerto Rico a year ago, Pedro Alvarez says he has learned a lot about healthy living from other people on this island — a small, crunchy community a short ferry ride from Seattle. 1,981 more words


The U.S. States With The Most Fast Food Restaurants Per Capita

America has been informally dubbed a “Fast Food Nation.” It is the land of shoe string fries and ancient, everlasting burgers. It’s a utopia where the… 178 more words



Two days ago, I wrote about the Consequences of our actions, and how they are often more important than the initial actions themselves.  Yesterday, I wrote about what makes humans… 495 more words