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Michigan Rick Snyder is Ready to Endanger 20% of World's Freshwater | ActTV

Michigan is my home state. I don’t understand how Gov. Rick Snyder has not been forced to resign. Now he wants to put former BP lobbyist Heidi Grether in charge of the Michigan Environmental Protection Agency. 38 more words


I'm not a socialist except when I am

Capitalism versus socialism: it’s a knob setting, not an either/or.¬† Bernie probably didn’t help himself by stating his party as “Democratic Socialist” because the average¬†voter here sees the word “socialist” and thinks “commie atheist mother hater.” 1,063 more words


Knowing how it turned out

Milton Mayer used to make fun of people who use Latin where they could just as well have used English. He managed to do that inoffensively by making that error repeatedly and then making fun of himself for doing it. 1,114 more words


Why My Characters' Zip Code Matters

Enrique, a youth living in Tucson’s poorest neighborhood, begins his life with “the cards” stacked against realization of his dreams. Caught in a web of drug traffickers who recruit disadvantaged youth in his barrio, he navigates each day as one in a war zone with the goal to survive between sun up and sun down. 226 more words


Puerto Ricans protest against pollution

This video says about itself:

Puerto Ricans Protest Toxic Fumigation

23 July 2016

Puerto Ricans are taking to streets to protest the spraying of an anti-

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the run in the rain

I always liked the idea of running in the rain
The feeling of raindrops dripping off my face
The coolness that’s going to seep through my hair… 342 more words