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Coastal Lights Threaten Coral, Study Says

New research adds pollution from artificial light to threats facing coral, also vulnerable to bottom-trawling, coral bleaching and ocean acidification.

Artificial light, mainly from the growing use of light-emitting diodes in coastal communities, affects how invertebrate marine organisms build ecosystems, according to a study published… 316 more words


Dutch Police Capture Eye-Popping Photo Of Mystery Newlyweds In A Tulip Field

A Dutch police helicopter happened to snap this gorgeous shot of a newly married couple frolicking in a tulip field. Now, they’re trying to track down the newlyweds on Twitter and give them the photo. 158 more words


Fracked, shale-drilling additives in drinking-water taps near leak

Shale oil has helped the US see lower gas prices and even an opportunity to start exporting. However, it isn’t as great as it might sound, hydraulic fracturing — also known as fracking — has been scrutinized by environmentalists since it’s inception. 532 more words


As the river rises: Cahokia's emergence and decline linked to Mississippi River flooding

As with rivers, civilizations across the world rise and fall. Sometimes, the rise and fall of rivers has something to do with it. At Cahokia, the largest prehistoric settlement in the Americas north of Mexico, new evidence suggests that major flood events in the Mississippi River valley are tied to the cultural center’s emergence and ultimately, to its decline. 10 more words


Juvenile shale gas in Sweden

Considering geological time scales, the occurrence of biogenic shale gas in Sweden´s crust is relatively young. Geoscientists found that biogenic methane in the Alum Shale in South Sweden formed due to deglaciation around 12 years ago. 50 more words


Week 16 - Insulation

Winter is coming to New Zealand. Our house is old and very poorly insulated, and I have wanted to make it more energy-efficient since we moved here a year ago. 219 more words