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Food Policy Action releases 2015 Congressional scorecard | Food Politics

I went yesterday to the press conference for the release of the Food Policy Action 2015 Scorecard.

This was outdoors at Campos Community Garden in Manhattan’s East Village, attended by classes of schoolkids.   274 more words

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If We’re Going To End Factory Farms, We Need To Eat Way Less Meat

It’s the kind of image that is really difficult to forget.

A disturbing undercover video shot by an animal rights activist released earlier this month showed pigs being subjected to horrific conditions inside one of the nation’s largest pork processing plants. 1,024 more words


Food Security Must Be a Top Priority for the Paris COP

When we think of climate change, we tend to picture rising sea levels, higher temperatures, expanding deserts, more violent storms, melting ice caps. But we should also think of wasted fields and hungry people, because climate change poses a tremendous threat to our food supply for all countries. 972 more words


Petrified Whale Throws Himself Against Rocks To Avoid Hunters

These are the heartbreaking final moments of a pilot whale during the infamous annual slaughter in Taiji, Japan — and an important reminder of what the experience is like for animals caught in the cruel drive hunt. 43 more words


Suzuki joins Ottawa climate marchers with new hope

David Suzuki came to Montreal for a week and found out that his foundation is holding a climate march in Ottawa on Sunday. So he’s leading it. 417 more words

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