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Tainted By Our Choices – Extract

Jack stretched up just enough to peek down through the tinted glass of his office window at the protesters gathered outside holding hand painted placards and could only bring himself to sigh. 1,356 more words

My Writing

Sea Fog and Starfish

The California Coast can take on a mystic aura in February. I observed this while cozying away at a B&B near Huntington Beach one year ago, during part of a sabbatical from the University in Indiana where I teach. 985 more words

"Aimlessness is advisable."

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Atlantic Island Explorations (Part One): The Cíes Sublime

Insulae Deorum, Islands of the Gods, that is the name Plinio the Elder gave to this island archipelago, this pearl of Galicia’s Rías Baixas. He named it well, for this island should be worshipped and adored, protected from the profane secular sciences which have so corrupted so much of this planet’s jewels. 674 more words


Going vegan: Week one

I’ve been vegetarian for around 12-13 years, since I bought a Goldfinger album which contained some brutal information about slaughterhouses in the sleeve, and heard their songs with animal rights messages like Open Your Eyes and Behind The Mask. 592 more words


Curse of the Bottle

a trapped fly struggles
to escape his glass prison
curse of the bottle


Beach clean virgins

We completed our first beach clean at Silver Sands Beach, in Aberdour, Fife this  weekend, with the help some friends who were staying with us. There were 8 of us and we picked plastic, glass and cardboard from the beach for about an hour on a stretch of beach about 100 metres long. 213 more words