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Southern coastal resource development under assault

While well-funded, highly organized environmental activists saturate the media with protectionist propaganda about “saving” superficial and obscure components of the natural world for esoteric interests, the much more important hidden energy resources that provide American wealth so we all can enjoy more leisure and afford to preserve vast areas of land and water don’t get the positive coverage they deserve. 337 more words

Environmental Activists

Bill C-51 Could be Used to Stifle Social and Environmental Movements, Accuse Citizen Media Groups of “Supporting Terrorism”

Bill C-51, if made into law, might make this article and a good part of the activities of my, and other citizen media groups, acts of supporting Terrorism. 1,112 more words


Environmentalists prepare for new sea-level scheme

The North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission is back with new predictions about the Atlantic Ocean rising along the State coast. In 2010 the State General Assembly wisely rejected an embarrassingly ridiculous warning hatched up by the important-sounding CRC “advisory science panel.” According to it, in 90 years our coast would be inundated with a 39-inch “sea-level rise.” Get ready for it. 728 more words

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Murder of environmental leader highlights dangers to campaigners

Originally posted at tcktcktck.org

The body of an Ecuadorian indigenous leader and campaigner who opening opposed a major mining project has been found bound and buried… 395 more words

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Collusion between EPA and the enviros?

The Administration has denied it, but the emails point to collusion between NRDC and EPA on the Clean Power Plan. Congress will investigate.  421 more words


Earth-Friendly Energy Is Anything But

By Deroy Murdock ~

Environmentalists worship solar energy and wind power as Earth-friendly answers to their ecological prayers. Tortoises, bats, butterflies, and bald eagles beg to differ. 789 more words

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A Climate Of Insanity

By Andrew Bolt ~

On Monday, there was a march through New York by people in support of action on climate change in the lead up to the New York Climate Change conference.  147 more words

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