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Not in My Back Yard!

8:48 am February 4, 2016

Waking up at 5 am isn’t an easy task for me, but I’m glad I did today. Today, I had plans to ride a bus to San Luis Obispo, CA and attend the public hearing on the Phillips 66 Oil Train Spur Extension proposal by the SLO Planning Commission.

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LAUDATO SI: An Adventurer’s Reflection

“God saw everything that He made; and behold, it was good.”

Neither among the words printed over the dictionary can ever describe the sensations she was feeling as of that moment.

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The wind that blew her hair that Sunday afternoon caused her once neatly-fixed hair looked like it has never been combed at all. Her sweat has been dripping for quiet sometime caused by that late afternoon heat but she didn’t care at all. 271 more words


Advocacy: Leaf blowers

I heard a report on NPR about the adverse affects of leaf blowers, so I decided to write to the company that owns my apartment complex.   919 more words


Popular Climate Songs: Raising Awareness about Climate Change by Raising our Voices in Song

The power of a song can not be underestimated or overlooked for reasons that the heart understands more than the mind. Think of all the memorable events in your life–from your very first kiss to your wedding day. 638 more words

Climate Change

Bohol Biodiversity Tree Planting Activity 2015

We at WOW PH Destinations believes that tourism is an important medium on how we can become an advocate in preserving and conserving our natural resources. 64 more words


Don't say "climate change"

Here is why the term “climate change” is very detrimental to the issue of global warming. Notice how Rubio completely ignores the issue of global warming by constantly referring to changes in climate: 165 more words

Global Warming