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Four Resources For People Who Love the Environment and Want to Protect it

I don’t know about you, but as I watched the election results streaming in on that fateful November night, I grew more and more fearful about the state of our world and what would happen if a climate nay-sayer became President-elect. 613 more words


What is an Environmental Lobbyist?

Basically, the job of an environmental lobbyist involves persuading politicians on the local and national levels, in both the legislative and executive branches of government, to pass laws, policies and regulations for a cleaner environment. 529 more words

Our Accidental Environmental Impacts (And How to Avoid Them)

Unfortunately, we waste a lot. We waste food, and money, and resources. We treat our environment like it’s an endless Eden, which it could be if we weren’t depleting resources at a break neck speed. 478 more words


LCC receives highest award for environmental governance in the province

Negros Occidental – The provincial government through the Provincial Environment Management Office gave recognition to various organizations and local government units having excellent environmental practices and championing the cause of the environment.  290 more words

Environmental Advocacy

Encouraging The Human Rights Ripple Effect

Human rights successes are hard-won, and require the coordinated efforts of many people working in solidarity—often across backgrounds, sectors, and even international borders. Victories can provide lessons, strategies, connections and inspiration to others struggling with similar problems, and video can help maximize these positive ripple effects. 679 more words

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