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Meet the SAGE Trainees!

The SAGE IGERT Fellowship at BCGC supports UC Berkeley graduate students conducting research related to green chemistry and green energy. The fellowship began in 2013 and now, two years later, there are fifteen trainees and alum doing amazing green work on campus. 189 more words

Environmental Chemistry

Watch the Greener Solutions Video!

Curious about what goes on in the Greener Solutions course at the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry? Learn more about it by watching this short video!

Environmental Chemistry

Chemical Footprinting: New tools for tracking green chemistry business practices

Chemical Footprinting: Identifying Hidden Liabilities in Manufacturing Consumer Products

In an unassuming low-rise in the Boston suburbs, Mark Rossi tinkers with a colorful dashboard on his laptop screen while his border collie putters around his feet. 136 more words

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Capturing Chromium(VI): Abby Knight is using a new class of molecules to remove metals from groundwater and blood

“Selective Chromium(VI) Ligands Identified Using Combinatorial Peptoid Libraries.” Knight, A. S., Zhou, E. Y., Pelton, J. G., Francis, M.B. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2013. 135, 17488–93. 951 more words

Environmental Chemistry

Mark your calendars: Volume 2, Number 2 is coming soon!

March 15th, people!

In this issue, we hope to explore such complex themes as:

  • Cultural appropriation,  psychedelic ritual, and cultural intellectual property!
  • What it’s like to have the zine’s ENTIRE EDITORIAL AND REPORTING STAFF rounded up by rowdy riot cops!
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Endocrine disruptors cost at least $175 billion annually in the E.U.

An international panel of scientists has found that endocrine disrupting chemicals likely cost the European Union over 100 billion dollars annually — and American officials say this expense could be even higher in the U.S. 312 more words

Environmental Chemistry


This slide show is a gist of environmental che mistry. for more detail please refer textbook.