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Looking at the problem through different lenses

Just this morning, I was engaged in a conversation by someone on the social media site, Twitter.  They took exception to a comment I made and then tried to tell me what my views are on the environment and climate change.  559 more words

Environmental Good Practice

When it comes to leaks and spills, size matters

When it comes to leaks and spills size matters.

The Telegraph recently ran an article titled ‘Leaks from UK offshore oil industry rise by a fifth’ which gives the impression of worsening performance in the North Sea oil and gas industry when it comes to preventing spills. 352 more words

Environmental Good Practice

What happens when ideology and common sense collide

I read recently in The Guardian about how Australian chemicals company Orica has announced that it had applied to ship a significant stockpile of chemical waste to France to end a long-running saga over how to dispose of it. 514 more words

Environmental Good Practice

Business waste is a lot like an orange #2

A few weeks ago, I was explaining how the humble orange is a great metaphor for business waste, and I promised to come back to the example of the fine chemicals company that reduced its waste costs by simply applying downwards pressure to unit rate prices until, eventually, service quality was compromised – to illustrate some alternative approaches it could have taken. 848 more words

Environmental Good Practice