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The Case for Human-Powered Transportation

More and more of us know this: We are now in an era of the awareness of excessive energy consumption, pollution and environmental degradation.

There are thousands of researchers looking at the air, soil, and water and seeing evidence of serious changes to our planet Earth due to human beings. 956 more words


How sanitary is Thailand's drinking water?

So I recently learned about Traveler’s diarrhea and how common this illness actually is among people who travel to developing countries. Unfortunately, I had to suffer through this the first week I arrived in Thailand, so I wanted to learn more about what causes these unpleasant symptoms. 257 more words

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Cleaning Out Your Products

Your health and wellness is accompanied by such a wide variety of attributes, often it can become tricky to remember what we need to reconsider. Personal care products are extremely important to understand as many ingredients/chemicals disrupt hormones, and unfortunately lots of these chemicals in our products that we use day to day have not been assessed for safety (Environmental Defence Canada) . 237 more words

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The Vital Lie

“The Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen coined the phrase “vital lie” for the comforting story we tell ourselves that hides a more painful truth.¬† When it comes to the full costs of ecological ignorance in the marketplace, we endorse the vital lie…

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Breathing easier

This weekend many of us had the chance to go camping in Nam Nao National Park in the Phetchabun Province of northern Thailand. It was a relaxing experience to be able to go into nature after a long stressful week. 205 more words

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The Light of Panama

Right here and now I am swaying in the cool night breeze. Hammock rocking back and forth, flannel on, and a sleepy cat purring on the afghan in my lap. 521 more words


Cleansing. Detoxing. Removing and avoiding toxins.

When I was working on my undergrad degree I helped conduct research on the affects of lead exposure. I was lucky enough to work on 2 research projects and also with a lead prevention agency. 342 more words

Healing Foods