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Trump's rollback of the Clean Power Plan would lead to thousands of preventable American deaths

Each time the US Environmental Protection Agency proposes a new regulation, it writes a cost-benefit analysis to go with it. When the Obama-era EPA developed the Clean Power Plan to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants by 32% by 2030, the cost-benefit analysis found it would prevent thousands of premature deaths each year, along with serious health complications. 329 more words

DuPont Herbicide “Imprelis” Blamed for Tree Deaths

Let’s be clear, herbicides and pesticides are poisons. Herbicides are intended to control unwanted plants; pesticides are used to control unwanted pests. This is accomplished by killing the already present weeds, insects, or otherwise, or by making the environment inhospitable to them. 333 more words

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Amelia Needs Us

Many of you are familiar with Amelia Hill, either via  my blog,  her blog, from her facebook group,  or from the several articles she has… 167 more words

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What is Organic Soil?

Organic soil has been naturally amended by the decomposition of plants and animals and unfortunately, today, most of the soil in the world has been depleted by agribusiness. 427 more words

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Study: Pesticide Exposure May Be Linked to ADHD in Children

Earlier this year, a joint research study conducted by Harvard and the University of Montreal reinforced an earlier research which found a connection between pesticide exposure and Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children [ 476 more words

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Health Dangers of Chlordane

Chlordane is a man made chemical and popular pesticide that was offered in the United States from 1948-1988. Due to concerns about environmental damage and human health risks, the U.S. 1,000 more words

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What is the Bt Toxin?

Unfortunately, modern farming has fully embraced the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides to control unwanted critters and weeds. Synthetic chemicals have largely been responsible for accomplishing the task but the agricultural industry has more recently started a biological warfare campaign against insects with an organism known as Bacillus thuringiensis, or the Bt toxin. 1,270 more words

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