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The Top 4 Vegan Websites

Whether you’re simply trying out a few vegan recipes but haven’t made a complete switch, or you’ve been a vegan for years, keeping company with other vegans is a great way to learn new ideas, recipes, outlooks, and perspectives. 564 more words

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How Safe are Salon Products?

If you’ve ever been taken aback by the pungent chemical cloud hanging over your local hair or nail salon, you’ve probably wondered whether it would be best to simply hold your breath (especially if you were around when Aquanet hairspray was burning a hole in the ozone layer!). 972 more words

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Is cell phone radiation harmful in pregnancy and childhood?

Cell phones have become a major part of everyday life in the last few decades. With the increase in cell phone usage across all ages, races, and socio-economic status, there is growing concern for consequences of cell phone radiation exposure in pregnant women and children. 1,198 more words

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5 Green Living Books That Would Make Great Gifts!

The holiday season is here! If you’re like most people, you probably waited until the last minute to buy that perfect gift for your loved ones. 552 more words

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The rapidly-thawing permafrost is full of mercury

As the Frozen North becomes, well, less-frozen, plenty of ancient and unsettling things could emerge from the great permafrost thaw, like giant viruses and vast stores of… 510 more words

The Food Safety Rating System is one year old!

In 2017, King County launched our new food safety rating system with the goal of making it the best rating system in the country. With a year under our belt, Public Health – Seattle & King County’s food safety team is proud to say that the new system has achieved measurable success. 945 more words


It's not about winning

The key to successful detox is knowing when to fold. Pushing it to far too fast can often result in negative effects that can lead to long lasting damage. 1,021 more words