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Lunch Meat, Hot Dogs, and Cancer

Do you eat lunch meat, hot dogs, bacon, sausages or other packaged or cured meats? If so, all of these products contain added nitrates and nitrites which preserve the meats and fix color, add flavor, and prevent the fats from going bad. 751 more words

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Public Health investigates E. coli outbreak

Public Health is currently investigating an outbreak of E. coli O157 – one of the most serious foodborne illnesses you can contract. Our thoughts are with the families affected by this outbreak, and we appreciate the support of the community as we work to protect the health of the public. 689 more words

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Climate Changed: A Personal Journey through the Science by Philippe Squarzoni

Hello folks! I am back from vacation and will begin posting articles and illustrations related to my recent adventures in Hawaii later on this week. Expect an invasive species rant, a big one. 582 more words

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Nasihat Kesihatan Semasa Keadaan Jerebu




Sehingga jam 10.00 pagi pada 27 Ogos 2015, semua kawasan merekodkan bacaan IPU sihat dan sederhana… 380 more words


Summertime – and the Breathing is Easy -- cough, wheeze, pant…

If you, your child, or your patients have asthma, you may have noticed that symptoms get worse on hot, humid days. Unfortunately, ozone and particles in the air – the main components of air pollution — may be to blame. 564 more words

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Guest Blog: Studying the Health Impacts of Clean Cookstoves in Honduras

by Bonnie Young, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Colorado State University

As a crispness starts to sharpen the August nights in Fort Collins, it can only mean two things: 1) fall is nipping at the heels of summer, and 2) it’s time to head back to Honduras. 537 more words

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Bright Spot: Working Collaboratively at Environmental Health

Grace Nelson earned her Green Belt by creating an innovation based off team work and collaboration. In Lean we look at how an individual can help raise up an entire team. 157 more words

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