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After years of delays, Apple finally gets the green light to build its $1 billion data center in Ireland

”Apple may proceed to build a 850 million euro ($1 billion) data center in Ireland, the High Court ruled on Thursday, bringing relief for the government after a two-year planning delay which it feared could hurt its reputation with investors,” Padraic Halpin reports for Reuters. 274 more words


Open Letter

Shown below is an open letter written by Mr. Ragan Phillips to the Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), dated October 7th 2017. I fully support what he says. 606 more words

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Draft EIS. Comment #8: Operations

This comment is based on the earlier post Greenfield / Brownfield. It notes that the trench option will be extremely disruptive to operations for four years or more. 44 more words

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Faster Horses

The October 5th 2017 edition of the Herald-Progress includes a letter written by myself to do with the topic of “Faster Horses”. The thesis of the letter is that transportation technology is going through enormous changes right now but that the DRPT’s thinking remains trapped in the mid 1950s. 641 more words

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The Ashland town council has published a letter that provides further detail on its opposition to the trench option. The letter is available here and at the town… 28 more words

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Draft EIS. Comment #7: Laws of Physics

This comment is based on the post Laws of Physics.


The third track option through Ashland cannot work, regardless of whether it is at grade or below grade. 265 more words

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Laws of Physics

Roseanne Shalf, co-founder of the Ashland Museum and author of the book Ashland Ashland, has just submitted a detailed comment outlining the manner in which the trench option would destroy Ashland. 1,227 more words

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