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Lima Mullung & others fetching bones from the dog, MCC

While the Basamuk people are arguing with the Chinese miners at MCC over the ‘tonnes of toxic chemical’ spill at Basamuk Bay in Madang Province, Lima Mullung, the said Basamuk Landowners Association Chairman got on an MCC boat and ran off to town. 576 more words

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Schizophrenic MRA dancing for its colonial masters

Whoever is in charge of the agenda at the Mineral Resource Authority it surely isn’t anyone with an ounce of sanity or the best interests of PNG in their heart. 721 more words

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British to cash in on experimental seabed mining in PNG

It might contravene the human rights of local people; it might risk destroying unique eco-systems. traditional customs and indigenous livelihoods; it might breach the international Precautionary Principle; but none of that concerns Rolls-Royce and its greedy shareholders… 164 more words

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Bougainville's haste to pass mining bill alarms MP

PNG TODAY | Pacific Mining Watch

CENTRAL Bougainville MP Jimmy Miringtoro says he is concerned at the desperation shown to push through the Mining Bill before the Bougainville elections. 221 more words

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Another MCC 'tonnes of toxic chemical' spill

Yet another toxic chemical spill has taken place at this Chinese-owned Ramu Nickel Mine in Madang Province and yet the Chinese at the mine tell the people ‘IT’S OK’. 286 more words

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Bougainville Mining Bill Condemned at Buka Forum

Yesterday ex-combatants, community leaders, scholars and citizens engaged Dr John Momis, Anthony Regan, and Adam Smith International – who were protected by armed guards – in a robust debate over the proposed mining bill. 288 more words

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The global extraction industry has become hallmarked by plundering, violence and political corruption

‘Across the globe, the management of extraction in poor countries rich in resources – by government and the multinationals they invite in – has become hallmarked by scandal, violence, corruption and environmental calamity’ 1,365 more words

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