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Bougainville i laikim agrikalsa winim mining

Caroline Tiriman | ABC Radio | 28 July 2016

Planti farmers long Autonomous Bougainville rijan long Papua New Guinea i tokim ABG gavman long lus tingting long ol wok mining na strongim agrikalsa. 131 more words

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Sir Arnold Amet urges govt to call off Papua New Guinea-pig mining experiment

ABC News

Former PNG Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Sir Arnold Amet, has joined the campaign against Solwara 1, the deep sea mining project in the Bismarck Sea off New Ireland province which is due to start operations in 2018. 70 more words

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Deep Sea Mining: An Invisible Land Grab

Sylvia Earle | National Geographic | July 21, 2016

Thousands of meters beneath the azure ocean waters in places like the South Pacific, down through a water column saturated with life and to the ocean floor carpeted in undiscovered ecosystems, machines the size of small buildings are poised to begin a campaign of wholesale destruction. 960 more words

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Ocean Floor Mining: The Next Terrible Thing

“The New Gold Rush” doesn’t sound so great for the oceans

Justin Housman | Surfer Magazine | July 21, 2016

Because we won’t be satisfied until the entire surface of the earth has been rendered in a never-ending pursuit to greedily dig up things that can be burned for fuel or hammered into profitable metals regardless of the consequences, humankind’s most adventurous profiteers have now set their sights on mining the depths of the sea floor for minerals and precious metals. 765 more words

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MCC says no problems with Ramu mine tailings disposal

Tailings disposal pipeline intact

Post Courier | July 21,2016

The deep sea tailings placement pipes (DSTP)  which Ramu NiCo Management uses at Basamuk Bay in Rai Coast, Madang Province is in good condition according to inspections. 272 more words

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7 Ways to Live Greener at Home

Have you been yearning for a more eco-friendly existence? You don’t need to go to extremes or jump through tons of hoops to reduce your environmental impact. 375 more words


Momis’ Panguna sequel will end as badly as the first

 Buka insider

‘Even if Rio Tinto walks away the Bougainville Copper could go ahead with the Bel Kol (custom reconciliation) and we can have the mine re-open’, President Momis recently told RNZI. 750 more words

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