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The day I became my mother - sustainable living in action

Growing up, the most dreaded words when perusing gift shops and toy stores were “oooh- we can make that!” Now, my sister and I rib each other when we say it, because today we understand the wisdom behind those words that so annoyed us as children. 421 more words


Presenting the Basamuk Red Sea

A lot has been said about the toxic chemical spills into ‘Beautiful Madang’s’ Basamuk Bay seawater, but have you pictured how it might look like from how the people described it? 669 more words

Papua New Guinea

Why Lego Is Spending Millions To Ditch Oil-Based Plastic

A company voluntarily, and at great expense, thinking beyond profits, attempting to lower their carbon footprint. Meanwhile American companies spend billions of dollars lobbying against any environmental law that might have the slightest impact on their bottom line. 8 more words


More Travelers Want Sustainability along with Luxury

Guest post by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers

A new survey shows an encouraging trend in travel preferences, with more than half the 32,000 travelers polled saying that sustainability would be a factor in their choice of destinations and lodgings.  489 more words