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Red Moon

Red Moon   by Benjamin Percy

Patrick Gamble is a fairly regular young man in a world where the lycan problem is growing. The werewolves are unhappy about the continual erosion of their civil rights, and Patrick finds himself swept up in an epic tale of terror, heroism, loss and hope. 931 more words

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Donate Your Denim to Make Home Insulation

Hi everyone! As an update before I begin my post, I am switching my posting dates to every Friday from now on. Do not forget to let me know if there are any topics that you are interested in me discussing! 556 more words

Environmental Issues

It's Hard to See Seafood As a Healthy Choice After Reading This

Canadian aquatic physiology researcher Laura McDonnell quit eating fish, but not for the usual environmental reason like protecting endangered stock or because of the taste. She’s too aware of fraud and plastic pollution to put herself at risk. 395 more words


What in the World Wednesday: E-Waste

Global Issue: E-Waste

The increase in usage of electronic equipment and other technologies across the world has led to an increase in e-waste, or the waste created from broken down and discarded electronic equipment. 709 more words

Global Affairs

Thoughts on Fast Fashion

If you know me personally, then you know that I spent 10 years of my life working for a well known, large mall retailer. While I initially chose to leave that job due to the unmanageable stress level and my health, I’ve come to learn over the past few years just how little that job aligned with my personal values. 1,275 more words


Finally … Some Good Sense!!!

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Monday unanimously rejected a proposal by Energy Secretary Rick Perry that would have propped up nuclear and coal power struggling in competitive electricity markets.

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Fishing Hour...Flash Fiction

The Heron stared longingly at the water and the other side. There was barely a nibble in his line of sight, yet across the lake, the tangled webs of deceit from the greedy humans brimmed with fish. 84 more words

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