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Despite your chances of being attacked being extremely low, there are still many ways you can reduce your likelihood of a shark encounter.

The following recommendations come from a number of sources, including the Government of Western Australia Department of Fisheries and Taronga Zoo: 328 more words

Social Impact Investment - Afternoon Tea with Robert Brozin

I have been meaning for a while now to meet up with Robert Brozin, CEO of Nandos. Robert has continuously supported my environmental endeavours with… 235 more words

Olivia Earth

Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-121-Protesting Riots

Rioting is seen as a direct result of Protesting and Activism. But there are clear differences. Particularly in cases of Charlotte, NC and the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. 23 more words

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Issue #6 Why we suck at talking about Climate Change

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What is Climate Change??

Climate scientists have spent the past decade finding ways to better communicate and engage the public with climate science. Public awareness of climate change is rising, but we still don’t see the kinds of behaviour change required. 1,034 more words

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After you and your host are matched, we’ll send a contract, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form,

or are they trying TO SCAB MONEY from PEOPLE ?

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Whales-gray, Icelandic and beluga!

MK Nature Design speaks of the gray whales in Russia, whales in Iceland and the Beluga in the St Lawrence, Canada.  Whales are biological indicators and as such should be protected! 521 more words

MK Nature Design

Intro to my Mind on Health

  With today’s technology, science, medicine, agriculture, travel and even astrology there should be a modern universal technology of health and food, but there is none. Yes there are ancient ways of medicine and even different ways that our ancestors lived, and thus a part of calculating your balanced bio-computer, but I speak of a unified modern era that correlates all the different forms of thought into a greater understanding of eating and the individual’s bio-computer. 928 more words