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explain it, please

It seems that a good portion of my life has been spent trying to explain what I do. I moved from NYC to Charleston, SC in the mid 80’s. 888 more words



grasstree spikes

mobile phone towers

for the insects

These Austral Grasstrees, (Xanthorrhoea australis) regenerate quickly after bushfires. During and immediately after flowering the spikes have a magnetic attraction for flying and crawling insects of all types as well as feeding birds. 9 more words



a tourist playground

dreamtime memories

ancient survivor

Gariwerd  to the Djab warring and Jardwadjali people for thousands of years, named The Grampians by a C19th Scottish explorer, now a Victorian national park and again known as  Gariwerd. 133 more words


Of foxes and folly.

Foxes are still much in demand as a subject. This one is a needlecase, my own design.

Pests to some, endearing to others, foxe are so beautifully shaped and coloured  that they have long inspired artists and poets. 212 more words

T.E.A. News: Compliance is no longer an option, The Earth's vital Support Systems are in Decline.

@ T.E.A. News

Scientists recently as we have noted have claimed we have entered the Holoscene Extinction. And we humans are largely to blame. In the chart above you can see that this is not a lie. 352 more words


India's Contaminated Heart - Ganga

What is the first image that comes to your mind as soon as you hear the word Ganga; chances are that 90% of you will have an image of water, flowing through Himalayas’, flashing through your mind, with thoughts of peace, purity and tranquility associated with the same. 1,745 more words


Orang Asli| Voices of Malaysia's Aboriginal People Reaching Masses

The artist Shaq Koyok was born in Kampung Pulau Kempas in Banting, Selangor. He started painting with oil pastels at five years old, using his talent as a way to express his feelings about everything that happened around him, weaving a tapestry of sensitive human emotions and events in his life and most importantly the… 555 more words

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