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What happens when you Fail

I have lived many years, I have seen far more than I desired, but nothing like this, nothing this shameless. We have witnessed, words against the environment, against other humans, words that show no dignity and no principles. 359 more words


48 Incredible Earthship Passive Solar Off Grid Housing Design Projects - Earthship Biotecture Clever Leverage

22 Amazing Earthship Designs – Earthship Biotecture – Passive Solar – Off Grid Housing

Clever Leverage

Published on Aug 18, 2016

An introduction to earthships and how to live sustainably: … 2,171 more words


Here is link to the 2017 Climate Change Report sponsored by the US government, and published by the NY Times: Read the Draft of the Climate Change Report – The New York Times 8/7/17… 1,171 more words


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As I have said before … words matter. One’s choice of words matters. Months ago, we were introduced by the Trump administration to the concept of ‘Alternative Facts’, and those included, as we discovered, an alternative vocabulary. Now the (S)White House has added to the ‘dictionary of alternative words’ by dictating to federal agencies what words they are and are not to use. Guess what, folks? “Climate Change” is no longer allowed. Blogger-Friend Gronda has the details for you, as well as a link to the Annual Climate Change Report, which will likely be altered before it is released to the public. Please take a few moments to read this important information! Thank you, Gronda, for an excellent post and for permission to share!

America's Plastic Legacy

I type this on a plastic keyboard, my lunch leftovers stored in a plastic container, as my infant daughter sleeps nearby next to her plastic pacifier in a rocking sleeper made of plastic. 419 more words


Step One: The Amendment of Apathy

As a relatively irritable person, I use the phrase “You know what really irks me?” far too often. So, it only seems fitting to begin an op-ed on an environmental issue with that very phrase. 959 more words

Sunday 8/6 Action Opportunities

1. Voter registration will play a key role in the Virginia state elections and the 2018 elections. We are organizing door to door voter registration and other events. 529 more words

Action Opportunities

Explore the beautiful Indian River Lagoon Scenic Byway

I stumbled upon a great YouTube video touring the Indian River Lagoon Scenic Byway, a Florida Scenic Highway.

The areas around the Indian River Lagoon remain among the most unspoiled coastal areas on the Florida peninsula. 25 more words

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