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Everything is Connected|Eye on the Environment

This is a super exciting new section I am adding to Plant Based Allison. It is going to veer away from food blogging and focus on environmental issues that are relevant and provide awesome go-to information everyone should know about the big blue planet we live on. 1,227 more words


Wasteful Wrapping

It’s getting close to the holiday time, so it only seems right to post a couple relevant holiday ideas! If you haven’t been catching on yet, many of my posts are about generally reducing our waste, so coming to this holiday season, I have had recent concerns about many traditional practices. 585 more words

Environmental Issues

Here's Why Plastic Straws *Actually* Suck (And Why You Should Stop Using Them)

I’ve been going to a cute little coffee shop down the street from my apartment, and the other day I noticed a sign about plastic straws. 374 more words

Lifestyle Changes

What's it Going to Be? Fight or Flight?

I learn a lot from social media.

The reactions to recent posts I’ve made have given me much to think about.

These include two horrifically compelling videos: (1) a fish full of ingested plastic; and (2) an emaciated Polar Bear. 950 more words

Environmental Issues

The Detriments of Animal Agriculture

Welcome back, everyone! For this next post, I want to discuss something that has just recently been a huge concern in my life: the damaging impacts of animal agriculture. 1,076 more words

Environmental Issues

With General Assembly Looming, Lawmakers Expected to Discuss Virginia's Coal Ash Ponds

One issue that’s on the agenda for the upcoming General Assembly session is dealing with decades of pollution, a problem that could potentially divide Democrats. Michael Pope has details. 35 more words

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