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Indigenous People Of The World

The indigenous people of the world are a thread to our past and present, a present we have lost in the fast-changing landscape of modern development & technology and  the changes they bring. 368 more words


Video Feature: Random Acts Of Pasta

Utah resident Matt Tribe paid $100 to get one of 1,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes from Olive Garden last September (2014). Instead of using the pass to himself, he committed “Random Acts of Pasta” by taking platters of fettuccine alfredo, breadsticks and salad to strangers, including the homeless. 54 more words


Be Kind to Planet Earth...

A belated Project: Words of Kindness post.

One of the best ways that we can be kind to planet Earth, is by being as environmentally responsible as we can.   256 more words

Cayman Islands

SCOTUS hears arguments on new clean air standards

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard arguments on new standards that for the first time would establish nationwide limits on mercury and other toxic emissions from power plants. 75 more words


Extinction Haiku: Green Sea Turtle

peaceful, gliding swim…

better alive than in soup,

ebbing with the tide


Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-Second Course-Got Salt?

Road Salt is getting into our rivers, streams and lake and our water supply is getting poisoned.

Written by: Krish Mohan
Aired on Indie Bohemians Morning Show

Cultural Commentary

Importance of WSUD in Tropical Cities

The key to reconcile ecology and urbanism is to address how the ‘urban’ and the ‘hydro’ interact. Yet, it is clear that there are countless obstacles to make tropical cities more livable. 184 more words