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Climate Refugees: A Faith Perspective

One day the rains didn’t come, and the next day, and the next. Then the herds began to thirst and die, crops crumbled into the dry ground, skies still parched and empty and bearing down on a family nearing starvation. 517 more words


Out of the Waves, Out of the Dust

Climate Change.

It’s a big phrase, isn’t it? A phrase that inspires activism and concern, rage and disdain. Some deny it exists, some deny our complicity in it, some think it’s something that happens to other people. 939 more words


From the Ashes

Film Review

Many people do not realize today that when you turn on the light switch, you are probably using coal energy. In the early 1900s coal began being mined in America for energy. 372 more words

Midwest: Kansas City, MO

#PostersforChange open call for submissions of political designs has been extended to June 30

Head over to Posters For Change to learn more about the criteria and categories and submit a poster.

In a time of increased political debate and civic engagement, …

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Lead in Chicago's Water

Back in 2014 I was giving a talk at the local library on a local environmental issue.  Afterwards a man came up and started telling me about the danger of lead in Chicago’s water.  1,105 more words


'Extraordinary' month for Scottish renewable energy

Scotland had “another extraordinary month” for renewable energy in May, according to environmental groups.

Wind turbines alone provided enough electricity to supply 95% of Scottish homes.

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