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Infiltrating A Community Near You: Environmental Racism

It’s a like a magic trick. While you’re intently focused on the right hand waiting to catch the magic; you become oblivious to the hocus pocus that the left hand is weaving. 663 more words


The Sunrise Movement is building a network of young activists to fight climate change and build a new, environmentally sustainable and fair economy.

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Climate Change

38 Minutes to Ponder

The morning of Saturday, January 13, 2018, was possibly the most surreal and collectively gut-wrenching moment in Hawaii’s modern history. There’s nothing scarier than the impending doom of a nuclear attack – every other threat pales in comparison to being obliterated or surviving the intense radiative fallout. 111 more words

Pablo's Poetry

CERES Global in India—Day 01: The Dharavi Community

From 2nd-12th December 2017 I co-facilitated a CERES Global tour to India, themed around sustainable development, permanent culture and un-learning. My focus for the tour was to collect data for my research project on permaculture as a transnational social movement and to learn more about alternative education models as a teaching and learning professional development immersion. 875 more words

Community Engagement

[NEWS] Trash-to-Biofuel Facility Set to Open in Maine

– by Alex Acquisto, January 5, 2018, Bangor Daily News

The company behind a state-of-the-art solid waste disposal facility in Hampden designed to convert trash into biofuel has secured enough funding to begin operations in May. 110 more words


On Tricking Ducks: Industrial Naturecultures and the Toxic Bodies of Oil Sands Country

By Whitney Larratt-Smith, UC Davis §

“We were walking for a long time before I saw it. It was an exceptionally hot day in July for Northern Alberta, intensified by the acrid fumes of bitumen, diesel, and sulfur entering my lungs. 2,587 more words

Indigenous People

Environmental racism in South End, Sheridan Hollow | Times Union

What do Albany’s South End and Sheridan Hollow communities have in common? They are communities of color and the poor, yes. Most glaring is that at a time of environmental scholarship, grassroots advocacy, and the global climate change agendas these communities are the last to realize any advances toward environmental justice. 98 more words

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