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The Roots Run Deep, Down In The West End

Walking down Oglethorpe Avenue, one can travel back in time. The intertwined bricks of the sidewalks and the old elegance of the homes, with their walled gardens, elaborate carpentry, and bright, peeling paint, are all seeped with history. 5,971 more words


TTIPing the balance. Which way will the SNP go?

TTIP is the culmination of thirty years economic ideology. Liz Murray explores the opportunities to take a stand and defend Scotland against a new corporate assault. 1,221 more words


Disaster Support Network for the Philippines - 5K for 5K Fun Run / Walk

5K for 5K! Fun Run / Walk

The Disaster Support Network for the Philippines, formerly known as South Bay Taskforce Haiyan, invites you to join us as we run/walk 5K for $5K! 272 more words

Filipino Community

Lawns and Lobbying

James Fraser at the intersection of environmental science and urban policy in Nashville

Before I even met James Fraser, I could tell that he was cool, in that geeky yet effortless way that counts among Millennials. 1,222 more words

Affordable Housing

Sea Sharp

Reflecting on The Rime of the Modern Mariner by Nick Hayes

Elemental forces seldom play the towering role in our lives that they did for the people of antiquity. 358 more words


Keadilan Alam Sekitar - Impak Alam Sekitar Terhadap Manusia

Pembangunan yang dijalankan di setiap tempat sememangnya memberikan kesan terhadap persekitaran manusia dan alam sekitar sekeliling. Kesan ini amat dirasai terutamanya penduduk yang tinggal berhampiran dengan kawasan tersebut. 369 more words

Environmental Justice

"Green is the New Black"

I recently listened to a fiery TED Talks on environmental justice and equality. I was transfixed by Majora Carter’s remarkable story about “Greening the Ghetto” in the South Bronx. 334 more words