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Rethinking the food I eat

Five years ago we were a couple of months into our new London lives and I was loving it! I loved walking and catching the train to work, I loved sitting out in the parks in the summer and I loved our house share and the new friends we were meeting. 916 more words

Environmental Justice

Ways to be an Accomplice to People on the Frontline of the Fight Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Content note: discussion of environmental racism, links are provided to blog posts that discuss to settler colonialism, r*pe. 
Note: This is written from the perspective of a non-Native to other non-Natives… 1,054 more words

Expand the frontiers of urban sustainability

Only by expanding the spatial and social dimensions of urban policymaking can it be made truly sustainable and equitable.

A very good paper on (real) urban sustainability: 8 more words

Your Food For Thought

Tell Me: What IS Environmental Justice?

As a Contributing Editors of The Be Zine , we are currently accepting submissions for the September 15 issue (submission deadline Sept. 10) that will focus on Environmental Justice, which is also the theme of our 100 Thousand Poets (and friends) for Change virtual event on September 24. 345 more words


EPA summit a chance to highlight environmental injustices in colonias

Environmental problems predominantly affect low income communities of color, especially in Texas. There is a growing movement of community collaboration, backed by support from federal initiatives, to begin addressing these injustices. 852 more words

State Issues

INVITATION ... and reminder ...

Unfortunately, I’ve unexpectedly had to take some time off from regular posts and updates, but here today is an invitation/reminder to join us –  The Bardo Group Bequines… 306 more words

Jamie Dedes

Environmental Crime and Justice Monitoring

Nowadays, there are many cases of environmental crime throughout Africa, mostly as a result of the weak structure and corruption of African regimes. These cases include: illegal fishing and illegal logging, which causes more and more Africans to be poverty-stricken, poaching, etc. 171 more words

Monitoring Services