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Paris Attacks, COP21 and the WCC: Embracing the Other

COP21 will be held in Paris from Nov 30 to Dec 11, 2015. I am planning to attend with the World Council of Churches (WCC) and Sojourners. 802 more words


End Wood Burning

Letter by Cathy Baiton, printed in the Sonoma County Gazette (sonomacountygazette.com) Letters,  November 2015

Laboratory results of wood burning appliances are nothing like real-world emissions. Wood stoves also deteriorate and become less effective with use and over time. 268 more words


Oil lease on sacred Blackfeet land is canceled -- but the fight is far from over

In the Northwest section of Montana, the Blackfeet Nation tribe lives on a reservation next to Badger-Two Medicine, the land that has been connected to their spiritual and religious beliefs for thousands of years. 756 more words

Climate & Energy

Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 – United Nations Climate Change Conference

This year in December, the conversation around the planet’s changing climate will continue in Paris as many delegates and representatives gather from countries around the world. 604 more words

Community Involvement

The Pebble in the Shoe of Latin America

Diana Rodríguez Franco* & Helena Durán Crane**

For those that do not know, likely the majority, as it has received Little media attention and many governments have not advertised it, the region has spent the past two years in this process, which the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL) is coordinating. 994 more words

Environmental Justice

Challenges of Environmental Regulation and Governance in Nigeria

Previous and current efforts of the three arms of government (Federal, State and Local Government) in Nigeria at ensuring sustainable development and improving environmental welfare have been challenging. 862 more words


Our Community Needs Your Help

A group of us are traveling to New York City on Dec 8th, 2015 for Tonawanda Coke v U.S.A. Arguments in US Court of Appeals for the second circuit. 116 more words