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Go Green : The New Success Mantra in Marketing

Green is the new buzzword in the marketing. The world is going Green and so are the companies and the governments. Now going green has become the new success mantra in marketing to differentiate the products and services from their competition. 1,527 more words

Are Environmental Messages Too Assertive?

Environmental consciousness and ecologic responsibility have been gaining a lot of ground in recent years, but they are not topics on everyone’s priority list. This is because the benefits gained from environmentally responsible choices are not reaped directly by the consumer in an immediate timeframe. 525 more words


Done Drinking Coffee? Eat the Cup.

Look around – how many discarded coffee containers do you see? Plenty, we bet. And this is a wide-spread problem acknowledged by coffee and food vendors. 249 more words

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Rainforest Connection: An Smartphone Solution to a Global Problem

“In 2012, Topher White founded Rainforest Connection, a startup which converts recycled cell-phones into solar-powered listening devices to monitor and protect remote areas of the rainforest. 517 more words


The ZEB Pilot House of the Future

The issues of sustainable housing and energy are one of the largest challenges to sustainable modern society and many would agree that the current attitude to housing in the UK is based more on immediate necessity than long term feasibility.  542 more words


Turning over a New Leaf...

A new dawn has risen in the marketing world and is growing stronger by the day, adopted readily and extensively by many top companies it has grown into a powerful industry as of itself.  208 more words


Growing environmental businesses in Sussex

It is always worthwhile taking the time to participate in events which are taking place in your area, and it was with this in mind that we attended the inaugural launch of the Green Growth Platform in May this year. 127 more words

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