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Microbial Communities Postdoctoral Scholar

🔍Bay Area, California, United States

📁Postdoctoral Fellow💼EB-Environ Genomics & Systems Bio84244

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Berkeley Lab’s Environmental Genomics & Systems Biology Division has an opening for a Microbial Communities Postdoctoral Scholar. 832 more words


Life in dirt can be savior of human health

There are about 8.7 million species on Earth and among those millions only one we exist called Homo sapiens [1]. Now being a Homo sapien… 577 more words

Medical Microbiology

Evaluating the role of probiotics in protecting the body from the effects of heavy metal toxicity

Submitted by: Obabiyi Ajao   Edited by: Amara Anyogu, PhD

Given that earth is the only planet that we know in our solar system capable of supporting life, we do not seem to be doing a great job at maintaining it!

1,056 more words

A New Microbe a Day May Just Keep Wildfires at Bay?

Photo: Some unassuming soil in a forest but the foundation of ecosystems in every possible way. Pinegrove Park, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

This is a follow up to my… 1,407 more words

Environmental Microbiology

Forest Fires May Just be Kicking Our Ass in More Ways than we Know

Photo: An example of a forest. Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, PA, USA.

This past summer and autumn were the worst forest fire seasons up and down the west coast of North America in a long time. 1,116 more words

Environmental Microbiology

Composting - A sustainable alternative for waste management

Written by Nneka Joyce Odimba*, Edited by Amara Anyogu

How can we manage waste more efficiently? This question is not unique to local and state governments all over the world. 1,098 more words


Podcast: Does air pollution make bacteria more dangerous?

Air pollution is a big problem. It’s our single largest environmental health risk, and causes an eighth of all global deaths worldwide.

We know that air pollution increases respiratory diseases and the risk of infections like pneumonia. 52 more words

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