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What gives wine its taste? (We heard it's on the grapevine...)

Wine connoisseurs, or oenophiles, possess a seemingly endless vocabulary for describing their tipples of choice. To the uninitiated, it may sound like they are describing an entire gourmet meal, or even a good friend, but this is not just make-believe: those in the know can sometimes pinpoint not just the country or region a wine came from, but the exact vineyard. 764 more words

Environmental Microbiology

Pathways of resistance: from mercury to methicillin

In a climate of rising fear over the diminishing efficacy of antibiotics, microbiologists from the Universities of Nottingham and East Anglia have looked back at the bacteria-killing substances of the pre-antibiotic era: metals. 736 more words

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To the batcave! Scientists hunting white-nose syndrome clues discover new bacteria

Researchers from the Czech Republic recently had a lucky break when they discovered not one but two new species of bacteria in bats that were emerging from hibernation in the Jeseníky Mountains in the north of the country. 669 more words

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The top saline lake research of 2014

The year 2014 was the specific year for saline lake research. First of all, because it was the year of triennial International Conference on Salt Lake Research. 1,542 more words

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Best of the blog 2014

It’s almost time for us to say goodbye to 2014 and wave a big hello to 2015. Before we do, it seems like the right moment to reflect on the amazing year we’ve had here on… 746 more words

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UK Fungus Day 2014

12 October 2014 is UK Fungus Day, held by the British Mycological Society to showcase the diversity and usefulness of fungi, and the benefits of mycology (the study of fungi). 537 more words

Environmental Microbiology

A Case About Probiotics

Erin Andrews is trying to sell me probiotics.1 She is walking through a bustling gym wearing a sharp blazer and a fresh blow out. Male patrons gawk. 1,051 more words