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Environmental Movement: Insects Over People

I once showed the British documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle, in an effort to show how global warming, which later got diluted to climate change, was a fraud perpetrated on the world. 1,113 more words

Lew Rockwell

A Project of my Own

Just to give fair warning, this is one of those random posts that I warned you about in my looking forward  post. While this has little to do with (or if I’m being more realistic, nothing to do with) cruelty free products, I thought that this was a project worth mentioning. 807 more words

The Big Hush

All Spring the air here has been full of the sound of birdsong. I wish I could tell them apart more easily. I can recognise the quick rhythmic chirr of the house martins and the gentle nibbling calls of the swallows, both of which have had a bumper year so far and whose offspring now weave rich tapestries in the air with their complex swooping flights. 903 more words


David Suzuki, Wade Davis, Ronald Wright: We Must Change the Way We Look at the Natural World

By James Hoggan

In my last blog I reported some dire warnings from several of the world’s top scientists, experts who are able to present facts about  2,797 more words


27 May 2016. A Point to Ponder from John Muir... All Things ARE Interconnected... This is the ONLY Earth That We Have


I prefer the old-fashioned word “conservation” to “environmentalism”. God appointed us conservators of His Creation… the natural environment is only part of that. We’re not only conservators of the natural world and protectors of our “little brothers”, we’re also conservators of human culture and the artefacts that our civilisation created over the millennia. 115 more words

Personal Reflections

“The Non-Profit Industrial Complex”, and the Co-opting of the NGO Environmental Movement

Source: Global Research, by Michael Welch

“Why do people continue to believe that NGOs such as 350.org/1Sky that are initiated and funded by Rockefeller Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Ford, Gates, etc. 169 more words

Collectivism - For The Greater Good, Of Course