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What I Read: Monkey Wrench Gang

Can I be honest? I was thoroughly disappointed with the Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey. I had heard a lot of hype among friends who are supporters of the modern environmental movement, so I figured that I would give it a shot. 209 more words


One of the greatest Conservation Articles ever written, with Mark Dowie by Joel Whitney. As it turns out Native Americans were right all along.

Indigenous people in North America already understood the balance that was in nature. And we lived in harmony with it.


Thank you to both Mark Dowie and  Joel Whitney.

Where is All the CO2 Going?

By Norman Rogers / June 12, 2015 / American Thinker

When fossil fuels — coal, oil and natural gas — burn, the major combustion products are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor. 1,463 more words


The EPA Fracking Miracle

June 4, 2015 / The Wall Street Journal

Andrew Cuomo’s ban on drilling is exposed as a fraud.

So even the Environmental Protection Agency now concedes that fracking is safe, which won’t surprise anyone familiar with the reality of unconventional oil and natural gas drilling in the U.S. 524 more words

Environmental Movement

EPA Report on Fracking Crushes Environmentalist Claim

An exhaustive study by the Environmental Protection Agency on fracking’s impact on drinking water has left green alarmists “dismayed.” After conducting an extensive four-year study on the issue, the EPA found no signs of “widespread, systemic” impacts on drinking water. 281 more words


Environmental Conflicts and Interdisciplinarity in Argentina

by María Valeria Berros

Environmental issues are highly debated in today’s Argentina, and are researched across a range of disciplines—political science, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy, literature, and law—as problems linking nature protection, development, and poverty. 1,192 more words

Environmental History


we cannot dismiss the past and current and future events;
we cannot play the puppeteer, or allow ourselves to be played any longer.
I sit and think about my life – 221 more words