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The Best of the World, the Best of Photography

How Photographs Influence Environmental Change

Photography’s Power for Environmental Awareness 

Photographs-they are more than just quick entertainment or a nice little something to glance at in a gallery or something to like on Instagram when your friend posts a picture of one of those faces so frightening you fear your vision might never be regained. 445 more words


Photographs of a lot taken in Wheeling, Illinois. The top photo is of a lamp post in in a drive way leading to a a vacant lot, the middle photo is of a fenced in lot and the bottom photo is of a lamp post in the lot.

Taken: APRIL 2015

Faces of Fracking

The fracking boom is making its presence known throughout the nation, transforming communities in unpredicted – and sometimes unwelcome ways. The list of impacts include incidents of contaminated drinking water, stronger and riskier earthquakes, increased air pollution, and skyrocketing housing prices. 544 more words