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2015 Snippets

2015 was a very exciting year, even more so thinking about it in self-inflicted meditative retrospective mode.

At the start of it I thought it would be a good personal goal to visit somewhere new every month of the year. 1,449 more words

Eco Actions

2015 in Pictures

Where did 2015 go?

I’ve heard it said that the older you get the quicker time goes. Now the older I get, the more I think it’s true. 584 more words

Duck Cove Photography

Creating A Litter-Free World

It’s everywhere. Laying on our streets. Covering, stranded on our beaches. Floating in our oceans. Litter is so widespread that it blends into the background of our lives. 485 more words


Photography and Environment

Photography and Environment
Photography is an art, science, hobby to enjoy; for loving, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying and even learning. I think that photography has a major role on society. 387 more words

Environmental Photography

In the meantime, I recommend this:

Welp, so much for my plans to reboot the blog this year.

While I’m piddling around over here trying to get organized (yet somehow remaining decidedly dis-), please take a few minutes to read… 53 more words



Photographs of furniture on a dock taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The top photo is of a broken row of seats, the middle photo is of a desk chair and the bottom photo is of a table next to chairs. 24 more words