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Photographs of furniture on a dock taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The top photo is of a broken row of seats, the middle photo is of a desk chair and the bottom photo is of a table next to chairs. 24 more words

Field of Dreams

I have always been amazed by musicians and painters who create each new piece from a blank page or canvas. They begin with nothing more than what they visualize in their mind and can labour for weeks or months to perfect a piece.  221 more words

Duck Cove Photography

Best of March Photo Slideshow

The Best of the World, the Best of Photography

How Photographs Influence Environmental Change

Photography’s Power for Environmental Awareness 

Photographs-they are more than just quick entertainment or a nice little something to glance at in a gallery or something to like on Instagram when your friend posts a picture of one of those faces so frightening you fear your vision might never be regained. 445 more words