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Lateral thinking. From Micro to Macro (by Diego Fdez-Sevilla)

Lateral thinking. From Micro to Macro. (by Diego Fdez-Sevilla)

I am 40 years old. Since I was a child I have been always fascinated by understanding the world around us. 3,671 more words

Filling In

Republicans Introduce Bill Based on the Idea That Environmentalists Caused California's Drought

June 26, 2015

Think Progress

Summary: House Republicans have introduced a drought-relief bill arguing that environmentally-driven efforts to prevent threatened California species have hindered progress. 105 more words


New Study: California's Epic Drought Probably Wasn't Cause by Climate Change

December 8, 2014

Mother Jones

Summary: A report last year from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) argues that California’s drought is essentially a statistical anomaly made worse by the high temperatures of global warming. 39 more words


Desalination Plants Aren't a Good Solution For California Drought

April 24, 2015

The Los Angeles Times

SummaryTimes columnist Michael Hiltzik essentially writes a preemptive dismissal to the previous piece I remarked upon… 78 more words


Future for warming US: Not just the heat but the humanity

May 18, 2015

R&D via The Associated Press

Summary: Population growth in warm climates ensures that higher numbers of Americans will experience considerable heat in the coming decades, according to a study published by Nature Climate Change. 14 more words


Atoms, Bytes and Genes: Public Resistance and ...

Atoms, Bytes and Genes: Public Resistance and …


Martin W. Bauer – 2015 – ‎Preview

Themes and actors often move from specialist or social media forums into the general mass media, and from there onto the political agenda (see… 8 more words

Ideology Diffusion

Gold Fever Kills Biodiversity Hotspots

The rates of deforestation in South America due to gold extraction have risen significantly since 2007, according to an article published  this week by Environmental Research Web. 211 more words