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What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

The Global Footprint Network is working towards changing how the world manages its resources and responds to climate change. My first week in Environmental Science class, I was asked to take a quiz based on my lifestyle choices. 263 more words

Environmental Research

Research on the Impacts of Global Warming

Recently, I did a research paper on global warming and while I understand this tends to be a very sensitive topic, it is something we need to pay more attention to. 1,675 more words

Environmental Research

Plastic carries disease to Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs are already facing a magnitude of threats, if ocean acidification and bleaching wasn’t enough, our plastic waste is increasing disease in our corals. 290 more words

Environmental Research


Not more than two weeks ago, African youth initiative on climate change in

collaboration with African Youth Panel held a cross-county youth consultation workshop. The main aim of this process was to mainstream youths` needs and concerns and push the same for the AU EU summit for heads of states. 753 more words

Environmental Sustainability

Another Day, Another New Study Proving Synthetic Turf is Safe

The sports facility design, construction and supply world has long known synthetic turf was safe, but the publication of yet another report may help bolster the cause further. 172 more words


Featured Friday with Evan Plumridge

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog for Featured Friday! Today I am featuring one of my friends Evan. Evan is also an Environmental Systems Engineering major! 1,167 more words


Monarch Eggs Have Arrived!

Monarch eggs arrived last week! A six gallon fish tank with a screen lid is an enormous habitat for the speck sized ovo from Rose… 274 more words