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los fenómenos naturales y los seres humanos

Our essential question for the official, textbook related “environment” chapter in our Spanish 3 class is “How does the natural world impact you (human beings)?  How do you (human beings) impact the natural world?   359 more words

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The blog 3.500 millones, sponsored by Madrid’s print and on-line newspaper El País, focuses on solutions to seemingly intractable problems such as la pobreza, la contaminación, el sobreconsumo y la indiferencia.   184 more words

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Actividades ambientales fáciles que puedes hacer con las clases

Looking for meaningful ways to help students put their language skills into action?  This web site from Chile, El Libro Verde de los Niños, includes instructions in simple language (lots of informal commands, basic vocabulary) for projects, experiments and environmental audits of home and school. 224 more words

Environment & Ecology

actividades de comprensión auditiva

Radioteca is a web site dedicated to un intercambio de audios.  You can listen to or download free authentic Spanish-language radio spots, stories, news reports, interviews, literature and more from a wide range of countries.   230 more words

Environment & Ecology

los medios de transporte-una actividad para nivel 1 ó 2

It’s easy to add a sustainability angle to an introduction or review of vocabulary for medios de transporte.

First, I give students this handout… 545 more words

Ecological Living

Tox Town y la Salud Ambiental

“¿Sabe usted qué riesgos para la salud ambiental existen en su comunidad?”  The National Library of Medicine has produced a Spanish-language version of Tox Town… 212 more words

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más sobre los árboles: la diversidad, la historia, la literatura...

In the sixteenth century when the Jesuits, for better or worse, carved out their missions deep in the forests of South America, they came across a tree they named  296 more words

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