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Paradise Is What You Make Of It

What does paradise mean to you? Where would your paradise be? A few days ago a friend texted me on a particularly windy day that “the wind may catch me under the ears and move me to paradise.” I cautioned her to be careful; paradise is not always what it seems. 1,416 more words

Integrative Wellness

“‘It’s our own fault,’ he wept. ‘We are the Guardians of the Ocean, and we didn’t guard it. Look at the Ocean, look at it! The oldest stories ever made, and look at them now.

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Book Club

Stolen reptiles, illegal drug crops and assaults; these are but a few issues for private landowners on the Illawarra escarpment.

It is a common misconception that the bush belongs to everyone and as locals we all have fair right to enter and play as we please. 1,436 more words


Taiwan defends use of coal fired power plant

MARGIN CALL: The nation’s electricity reserve margin would fall further from this year’s 7.1 percent if new-generation capacity is not brought online, the economy ministry said… 419 more words

Lets Have a Chat About Geoengineering.

A couple of days ago an article was published in the journal Nature detailing plans to preform massive engineering tasks to attempt to save the worlds glaciers and prevent global sea level rise. 780 more words

Climate Change

Responsibility . . .

What greater freedom in life could we have than to realize that we alone are responsible for ourselves? No magic, no tricks, no inside track to perfections . 776 more words