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A Late Summers Dawn by the Lake....

Dawn by Derwent Water

It has been far from summer like weather over the past couple of weeks…..in fact investing in an Ark might not be that bad an idea. 20 more words


College Life

There are some things about college that you can’t get from a store, can’t buy on eBay, and can’t hear from friends. Some things about your college environment are important, but often unsaid! 38 more words

Early Night (haiku)

Dark, cold, silent moon
Hard, aching stone underneath
Solitary bird



Dreamers with your heads in the clouds,
leave a space for reality.
It’s just as nice there
in the blackberry fields
as in the glistening stars. 32 more words


Youth (haiku)

Children play in grass;
butterflies less delicate
underneath blue space.



Five o’clock darkness doesn’t hide
crystal drops on asphalt.
Black silhouettes against purple are
leaves compressed in mud.
Bare bony fingers reach up
higher to grasp the night… 26 more words