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Bulletin board for trees of Wisconsin is up! Sharing knowledge about dendroecology and facts about how different trees affect the landscapes where they are found. Wisconsin’s two main bioclimes and ecotome are represented in an interactive display centered around finding out what different trees are.


The Secret Life of Trash

To start of the semester we decided to put up a board in how long it takes for certain types of garbage to decompose.  When you get a chance, stop buy and see how long it takes for those plastic bags to get from Walmart to decompose :P.


Our Wing

If you identify as a woman/womxn of color, please consider contributing your creative work to this intercultural sustainable publication :) We are accepting any forms of mixed media art, photography and/or creative writing that revolve around YOUR point of view in this society…so let’s take up some space! 62 more words


US EPA reneges approval of Ohio's impaired waters list

by Ellen Essman, Sr. Research Assoc., Agricultural & Resource Law Program

The saga of Ohio’s designation of impaired waters continues. Readers will recall previous posts on the Ag Law Blog detailing lawsuits against the U.S. 570 more words




Toxic is a word I seem to be hearing a lot more lately.  It’s original meaning applied solely to substances or chemicals that were dangerous to people.  595 more words

Daily Musings

Space is open for business: NZ start-up successfully launches rocket

New Zealand has trumped Australia in the space race, with a spaceflight start-up successfully launching a rocket from its own launch pad on the North Island. 19 more words