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Banner Designs

To gather inspiration for my banner redesign, I look up examples online. I mainly used Pinterest as a source and studied some banners that grabbed my attention. 145 more words


Assessment of Land Cover Changes in Lake Olbolosat Region of the Central Kenyan Highlands using Landsat Satellite Imagery Aided by Indigenous Knowledge

The region around Lake Olbolosat in the central Kenyan highlands has witnessed significant land-use changes, which are believed to be major cause of the dwindling Lake volumes. 98 more words


Relation of Forest Structure and Soil Properties in Natural, Rehabilitated and Degraded Forest

Plant community structure, species diversity and soil properties of natural, rehabilitated and degraded forests were studied in order to assess relationship of different forests structure and soil properties in upper Indo-Gangetic plain of Uttar Pradesh state of India. 106 more words


Are You Kidding?

What is the best way to maintain the over 400 acres that consists of the UW-Platteville campus?  The Department of Sustainability experimented with a unique approach to land management this past summer.  81 more words

Bat Door Dec's

Bat door decorations with five different fun facts dispersed throughout the hall! Check out other doors so you can see them all. I encourage you to also read these and recognize how awesome bats are!! 25 more words

Our Friend the Wind Could Be a Win For Clean Energy

Wind power is a source of energy that has been used for thousands of years. In fact, one might even say the world was discovered using wind. 443 more words

Alternative Energy