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Minimalism on the Rise

As I’ve sought to understand more about minimalism and where I might look to incorporate its practices in new areas of my life, I’ve taken a moment to look out from my own path and realised it’s global reach is wide and its popularity growing. 589 more words


Environmental Wellness

Hello Everybody!

This week’s topic is Environmental Wellness! As a Biology major with a minor in Environmental Science, I am very excited to write about this dimension of wellness! 474 more words

Cans for the cure

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about the cans bin that we now have in the kitchen.  It is a little way to make a big impact.  67 more words

Air Borne Diseases

Life is dependent on basic elements such air and water. But the same natural elements also convey death for almost all organisms on earth which are reflected as air or water borne diseases. 145 more words


Satellite Image Mapping of Tree Mortality in the Sierra Nevada Region of California from 2013 to 2016

Extreme drought from 2013 to 2015 has been linked to extensive tree dieback in the Sierra-Nevada region of California. Landsat satellite imagery was analysed for the region from Lake Tahoe to the southern Sequoia National Forest with the objective of understanding the patterns of tree mortality in the years of 2013 to 2015 and into the near-normal precipitation year of 2016. 166 more words


The Development of Latin American Bio Economy: A Review

The concept of Bioeconomy covers the agricultural, food and energy research industries which develop, produce or use them in any form of biological resource such as animals, plants and microorganisms. 152 more words


A Network-Based Analysis of Proteins Involved In Hypoxia Stress and Identification of Leader Proteins

Hypoxia arises in many pathophysiological conditions like hypertension, cancers, pre-natal birth and environmental conditions like high altitude, deep sea diving etc. The multivariate nature of this stress makes to it difficult to predict accurately susceptibility and adaptability to hypoxia. 38 more words