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'Every life has a right to exist for it own sake'

Keeping pets for companionship (or research) is a dilemma, and one should at the very least give it a thought.

Below are two artworks by german artist Hans Haacke, questioning the consequences and ethics of human interference in nature. 300 more words

Ellen Ringstad

What's Up With Meramec Cavern's Closure And The Continuing Environmental Contamination Issues?

Meramec Caverns is closed due to environmental contamination of a substance called TCE, a chemical used in automotive parts manufacturing and cleaning. But how did the popular Missouri show cave become contaminated with TCE in the first place? 151 more words


Grassroots Coalition to Resist Agenda to Make Owyhee Canyonlands ANOTHER National Monument

From the Argus Observer:

by Larry Meyer

Coalition forms to fight monument proposal

ONTARIO — A group of ranchers, along with other supporters of the cattle industry and natural resources users, have created a formal group to fight a proposed national monument in southern and central Malheur County, pulling in support from around the region. 61 more words


ANOTHER National Monument?

From Oregon Live:

Another Oregon standoff? Sheriff warns lawmakers over Owyhee Canyonlands Plan

SALEM — Sparks flew Monday during a hearing attended by ranchers and environmentalists in the state Capitol on a proposal to turn 2.5 million acres of canyonlands and desert in southeastern Oregon into a federally protected monument. 28 more words


FLASHBACK: Obama has established or expanded more national monuments than any previous president

From the Washington Post:

July 10, 2015, by Juliet Eilperin

In massive expansion of lands legacy, Obama creates three new national monuments

In a massive expansion of his lands legacy, Obama created three new national monuments Friday in Nevada, California and Texas. 149 more words


Conservation Tillage

Conservation tillage is any method of soil cultivation that leaves the previous year’s crop residue (such as corn stalks or wheat stubble) on fields before and after planting the next crop, to reduce soil erosion and runoff. 96 more words


how radical ideas turned Curitiba into Brazil's 'green capital'

As an architect and mayor, Jaime Lerner led the movement that transformed Curitiba into an environmentally friendly ‘laboratory for urban planning’. The secret? ‘We had to work fast to avoid our own bureaucracy’