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Community Spotlight: Sustainable Oxford

by Shannon Curtis, AmeriCorps VISTA – Sustainable Oxford

In 1969, the United States committed itself to sustainability through the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. This statement defined sustainability as: 434 more words



The previous post titled ” Colour me Saffron” was an introduction to the ancient town of Ujjain located in Central India.

Mythology, Faith… 310 more words


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I would love to see such a divine tree.

The REAL Games of Life: Bioscience-Themed Tabletop Games

Tabletop gaming is currently undergoing something of a renaissance. New board games and card games are being produced at an incredible rate, with new titles exploring all possible themes. 1,033 more words

Fun Science

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Gamers and Nature or Aspects of Mother Nature Unite for Awesum Board Gaming Fun

How-to: Save Seeds (The Dry Method)

If you’re growing your own food and you’re looking to become more self-sufficient and sustainable, learning how to save seeds for the following growing season is a critical step. 652 more words


Longtail Nesting Season

The sight of the first longtail is always an exciting time of year for Bermudians as they are the first indication that summer is coming. Their distinctive calls, which earned them the nickname “bosun bird” among sailors due to its likeness to a bosun’s whistle, punctuate the sounds of tourists filling our beaches once more. 834 more words


Strigid Thoughts

Back in 1990, before Microsoft Windows was really a useful thing, and before Nirvana released Nevermind, and before Bill Clinton became the hippest, swinginest saxophone-playing presidential candidate ever seen on the… 1,119 more words


Can “Explorable Explanations” Combat Climate Change? — Medium

With the internet’s not-so-long-ago capitalization on information distribution, the journalism industry has sought to leverage new forms of web-based storytelling with growing urgency. This has given rise to a new subset of journalists called data journalists, who blur the lines between software engineers and storytellers by conveying ideas through data visualizations and infographics. 25 more words