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Near-no Waste Craft

One of the many things that keeps me sane in this world is creating. Music, sewing, and drawing are hobbies that I will never get enough of. 1,518 more words


Why Leftists Always Win

The content of this video is exactly what needs to be said about the mentality of Leftists (like environmentalists) and the threat they pose to Western Civilization, if not humanity in general. 214 more words


100 years

100 years and The Port of Tacoma and City of Tacoma have been in league together, making decisions about how stolen lands were to be used by industry. 252 more words


Rid the Oceans of Plastic (But First Tear Down the Walls of Apathy & Conformity)

Like Mr. Burns, I love go-getters. Perhaps not ones like H. Simpson, but I enjoy doing business with these kind of men and womenfolk.

Take… 225 more words

Know Your Madisonian: UW-Madison professor examines abrupt ecosystem changes

In the article posted earlier today about Annie Proulx, Ms Proulx states, ” I personally have found an amelioration in becoming involved in citizen science projects. 215 more words


Blowing Bubbles

Did you know that bubbles can clean water? Specifically, dissolved air flotation (DAF) and ultrasound are two methods of making water safer with bubbles. DAF can be used to replace sedimentation in municipal drinking water treatment. 384 more words