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by Indra Francesco – Earth First!

Walking into the field of my first Earth First! gathering was like coming home. At last, here were people passionate about the planet not only with a plan for how to stop its destruction but also for how to put into practice the world we want to live in. 1,032 more words


Supreme Court rules against EPA's job-killing tax on electricity

If you have to pay your own electricity bill out of your own earnings, then I have some good news for you.

The Daily Signal… 365 more words


Supreme Court Rules Against EPA on Power Plant Emissions

Vortex Tools covers the Supreme Court’s ruling against the Environmental Protection Agency’s attempt to limit power plant emissions.

It’s been a spotlight year for the U.S. 574 more words

Green Commentary

Confirmed: Anti-vaccine movement is an environmentalist front

I mentioned this in my previous post but I think this point deserves its own. The central argument or theme of the anti-vaccine movement maybe about personal freedom and choice, but the sinister underpinnings of anti-vaccine groups reveal that they are environmentalist groups in disguise. 355 more words


Hard to evaluate the SCOTUS opinion that pushes back on EPA

It is easy to say that this is important. However EPA deceit is so commonplace.

Climate Change

The anti-vaccine movement's new, dangerous lunatic fringe

Imagine if you are the parent of an eleven year old girl who decided one day to check your daughter’s Facebook account only to find a message in your daughter’s mailbox that said this: 584 more words