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Need! Want! Now!

The Wonder of it All, The Gallery Liverpool (Stanhope Street L8 5RE), until Thursday 6th October, free, 1-5pm 655 more words


STEM in Schools

I wrote this a couple of years ago on my other blog, http://www.spiceoflifeblog.com, but it actually belongs on this space.

   If you have a child in school these days then you surely have heard of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math.) It’s the big thing right now~ there are STEM schools,  STEM measurements, and people compare the STEM-ness of schools when making decisions about where their child will go. 550 more words


Director's Corner (NEMLA Blog Post #13)

Greetings from Chicago!

Construction season is in high gear on campus as fall weather finally makes its appearance.  In spite of the ongoing budgetary problems in Illinois, UIC has managed to put together enough of a capital projects fund to finish several longstanding plans for improving the campus.   1,312 more words


Urban citizens learn to care for native trees in southern India

At a time when the relevance of planting native trees has come to the fore, Nanal, a city-based environmentalist youth group in Madurai, India, has documented rare and endangered species of plants and trees under the initiative ‘Mannin Marangal’. 294 more words


The Real Meaning of "Subdue the Earth"

Sitting beneath the weird conglomerate boulders of the Fountainbleau Area in Castewood Canyon, Colorado, I sunk my teeth into one of the hardest apples to ever cross my path. 1,116 more words


The Earth just passed a major climate milestone

The world just passed a longstanding climate marker, further proof that atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide has changed in a stunning, measurable way since the Industrial Revolution.Put another way: Children born today will likely never live in a world where the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is less than 400 parts per million — a 42 percent increase from pre-industrial levels. 70 more words


What KonMari Left Out: What To Do With Your Cast-Offs

I was hesitant to try KonMari at first. I had watched Marie Kondo’s Google talk on YouTube, and I knew she advised throwing a lot of things away. 1,611 more words