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Standing Rock Militarized Zone and Arrests

A militarized zone has been placed around Standing Rock, and protesters who refused to leave the protest site have been arrested.  Why does this matter? 264 more words

Civil Rights

The Red Button: Prologue

Stories of this nature seem to lie behind the darker, more remote parts of our social consciousness. Especially in times of apparently inevitable catastrophe. Whether the issue at hand is religious piety, environmental degradation, social inequality or simply the overwhelming fact of human noise, everyone imagines their own survival of the apocalypse. 94 more words


Environmentally Friendly

With the impending doom of climate change lingering over everyone’s heads, there is a strong pressure to be more environmentally friendly in every day activities. I am trying to be more minimalist and zero waste in my day to day life, although it is a bit difficult, the rewards are worth it. 1,441 more words


DHS Secretary John Kelly Drops Atomic Truth Bomb in Guatemala Press Conference....

We’ll look for expanded video of the visits today by Secretary Kelly and Secretary Tillerson to Mexico and South America.  In the interim thanks to DaveNYviii… 345 more words

Not My Subway, Not My Problem: On Fighting Apathy and Reclaiming Ownership

by Lauren McInnes

I was talking to my coworker about the New York phenomenon in which subway riders leave an unreasonable berth around a benign object, like a newspaper or a plastic bag, that’s resting on a seat on a crowded train. 1,284 more words


journey to zero waste: the kitchen edition

Barbie was wrong. Life in plastic – is not fantastic. While it was fun to shoot this photo of me literally drowning in plastic, it’s scarily representative of my life. 617 more words



It has been a while since I’ve had the nerve to post anything. To be honest I really got hit hard by winter. The lack of snow, and unseasonal dampness combined to make December and January in Kingston Ontario particularly dreary and I have found myself, again and again falling into a state of environmental despair.  199 more words