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Marc Jampole: Messengers of the Right

When news media changed its definition of objectivity, they opened the door to ignorance & Trumpism.

Once upon a time, the news media defined objectivity as presenting the facts, and just the facts, usually substantiated by at least two reliable sources. 722 more words

Opinion Leaders


She moved with mouth agape

the image of a kype, jaw hooked

all were pallid

near her

wary of the hunger they found in

unclosing eyes… 27 more words


Reaching 'peak stuff' and how it has changed my view and what I want...

So, the feeling has been building for a while but I think my wife and I have finally reached ‘peak stuff’, that is the notion that we now have enough material possessions in our lives and that we no longer wish to keep gathering more. 866 more words


Here is a sneak of a new character Honu! With all the changes impacting the environment, including pollution, Honu and his family and friends are having a hard time surviving in their natural environment. 17 more words


The Call, Column 60 - A Reminder

(December 4, 2016)

The Urban Farmer

A Reminder

The Earth’s climate is changing, and human activity is the primary cause.          

            This statement is scientific fact, with no reasonable evidence against it. 983 more words

The World

Oil and Gas Lease to Auction 840 Acres Near Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Oil and Gas Lease to Auction 840 Acres Near Chaco Culture National Historical Park

There is a real push for oil and gas development in and near our national lands. 248 more words

Move Buffalo Zoo Elephants to Bigger Habitat and Warmer Climate NOW! (Petition)

The Buffalo zoo was ranked 6th worst in North America for elephants

Jothi and Surapa, Elephants at the Buffalo zoo in western New York are kept in cramped conditions with a merely half acre of space to walk. 463 more words