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10 Tips for Zero-Waste Endometriosis

Yesterday I talked about veganism.  In it, I mentioned two things that I’m going to carry on with today – environmentalism, and terrible people.

We all know that the planet is important – it’s the only one we’ve got – and we’re going a fair way to destroying it.  1,306 more words


Thinning the Forests

This idea has been around a long time as the counter-argument to the environmentalist’s one that nothing should ever be cut down in the forests, and as the… 569 more words


Denial - it's not just about climate change

My “Friday briefing” from the New York Times includes an item from the “No Kidding, Sherlock!” file: that the world is definitely not prepared for climate change… 640 more words


The Electric Bike

We’ve had the electric bike for about a week now, and I am already loving it.

The Frugasaurus household has always been a no-car household, and there are no plans to change that anytime soon, unless we move someplace far from public transit. 1,115 more words

Tips And Tricks

Mocking the Green party’s stupid ideas is both fun and effective. They are BANNING useful plastic bags They are BANNING your beloved pet cat And to top it off co-leader Marama Davidson is promoting the word C*nt!

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