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Christchurch Council: Lacking Transparency and Real Green Policies

Christchurch council recently have been somewhat dismissive of negative feedback from recent plans. Particularly the plans that they have now reversed, which saw the bins removed from Christchurch Quay. 735 more words


Michael Simms: Why Gardening is Good for Us

Last year, Eva and I hired a contractor to remove the asphalt from our backyard which for years had been used as a woodlot and a basketball court. 634 more words

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Series: "Why Animal Studies?" with Richard Twine

Welcome to our series, ‘Why Animal Studies?’ The aim of the series is to have scholars across the ideological spectrum (i.e., human-animal studies, critical animal studies, anthrozoology) reflect on why they locate their scholarship in the field. 1,406 more words

Series: 'why Animal Studies?'

Pan and the defense of the last tree

Pan and the defense of the last tree by Francisco José Recacha, 2009. France, private collection.

Image source: http://www.franrecacha.com/mythological.html

Would the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Be Vegan Today?

Episode Transcript

This is episode 14 of Mohamed Ghilan’s podcast with yours truly as your host. I really do appreciate you listening and if you haven’t subscribed yet I invite you to do so. 3,507 more words


“We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” ― David Brower


Taking inventory. Taking it all in.

And there is a lot to take in; this is going to be quite long journey.

It’s going to be a while until I make it through some of this. 138 more words