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SCOD Site Tree Journal

Existing: Maple, Box-elder, Sycamore, Oak, Elm, Ailanthus, Sumac

Recommended: Ginkgo, Willow, Apple, Walnut, Catalpa, Beech, Holly, Pine


Maple: Acer; Common (Norway), Silver, Sugar, Red; leaves deciduous broad palmate 3-5 lobes toothed; bark smooth-furrows; flowers tiny hermaphro, hetero, or bisexual; fruit paired wings (samaras); used for hard wood, sap (Sugar has most 32 gallons = 1 gallon of syrup = 4.5 pounds grain sugar). 598 more words


SCOD Site Flora

The trees (20-70 years old) form woods that follow the rolling hills. Often the woods are sparse, but thorns and shrub bushes make dense thicket patches. 278 more words


con sum er train ing

take the trees and cut them
burn them and you press them
blast into the Earth and
dig dig dig dig dig dig
Haul the ore haul the gold… 104 more words


Patagonia: An Exemplar of Deontology

Our world moves exponentially faster today than it ever has before. Utilizing incredible advancements in technology, we have been able to revolutionize the ways we live, communicate, and conduct business. 2,603 more words

day twenty four: uncle vanya

Author: Anton Chekhov

Published: 1899

Translator: Elisaveta Fen

Synopsis: The gout-ridden professor Serebriakov has retired to his country estate with his much younger wife Yeliena Andryeevna. 385 more words


The Pipeline, Should We Really Be Doing This?

Energy is the worlds life source, whether it comes from the sun to allow photosynthesis in plants or in a cup of coffee to help someone get that kick in the morning. 549 more words