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A Real World

Yellowstone goes beyond great, but we strangely see our only moose while eating dinner a block from our cabin.  The kids are a real joy as is seeing such wonder with most of my family. 925 more words


...even the seeming imperfection of it all — our actions and others — is part of that perfection, even if the realization of that does not come till after we have left our human form.

So, it’s all Love that we give each other because whether we are assisting ourselves in reducing awareness to set up the experiment in Experience we call the individual self or helping ourselves back from it, we are glorifying the Divine adventure and moving it along. 107 more words


Schoolchildren go on strike over climate

Thousands of people gather in London, as students around the UK miss school to call for action.

Students around the country walked out of school to call on the government to declare a climate emergency and take active steps to tackle the problem. 101 more words


Great Rivers Are Worthy Of Great Restoration Projects

When the first couple of stories about the Colorado River ran in Yale e360, it was difficult to imagine how much more there might be to say about it. 737 more words


Amidst Global Warming Hysteria NASA Predicts Global Cooling

Oh, “global warming” will now cause a mini ice age. Of course. Any respectable, honest scientist will tell you that the Earth’s climate is dependent on numerous factors and we really have no idea what effect if any CO2 has. 31 more words

We say “pawns are sacrificed” when in actuality this displays a detached and unfeeling perspective. No. Pawns are *killed*, in war. They sacrifice *their* lives; the ones who order their deaths are not...

This is no different from war profiteers and their lackeys in government detailing the events and experiences of war from the detached perspective, protective of their sensibilities and benefiting their interests, which leaves out of consideration the losses of the soldiers and civilians who are killed or have their lives destroyed. 320 more words