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Princess Mononoke, The Lorax, and the Environment...

I recently watched Princess Mononoke for the first time (the time I watched a pirated version of it on Youtube totally doesn’t count because it was missing scenes in an attempt to void getting caught), and as I watched it, all I could think is that it seemed like a political statement about the environment. 540 more words

Vega: New Environmentalism's unsung hero.

Paper straws, reusable bags, eco-tankers and BYO packaging shops. Wherever you look it’s impossible to escape the efforts to insinuate an environmentally friendly ethos by almost all high street retailers. 1,074 more words



The Urban Flower Field, at the corner of Robert and 10th street, describes itself as “an intersection of art, science and a civic progress.” I found the project particularly pleasing to look at and after later reading the online description of the project (which I advise you to do, it’s rather interesting) came away with an appreciation beyond that of the solely aesthetic.


President Trump Signs Memorandum To Streamline Federal Water Infrastructure Projects...

Today President Trump signs an executive memorandum to reduce regulatory burdens and promote more efficient environmental reviews of water infrastructure projects in the West. The primary beneficiaries are western farms and farmlands dependent on water and irrigation access. [Details Here]

A Sacred Reality

Tbere is a certain futility in tbe efforts being made—truly sincere, dedicated, and intelligent efforts—to remedy our environmental devastation simply by activating renewable sources of energy and by reducing the deleterious impact of the industrial world.

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When The Youngest One Died

Bones splintered in the hall where wallpaper peeled
she was a corpse in the boards beneath.

potatoes boiled in the kitchen
steam gathered above the sink… 84 more words


A Poem of Bits and Pieces

When this poem was being written
we asked for help
from the Gods of Creativity
but they were all on vacation

The only one at home  54 more words