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5 Things to Do to Help the Environment

There are always so many ways to help the environment. Where do you start?  Some things seem to take a long time to do, cost so much money, or require a major life shift.  321 more words


Global carbon emissions reached a record high in 2018. It's not Kansas anywhere anymore, Toto.

Sing along: Somewhere over the rainbow oceans rise …

“The figures suggested there is no clear end in sight to the growth of humanity’s contribution to climate change.”Between 2014 and 2016, emissions remained largely flat, leading to hopes that the world was beginning to turn a corner. 73 more words


The Road Trip – #14 Cracow to Moura.

Today we are travelling only about 100 km because I think I want to offer an opinion or two. So, Yvonne, don’t hit the ‘like’ button yet. 1,302 more words


Kali Jugend (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)

War. War never changes. Life is war, insomuch as one implies the other. Those of us who shrink at the prospect of violence and suffering are bound to get the worst of its brunt in the end. 724 more words


I’m coining this new term, “Guilgry” for the combo of guilt and anger I feel when I see those “1 Million Women” type posts on Facebook. 335 more words


Two Faces of Environmental Movement

Once when we really needed them and once when not so much.

First, when we needed them:

At Owens Lake as this story from California Sun… 406 more words


Socialist Macron attacks protesters in France: armored vehicles, tear gas, water cannons, riot police

France’s socialist leader Macron raised gas taxes in order to encourage people to drive their cars less. His gas taxes were supposed to reduce carbon emissions, and “stop global warming”. 841 more words