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Extrapolation(our future of life )

Boot uit Kazachstan

Here are some rekt ships that have been left, deserted and left to decompose, Ship company’s around the world find it cheaper to dump there broken ship in the ocean or on 3rd world beaches. 83 more words

Games Design: An Introduction

3D Workflow

I’ve been experimenting with adding 3D to my workflow. The upfront time for learning to manipulate the program was a little large, but overall it has payed off. 29 more words

Personal Work

Heather Rome, Formerly of DAI - Characteristics of a Positive Work Environment

As a leader who has had considerable decision-making power while working with international conglomerates, Heather Rome DAI, with experience at DAI and beyond, consistently strives to create a positive impact on work environments. 244 more words

Business Services

Monitoring Windows Updates

As noted in the previous post, Windows Update can sometimes take a long time to process updates and runs at 100% CPU seemingly doing nothing. 261 more words