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A New World

A sci-fi environment I painted on Paintool SAI a while ago. I was honestly just experimenting. I’m not really that well versed in drawing environments so this was all just me playing around with repetitive shapes and lighting (which was the funnest part tbh). 38 more words


Digital Painting Base color

Base colors and minor shading on ground done. Also have most of the ghost complete and the moon.

Sketch of Digital painting

Well Sketched out the concept of the piece now to put in the base shades/colors.

Digital painting Thumbnail

I choose this thumbnail for project 2. My teacher wants me to add some none organtic shapes so I’m going to add a church, fence, and some grave stones.


Here’s some thumbnails I created for my digital painting class, we are starting our second project and we had to create thumbnails and chose one. I think I’m gonna go with the first one in the top left corner.


Just some thumbnails of environments I made a while back that started with making basic shapes and then defining them.