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Odd rock formation (Env 12)

An odd rock formation I painted on my iPad using Procreate. I love the charcoal brushes

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Lighthouse (Env 11)

Painted this on my iPad using Procreate. I’m not too happy with this one.


Rocks (Env 9)

First env study painting where rocks are the main focus. I want to give my paintings a more traditional look so I stated painting with brushes that give a ‘dry brush’ effect. 8 more words


Environments matter.

This beginning time of the year in our country, sees literally thousands of Educators across Australia scrambling to “get ready for the new year”.  And one of the things about the new year, is that it seems to always want us to make new beginnings.   860 more words


Sixty-Six, for 66, Part II: Solstices, Hot and Cold

December 21, 2016, Prescott-  So, from today, our days will be getting ever  so slightly longer, with minute temperature changes a-coming, until June 21.  One of the kids asked about the Southern Hemisphere, and learned that the days in Australia,  most of South America and much of Africa, will now be getting shorter, until that same date, next year. 232 more words


Zion (Env 5)

Today’s environment painting is inspired by the Zion National Park. I experimented with various brushes with this painting. I feel like I’m loosing up and these studies are less intimidating.   8 more words


Enclosures for harsh food manufacturing environments

Mencom’s T-Type hygienic rectangular connectors are designed for installation on the food industry…