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Children's Book RPG Game Adaptation Visual Research: From Start to Finish of the Research Stage

All relevant visual research for the Children’s book RPG game adaption project. It contains the imagery of character representations from the books and other sources. All credited within my Pinterest, so you are able to see where the following imagery came from: 25 more words

Year 1

Game Concept Task: Story Intel of My Game

The story of the game concept based of The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blighton, entails an individual living in a medieval space age universe, stumbles across in the woods after working on a digging site, aiming to be more adventurous sends himself up a really tall building leading into another galaxy. 249 more words

Year 1

Casual Game Project: Medieval Meddlers Fight Arena Environment Design

After the character design stage, I began environment designing, after I researched into the environments in semester one. The environments in question are influenced by the many works of concept artists found through various sources, such as: blogs,  Art websites  and other sources. 427 more words

Year 1

The Wizard of Oz Children's Book Adaptation: Environment Design

The environment designs for the Wizard of Oz game reflect a steam punk, mixed with a traditional style. The environments I have designed are: The city, Dorothy’s house, and the bank of Emerald. 128 more words

Year 1

Green- Green Grass of Guyana - Thirty Two Poems - By Dmitri Allicock + video

Green- Green Grass of Guyana

Thirty Two Poems

By Dmitri Allicock

Over the green hills where macaws fly
And under those cloudy Demerara’s sky… 33 more words

Guyana Geography

DSD: Doing Something Different and I See Change

Have you ever prayed for “DSD” Directions? I did and I am thankful for the outcome.  I was really pulling my self, soul and spirit to a dark cloud as I approached Mother’s day  2016. 64 more words