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Envy and my self-inadequacy

A seemingly innocent picture. Taken out of context, it probably means nothing. Even with the context, it probably still means nothing. Yet my mind jumped at the earliest opportunity and made up various stories for it. 296 more words

Daily Writing

Sleep tight.

I’m well versed with dissappointment.

I’ve flirted with expectations, but didn’t really keep him.

I’ve held on to abandonment issues, because he didn’t want to let go. 68 more words

October 21. What is Theology Saying? XXXIV: My “me” is dependent on desires.

The fact that my way is illusory means that it cannot be natural, a mistake cannot be of the essence of anything. That this is world-wide and world-old cannot make it natural. 368 more words

Daily Reflections


The one always complained,
That the other snatched the earth’s lap,
And took away the treasures,
Without question.
The one always feared,
That the other won everywhere… 57 more words


Do Not Envy Sinners #1533

17 Do not let your heart envy sinners, but be zealous for the fear of the Lord all the day; 18 For surely there is a hereafter, and your hope will not be cut off. 188 more words

October 20, What is Theology Saying? XXXIII: Original Sin

Welcome back to Friar Austin and his explorations of today’s thinking theologically. 

We have all heard of Original Sin – and there is abundant evidence that it is still with us. 353 more words

Daily Reflections

green is the color of our love

i want a love
that makes
even the stars
and spins their envy
into plush green sweaters
whose sleeves
you and i
will share… 66 more words