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'Conservatives, Immigrants, and the Romantic Imagination' Up At Three Quarks Daily

My essay ‘Conservatives, Immigrants, and the Romantic Imagination‘ is up at Three Quarks Daily. The following is an abstract of sorts:

American immigrants, especially the first and second generations, were sometimes reckoned a safe vote for the Republican Party’s brand of conservatism. 357 more words


We are born in different places

We are born at different times

We are born from different families

Different circumstances

Different wishes from our parents…

139 more words


light remains without weight
and until light is defied
its presence is unnoticed

do you see light?
no! you only see
the effect of light… 125 more words


Canto 14 Purgatory: envy

Dante is on the ledge of the envious. They are blind. They were turned inward upon themselves, loathing others for their success and laughing at other’s pain. 161 more words


When She doesn't Fit in Anywhere

It is as if one moment you’re a part of a group and the minute some change happens in life for you (for good of course), then you’re no longer worth talking to. 1,070 more words


Wood Friend Green with Envy

Dear Vicki: I’m writing because my good friend Jessie has recently started complaining a lot about her sister. The sister has a new job and according to Jessie, she never calls her anymore, won’t do her share at family gatherings, seems snobby, etc. 764 more words



ribbons of envy
curl around me,
cutting me clean
from everyone,
wrapping me up
till I willingly
wait for you to
untie me.

bouquet of happiness… 31 more words