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Chapter One: Pleasantries Aside

Debris calmly swept along near deserted streets of an inner Seoul town while sunlight reflected off grooves of dusty apartment complexes, small units’ and local stores’ rooves, intensifying the heat shrouding the town. 1,883 more words


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Doma pripravljeni naravni šamponi

Svoje lase sem v srednji šoli in na faksu precej uničila. Veliko sem eksperimentirala z barvami in kupovala šamone, katerih sestavin niti izgovoriti nisem znala. Sedaj si želim lepih, dolgih in zdravih las, predvsem pa dom brez kemikalij in s čim manj pridelanimi odpadki. 221 more words


What is a Doterra essential oil?

If you have ever wondered what these oils are here is a small introduction to them.


EO One Level Up 27.09.16 @ Hearthouse Munich part 1

ONE LEVEL UP CONFERENCE 27.9.2016 Main Photos by PHOTO CREDITS: http://www.facebook.com/teddyeigelbart http://www.facebook.com/exithamster http://www.facebook.com/weddinghamster Instagram – @exithamster Art store – http://www.teddyeigelb.com and by Robert Felgentreu ROBERT FELGENTREU PHOTOGRAPHY… 84 more words


My introduction to Essential Oils

By nature I am a skeptic, you can tell me something and unless I know you very well I will automatically start breaking down what you said. 111 more words


Diffusing oils

If you love for you house to smell like the holidays then diffusing oils is a wonderful way to go. You can diffuse orange, clove and various other oils which will have your house smelling as though you just baked a pie and are making glu wine. 18 more words



“Jon, di desa kita ada warung jual miras. Ayo kita tindak!” “Nggak usah. Yang penting jadi orang baik.” Sebulan kemudian. “Jon, para pemuda mulai suka mabuk- mabukan di warung itu. 121 more words