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In ADF Business Components, we can define a connection between entity objects called an association. We will see an example of association in this post. 105 more words


[NEW MENU] E&O - Eastern & Oriental Jakarta

Most of you might already know that E&O (Eastern & Oriental) is a unique collaboration between chef Will Meyrick and Union Group serving Asian cuisine mostly Thai-Vietnamese. 751 more words

Restaurant/ Cafe/ Shop

Where do Young Living Essential Oils come from?

Young Living essential oils are distilled from plants from all over the world. The plants must be grown organically in order to maximize their therapeutic value. 123 more words

Essential Oils

Property Sets

Property sets are a convenient way of grouping together properties like UI hints and applying that group to a specific EO attribute. We will see how to create a property set and assign it to an attribute. 102 more words


#29 Flexwear Emotions Lenses in Green Tea (From EO Optical)

I have bad eyesight and for the past year I’ve been alternating between my glasses and contact lenses. My lenses are nearing their expiry date and I’m switching from a yearly to a monthlies. 335 more words

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The GI tract and the immune system...what's the connection?

Your gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) is your body’s first line of defense against many harmful foreign contaminants we accidentally ingest each day.

Stomach acid works to kill many bacteria and viruses. 190 more words

Essential Oils

Liquid Life Changer

Do you hate taking nasty medications for every little problem?  Wish there was something natural to put in your body?

There is!

Ever heard of Essential Oils?  594 more words