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I have had the WORST sore throat, can you say post nasal drip……. oh its bad. This rub has somehow calmed my throat down and has helped my stuff not turn into an infection!

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Trump's Executive Order on Energy Has Been Sorely Needed

From the Daily Signal, by Nicolas Loris

As promised, President Donald Trump has issued an “energy independence” executive order to undo several of the Obama administration’s climate change regulations. 907 more words

Collectivism - For The Greater Good, Of Course

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Our Path to Growth is Always Through Difficulty

This is a guest post from April Abboud.

April Abboud is a successful American entrepreneur who has moved to the Middle East.  She gave up the business she grew, the culture she knew and having family close by to start a family in a land thousands of miles away.   466 more words


Did Trump’s Deportation Executive Order Cause a Rise in Immigrant Child Custody Cases?

In January of this year, President Donald Trump signed his Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, creating more stringent deportation guidelines. As a result, many undocumented immigrants faced an uncertain future regarding their residency. 366 more words


Deregulation – It's Harder Than it Looks

Last month I wrote a post that explained why cutting the federal workforce is much harder than it might appear. That post prompted a discussion with one of my ICF colleagues (Gary Light) regarding President Trump’s Executive Order on deregulation. 1,723 more words


Bahagia sebenarnya

Kalimat yang harus ku tanamkan :

Saya tidak akan meninggalkan, mengecewakan, bahkan menyakiti orang yang saya sayangi walaupun saya telah dikecewakan olehnya. Karena, bila saya meninggalkan dan telah kehilangan raga nya maka tak ada lagi yang bisa saya rasakan kecuali menyesal. 77 more words