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IMMI Grant Notification

11 hours ago, I was just finishing up a class and dismissing them when my phone chimed, indicating that I had an email. Before I could check though, it chimed several more times in quick succession. 218 more words

Are you a couch potato?

A couch potato is an expression which describes a person who spends a lot of time sitting or lying down on the sofa, usually watching television, channel hopping and eating junk food. 21 more words


Estrella Owners Indonesia (EOI) hadir dalam peluncuran Vulcan 650

Brothers & sisters…, this is a late post. Karena lagi banyak kesibukan jadi gak sempat2 mau nulis tentang kehadiran Estrella Owners Indonesia (EOI) pada peluncuran Kawasaki Vulcan 650 beberapa waktu lalu. 204 more words

Motor Retro Klasik

Fancy a getaway to Ronda?

The word fancy is very common in everyday speech and writing. You will hear it, see it and read it a lot.  It has several meanings depending on the context: 125 more words


To be cheesed off

To be cheesed off is an expression which means a person feels cross, angry, upset or annoyed.  For example: The goldfish is cheesed off because living in a bowl is superbly dull. 56 more words


Maybe or May be ?

For example: I heard that our instructor may be absent today therefore maybe our class will be canceled.

  1. I’m not sure, but I think Pepe de Ronda ______ hiding in the shed.
  2.  ______ Janette is hiding with him.