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Here's why the Bond 25 distributor is a legitimate question

On Twitter, the blog got some push back about continuing to ask about what’s going on with Bond 25’s distributor.

“I think you need to chill about the distributor,” 322 more words

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About that lack of a Bond 25 distributor

Some James Bond fans were sure — just sure — that Global James Bond Day would include a significant announcement about Bond 25.

But, like Linus in the Peanuts comic strip looking forward to seeing the Great Pumpkin, those 007 fans were disappointed. 225 more words

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Hugh Hefner, who helped popularize 007, dies

Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy and who helped popularize James Bond for American audiences, has died at 91, according to CNBC, citing a statement… 269 more words

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Bond 25: Reading between the lines edition

There hasn’t been much hard news since Daniel Craig said more than a month ago he’d be back for Bond 25. But some reportsĀ suggest… 435 more words

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For Your Eyes Only script: M goes undercover

Screenwriter Richard Maibaum returned to the 007 fold with For Your Eyes Only. He hadn’t been involved with Moonraker, which took James Bond into outer space. 1,334 more words

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1990: Bond 17 treatment attempts a new direction

In the spring of 1990, Eon Productions attempted to begin a new direction with its James Bond series.

Veterans such as screenwriter Richard Maibaum and director John Glen were gone following 1989’s Licence to Kill. 480 more words

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Welcome to tech 'disruption,' 007 fans

Technology companies like to disrupt. Newspapers (Google and Facebook have sucked up advertising) and retail (Amazon.com) are among the sectors that have been disrupted.

The cinema world of James Bond may be next. 247 more words

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