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From Eos: "Space Weather Gains National and International Attention"


Shannon Kelleher

An ejection of charged particles from the Sun emits clouds of plasma that can interact with and disturb Earth’s magnetic field, potentially creating electrical currents that can disrupt or damage the electrical power grid and other infrastructure systems. 584 more words

Basic Research

Why is there a hype about EOS?

Eos is known for their colourful spherical lip balms but not everything is good about them. They have been promoted by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and more. 105 more words


The flowers bloom for the coming of a runner bean harvest. Red in front of soft green.

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With autumn approaching, these purple beauties must fade back into the energy of the universe.

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Radiant! Razor sharp looking petals.

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Another paper predicts more Atlantic sea ice over next 10 years

Atlantic Sea Ice Could Grow in the Next Decade: Changing ocean circulation in the North Atlantic could lead to winter sea ice coverage remaining steady and even growing in select regions… 419 more words

Polar Bear