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Canon EOS Rebel (EOS 1000)

It’s a strange truth: it’s often a lot cheaper to buy a used lens when it’s attached to a camera body. That’s how I got my 50mm f/1.8 Canon EF II lens for just $55, rather than the $100 they normally go for: it came with this Canon EOS Rebel. 808 more words

Film Photography

Great products to use!

Hello everyone, I hope you had/are having a good day :) In this blog post, I will be mentioning some products that are just great to use! 582 more words


Everything but the kitchen sink..

I love my handbag, so I thought I would do a feature on it. I don’t know how men can just carry around a wallet with them and they feel like they have everything they need?! 743 more words


What the f*** happened to MMO(RPG)'s?

Since I’ve already tackled the issue of what the fuck happened to one type of games, I figured why the fuck don’t I tackle the same issue but with different type of games? 2,024 more words


EOS Lip Balms

I’ve had this post sitting in my draft-box for ages!!! So long in fact that I’ve had to go in and edit it twice in order to be able to post it. 380 more words


Essential Oil use with Babies and Children

I see a great amount of misinformation floating around the web on oil use and children so I want to lay out some basic safety tips for you.   1,406 more words


September Favourites 2015!

Hi Guys!
Hope you are all well!

Today’s post is just about some products that I couldn’t stop using in September.

Product Overview:
*Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist in Apple Blossom & Lavender… 324 more words