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Five Enough - Ep 1

I’ve been quite into this drama for its interesting stroryline and the moments between Sangmin and Yeontae. Oowh.. they are such a sweet couple. Ok now here it goes my first… recap.! 641 more words

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 1 Recap

Cinderella meets her prince, but he isn’t charming.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 1 Recap

Our hard-working heroine, Eun Ha Won (Park So Dam), sees a man fight to obtain a lady’s purse. 4,086 more words


Global Request Show: A Song For You ss3 – Ep 1 [2014.07.19]



Coi lâu quá quên mất nội dung ra sao rồi, thôi mọi người tự khám phá đi.

Travis Woo - Episode 1

I’m so excited to introduce the first guest of Kitchen Table Magic, Travis Woo!

He’s a pro Magic player, a deck brewer, a coach, a basketball dunk trainer, a TED talker and a business entrepreneur. 182 more words

Season 1

Miloux debuts in style

Miloux’s chilled out debut EP is an inevitable success. 326 more words


The Dead Ships – EP 1

Posted by Aphra Magazine on 3/5/15.

The Dead Ships EP 1 is loaded with garage rock and bluesy goodness that will have you surfing to the wave of its beat. 697 more words


Bakuon!! Ep.1

Strap on your bike helmets. This is an anime about cute girls riding bikes.

Our protagonists are . . .



Racer X-chan.

Suzuki-chan. 410 more words