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Living Biblically, season 1 episode 1

20 mins

Simple enough. After the death of his best friend and a bunch of other stuff happens, some guy named Chip decides to do a sort of cleanse where he lives following the rules of the Bible for 9 months. 100 more words


Monkey 0101: Monkey Goes Wild About Heaven Review

The Stone Monkey is causing a racket on earth, bothering the gods who find out he’s not only capable of thought but has studied Buddhism and magic. 74 more words


Stereo Terror: Fiend Cats – EP 1

Release Year

Track Listing
1) 27 Years
2) Within The Woods 430 more words


Dear son: Know your mum. 

Dear son,

The other day I welcomed you into this world with a few essential things about the world that you ought to know before you open your eyes to it(the world). 962 more words

Short Story

Darling in the Franxx, episode 1

24 mins, score 8

Kids are put into male/female pairings to pilot mechas in order to fight against pther mechas (that apparently have blood).

Hiro is one of the pilots but is planning on quitting until he meets a girl with horns known as “partner killer” or something. 89 more words


Takunomi., episode 1

12 mins, score 6

20 year old girl moves from country (?) to Tokyo for work. Moves into an all woman share house and drinks and eats. 128 more words