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IGas defends depth of Ellesmere Port gas well

IGas has defended its well at Ellesmere Port against allegations that it was more than 1,000m deeper than had been approved in the planning permission. 563 more words


Surfer Rosie - EP 1 (EP Premiere)

The last time we heard from the Laura Daegling-led project Surfer Rosie, they’d just released “Worms“, an explosive whirlwind of frustration and engaging dynamics. 475 more words

Trump Ep. 1

Fan translated by: zaphyrae, \\>在烈w玄碩<//, Dragon Tamer Silica & congcong

中文翻译by: zaphyrae, \\>在烈w玄碩<//, Dragon Tamer Silica & congcong

Link: https://translate.webtoons.com/viewer?webtoonNo=106&episodeNo=2&language=CMN&teamVersion=0


Super Secret Ep. 1

Here’s Super Secret fan translated by: Evelyn.Wuifun & queksire
超级秘密中文翻译by:Evelyn.Wuifun & queksire

Link: https://translate.webtoons.com/viewer?webtoonNo=661&episodeNo=2&language=CMN&teamVersion=0

Super Secret


Music for this episode: Arca ~ Vanity

I occasionally have trouble coping with what the world has become. It’s hard to go outside now. The sky is always dark. 643 more words


Babysitting Orphan Kittens ep. one

The Day Three Kittens Came episode one.

The day after Queen Mom read a FB post on how the animal sanctuary closed in Wellsboro, Mama Cat went splat on the road at Empress Granny’s house.   212 more words

Suspicious Partner Episode 1 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 1 Recap “Hope for the Future”

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) gets on a crowded subway. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) gets on the same crowded subway. 1,778 more words