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an authentic state of freedom

I know people who were able to stop their internal dialogue, and they no longer interpret, they are pure perception; they are never disappointed or regretful, because everything they do starts from the center for decisions. 569 more words

Warriors Of Freedom

Tale of Two Progressives

The Presidential election of 1912 featured… two Progressive candidates.  Woodrow Wilson, the Governor of New Jersey, represented the new spirit of reform and change sweeping the Democratic party.  133 more words


#WeirdWednesday: Rule 63

It’s #WeirdWednesday, and my friend Summer did some things!

Photo on the left is genderbent!me.  Photo on the right is me, but with contour. 187 more words


News, notes, and old photos

Good finds have been pretty hard to come by lately. I’m wondering if this is just a normal late summer lull. I was looking at my posts from this time last year and it doesn’t seem like I found much then either. 1,059 more words

Facts in Five

US Steel edition…

  • US Steel was not founded by Andrew Carnegie-  JP Morgan formed the US Steel Trust in 1901
  • Carnegie’s steel company was the largest and most profitable partner in the Trust…
  • 39 more words

August Ephemera: Snails, Loons, & Strange Women

Hello, again dearies and welcome to this month’s Ephemera post, where I natter on about the things that I’ve enjoyed in the last few weeks. This month we have some doozies, so let’s jump in. 1,028 more words


Swimming Studies

“The one thing I am formally trained at is swimming.  I’m aware I rely on this training when I’m working, that I know when to push through and when to rest, that I’ve figured out the equivalent of drills, interval training, and performance when I’m on a deadline or trying to realize a project.   488 more words