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It's all just numbers to them

“42 million in adjusted dollars. That’s minus payload, of course.”

―the insurance attorney, at Ripley’s tribunal (from Aliens)


Alternatives to Jalaur mega dam by Dr. Ernesto Hofileña

What follows is the statement of Dr. Ernesto Hofileña for the 1st International Solidarity Mission Against the Jalaur River Multipurpose Project Phase II conducted in Calinog, Iloilo last July 16-18, 2016. 903 more words


Real-world inspirations

IMHO, the key to speculative fiction writing in the Alien universe is verisimilitude.

This article, posted at gcaptain.com, gives me something to think about when it comes to how a ship master might be treated for whistleblowing by his employer. 206 more words


College Life at the John Kinder Theological Library Archives

There is a new display in the library for the St John’s College classes of 1979 to 1981 who held a reunion here over the weekend (22nd-24th July). 140 more words


An Invalid Ticket Preserved

A train ticket from Paddington Station (to where?) that the Author purchased from a charity shop. Alas, the ticket is no longer valid for use. 9 more words


Owl of the Week

He was thrilled to appear in the registry book as Owl of the Week.

Finally his wisdom was being recognised by the Parish.

Maybe now, he would get the respect he KNEW he deserved. 25 more words


Two Brazilian sci-fi books (Books acquired, 7.21.2016)

Yesterday, I spent over an hour browsing old sci-fi paperbacks at my favorite book store. I posted some pics of ones I didn’t pick up… 36 more words


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