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I have noticed a recent trend that seems to be sweeping candy aisles in gas stations across the nation. One that I am not entirely certain how to feel about. 807 more words


In 1991, My Heart Was Breaking

For all those who live “Beyond the Honeymoon”

Some friends, some of them for 40 years and some of them for two, have been having difficulty in their marriages. 1,098 more words


Walk Like They're Always Watching!

Conversation at lunch today turned to a virtual reality game that is making a lot of headlines (a topic I NEVER thought I’d talk or write about – it means nothing to me!).   493 more words


Spiritual Wilderness - The Fog of War and The Clarity of Christ

The Fog of War and the Clarity of Christ

Growing up, I was an avid fan of magic. Card tricks, magic sets, making tissues everywhere disappear before your very eyes, you name it, I was enthralled with it. 1,228 more words

Spiritual Wilderness

A New Beginning

The Door That Closed

This is my first pastorate, but over the years I have served as a children’s minister, a youth minister, and an associate pastor. 945 more words


Father's Day

NKJV = New King James Version, c. 1984 Thomas Nielson Publsihers. Used by permission. Images via freebibleimages.org and Pixabay.com.


One Pastor's Opinion (Among Many) on the Heated Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage, pt 4

Here’s where we are so far:

  1. Our starting point for talking about Biblical marriage must be imago Dei, not gender or sexuality.  If we want to understand what Biblical marriage 
  2. 2,345 more words
Biblical Marriage