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Don't Let Me Die Like a Dog in the Street

Those were the words I spoke, as I prayed to God for my life. My then-husband was choking the life out of me, and I somehow knew  that, in his anger, he was not aware that he was killing me. 987 more words

Regina's Weekly Blog

The "One" Syndrome

This Sunday as we continue our series, Marriage Myths, we started unpacking the first myth: The soulmate myth.  Our culture says that when we find our soulmate, everything about our life will be on the up and up from there on out.  4,353 more words


Submission and the New-Age Woman

Hey Queens!

Now I know some of you are already giving me the side-eye after reading the title of this post, but hear me out! I’m going to address the misconceptions about submission and what it means for the 2017 woman. 677 more words

You Don't Have to Be a Forger to Make a Good Imitation

Ever been so good at your work that it got you in trouble? Deep trouble?

Yeah, me neither.

That was not the case for Han van Meegeren. 449 more words

This Week In History

My Birthday Experience and a Fitting Tribute for Thomas Edison

The Schmoyer family celebrates birthdays not with presents, but with a birthday experience selected by the birthday person. For my recent birthday, I chose a day seeing historical sites in Northern New Jersey. 571 more words

The Alleged Biblical Basis for Christian Patriarchy

Untold numbers of Christians believe women are not equal to men and are subject to male leadership. This very harmful belief leads to terrible consequences such as the oppression and denigration of women and to an environment of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse against women and girls, as… 1,016 more words


How Christian Patriarchy is a Misguided and Harmful Belief that Does Tremendous Damage

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s when the family on Leave it to Beaver was highly regarded (1957-1963 plus reruns). Ward was in charge and June supported him and kept house. 1,017 more words