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Searching For Myself Again

I didn’t think I was good enough. Now I realize that I am always enough for the right person; I am enough for me.

I have been in many relationships throughout these past 29 years of life; Friends who turned into family, family who turned into strangers, and strangers who became those I could not be without.

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I fell down the stairs tonight.

I live on the second floor of a beautiful apartment building.

I bet you’re wondering how I live in such a nice place when I am so poor. 697 more words

Arya The Dog

My dog pooped on my roommate's carpet.

I think the title explains itself here. But there’s more to this story than it seems. If you’re wondering what happened, here is a summary: My name is Kate. 823 more words

Arya The Dog

Ephiphanies, 2017

On January 6, 2016, I sat in my favourite chair, staring out the window of my fifth floor studio in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, depressed as heck, pondering life, and writing about it. 731 more words

Thoughts on epiphany

I have decided that music
bears witness to the scenery around us.

A woman wearing a bunny eared winter cap
can listen to “Wild Thing” and “Always a Woman” 96 more words


Epiphany Assembly 

We explored this weekend’s Gospel reading by working out the symbolic meaning behind the three gifts during our assembly this afternoon.

Ask the children why gold, frankincense & myrrh? 67 more words

La Befana is Coming to Town

While Italian children believe in Babbo Natale (Santa Claus), they also have La Befana, an old witch-looking woman who rides a broom and delivers presents on the night before Epiphany, ( 222 more words

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