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The Promise

The more you grow up,
the older you get,
the more you will realize that world is such a messed-up cruel place.

It is,
no matter how you deny it, … 175 more words



I thought for Years that God created us and left us alone in this life ,struggling and trying so hard to make it work while in fact ,God has always been there all the time ,watching over us ,giving us signs ,giving us unlimited chances and opportunities to create the life we want ,a life of abundance but usually we miss out on those chances… 294 more words


truly, madly, weekly

yep, i sure hope so….i can tell it’s gonna be one of those {good} weeks

ex-oh {hooray}


The Epiphany

I decided to document my journey here on out to see how much grow over these next days/weeks/months/years and also share my current thoughts. My epiphany to change my life happened around January 2015 when I had come back from my one month vacation in Korea. 251 more words

No Ragrets

I had a bit of a revelation this week. It was, as always, during a moment in the night where I awoke, with thoughts gently slapping me in the brain. 283 more words

Just A Moment......

when chic hits the fan, and things seem like they are falling apart at the seams, a quick call to check in on someone, is sometimes all it takes to make things better, and the problem to seem much smaller than it first appeared… 6 more words


Off n' On

one of THE most annoying things in my life right now is having a weak wifi signal. well, it’s all relative, right? and after dedicating a zillion {i am not kidding} hours to solving this problem, as a last resort, i opted for that universal go-to troubleshoot of… 36 more words

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