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I like “great experience” as much as the next person. It is always wonderful when a great “epiphany” moment occurs in life and you leap forward in your growth and knowledge as a person. 642 more words


Now that I’m 21, i suddenly feel that I’m not that young anymore. Haha facing almost quarter-life crisis now.. The primary 2 kids i’m currently taking care of are only 8 years old. 255 more words


My giant ego!! Oct. 1

I almost run into the wall
There are far too many mirrors
It forces me to take action
“goddam, you’ve gained weight!”
I think… 54 more words

Dead End

What do you do when you reach a dead end?

I’ve had that moment happen to me many times in terms of friendships, relationships, career paths. 186 more words

Sadia Talks

I'm Ready: Embracing the Mundane

Life has its way of making me fall in love with it all over again, even after the many storms, which I must say have impacted much my very being. 538 more words


Feeling afraid vs being afraid

All of the major belief systems say a version of the same thing – “be not afraid”. Fear and the darkness are an illusion, we’re told. 410 more words

The Promise

The more you grow up,
the older you get,
the more you will realize that world is such a messed-up cruel place.

It is,
no matter how you deny it, … 175 more words