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"The Significance of an Epiphany"

As a college student, there is a time throughout the semester where an accumulation of assignments and upcoming quizzes and tests occur. We are tasked to complete and score adequately on these academic tasks in order to stay in school and maintain certain scholarships. 614 more words

NEW! Valentina E. Dita Lace GACHA @ Ephiphany!

Coming October 15th to The  Epiphany our new Valentina E. Dita Lace Bodysuit GACHA! Play for eight commons and four rares and collect points for your free exclusive version as well.   13 more words

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Did I shave my legs for this?

I was at the gym today and I looked down and noticed my legs were a little hairy. They’ve gotten shades darker since I first shaved them in fifth grade – so the myth is true – so it would be very easy to see from a reasonable distance away. 560 more words



An old journal entry of mine (18/12/2012) explores, rather mournfully, if there are defining moments in one’s life. To (painfully) quote;

 “Deep in the abyss it seems that no matter how much one persues and analyses the past, not a single defining moment can be found. 63 more words


#MoravianStar2015 Photo Mosaic

Hopefully this will brighten up a cold Friday night for ya! Here’s the Moravian star photo mosaic!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our #MoravianStar2015 social campaign. 33 more words


The Machine Smiled

The world swims along–get up, get dressed, get on the road, get to work–in a toneless hum.

My work entails a thousand unpatterned steps and hundreds of mindless arm movements a day. 151 more words


Feast of Saint John Neumann (5 Jan 2016)

On January 5, 1930, my parents and godparents brought me to the church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus on the Loyola campus in New Orleans, where I was baptized. 567 more words

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