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There are only so many tears that you can cry for one person in your life and when those run out, that person flows out of your life…. 18 more words


Inspirational Quote of the Day . . .

“Everything that has happened to you, has happened for you” – Oprah Winfrey.

When I first read that quote by Oprah, it made me feel at peace with everything that has not gone so well in my life. 313 more words

Exodus 25-27; Acts 7

The Tabernacle

God lived in a tent that was pretty high rent
Made of finest gold, cloth, and skins
Prayers, worship, and praise mingled with the incense… 80 more words

Two for Flinching

I took the ‘Long Way’ into the tea shop this morning, bright eyed in the swelling sunlight. The refracting dawn spilled pinks and reds into the clouds overhead. 502 more words


He looks just like me.

I am screaming so loud I cannot bear
My ears go deaf and pain in my voice
This struggle inside I cannot further take
Innumerable mistakes along the path I made… 51 more words


Freedom in Sixty-Four Bars

5:30AM wake up, shower,
coffee, buttered toast, and
So What flowing from the radio

its call and response,
like smoke, coaxes me softly
to some other kind of consciousness… 89 more words

Eric Vance Walton

Just Be Ready

I’ve discovered that I’ve been just a little bit bitter and depressed for some time now.  Not clinically depressed; I can still function and find joy in life, I’ve never considered ending it, I’m still able to recognize blessings and be thankful, etc….but bitterness and discontentment can look a lot like depression sometimes, especially when you start dwelling on what you are bitter or discontented about.  459 more words