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In the Morning

If you’re like me, you sometimes wake up in the morning having a realization or epiphany of sorts. Sometimes about something big, meaningful, such as a change in perspective that serves you; or perhaps about something small, like how you remembered that you added salt instead of sugar to your pie. 149 more words


I'm Ready: Embracing the Mundane

Life has its way of making me fall in love with it all over again, even after the many storms, which I must say have impacted much my very being. 538 more words


Feeling afraid vs being afraid

All of the major belief systems say a version of the same thing – “be not afraid”. Fear and the darkness are an illusion, we’re told. 410 more words

The Promise

The more you grow up,
the older you get,
the more you will realize that world is such a messed-up cruel place.

It is,
no matter how you deny it, … 175 more words



I thought for Years that God created us and left us alone in this life ,struggling and trying so hard to make it work while in fact ,God has always been there all the time ,watching over us ,giving us signs ,giving us unlimited chances and opportunities to create the life we want ,a life of abundance but usually we miss out on those chances… 294 more words


truly, madly, weekly

yep, i sure hope so….i can tell it’s gonna be one of those {good} weeks

ex-oh {hooray}


The Epiphany

I decided to document my journey here on out to see how much grow over these next days/weeks/months/years and also share my current thoughts. My epiphany to change my life happened around January 2015 when I had come back from my one month vacation in Korea. 251 more words