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US Economy Adds 151,000 Jobs in January

The US economy added 151,000 jobs in January. There were largely, however, offsetting revisions to the prior two months data, leaving the average change over the last three months at 231,000. 51 more words

M Vernengo

What are the greenest countries in Latin America?

The 2016 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) attempts to rank countries of the world based on their environmental credentials. How are Latin American nations judged to be doing, and is it a fair and accurate assessment? 1,427 more words


Graph/Table of the week: underemployment rate by race

This figure demonstrates that, as with the unemployment rate, the underemployment rate is much higher for people of color. While workers with lower levels of education have higher levels of underemployment, those with higher levels of education still have… 15 more words



2月嘅麵包課程出咗喇!有朱古力味又有牛奶味 ⋯⋯
【朱古力脆脆焦糖橙麵包 Chocolate bread w/ cookies & caramel orange】
【法式橙包Orange Viennoises】 45 more words


Time to Buy India

The ability to forecast financial markets has been repeatedly demonstrated, especially using Elliott Wave Theory.  With that said, even highly probable trades can go the wrong way, which is why pairs trading is so attractive. 551 more words

Australia's ranking in the global environmental report card

The results of the Yale University 2016 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) are in and it’s an opportunity to see how Australia ranks amongst its peers in the region and the developed world. 686 more words

Trades for January 26, 2016

The open stock indices futures trades were closed at a significant loss.  Until the stock market direction becomes clear, the trade will be long DJIA (3 at 16,084) and short the Russell 2000 (3 at 1013.50).  151 more words