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Sunshine and downtime

By: Ellie Kerr, 2nd year Epidemiology

Gardening is by far my favorite hobby – you get to play in dirt, grow food, and get the feeling of accomplishment that comes with keeping something alive.  340 more words


Story about our EPI Dog Stark

This is Stark, one of the smartest and lovely dogs that I have had.  It has been a long journey until finally was diagnosed as an EPI dog and jumped in the new adventure of learning about its condition and could miraculously survive after losing approximately 49 pounds. 308 more words

Who Opposes Overtime Pay Increase?

Financial FAQs

That’s a no-brainer—Republicans in Congress, of course. Who else would oppose updating the safeguards against working more than 40 hours without overtime pay, part of the New Deal that President Roosevelt called the most important part of the New Deal legislation since the Social Security Act of 1935? 389 more words

Weekly Financial News

Ektron/EpiServer (WCM): The dust settled and patience was golden

EPiServer and Ektron merged (both acquired, technically) last year and the WCM community went nuts.  Winners and losers were declared before anything unfolded.  Agencies changed their marketing strategies, and consumers had some decisions to make. 184 more words

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How to make (non-human) friends in Atlanta

By: Danielle Z Shojaie, 1st Year Epidemiology

For me, one of the most difficult parts of being away from home is that I miss my dog, Baron. 457 more words


Midtown Adventures

By: Farah Ahmed, 1st Year Epidemiology

As an Atlanta native, I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to explore this wonderful city and all the different neighborhoods it has to offer. 408 more words


Newbie Post: EPI Skin Care

Alright! Excited to be here as this is my first time using WordPress to blog. Well, I have another blog of mine >>> supercms.wix.com/myworld

You could check that out as well as I have been using that for the past month and only been recommended to use this. 702 more words