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New Beginnings: Sleep Deprivation

Two weeks of twice nightly sleep interruptions had me seriously questioning my sanity.

Exactly WHY had I wanted to foster this particular dog? I could have left things alone. 616 more words


New Beginnings: The First Weeks

Our adventure began the moment I sat in his kennel and he crawled into my lap like we’d done this before. I’d been approved to be his “foster mom”. 625 more words


Pancreatic Digestive Enzymes

I just started on the pancreatic enzymes yesterday, and I haven’t noticed a thing.  I’ve been up since 0500, it’s now 1400, or two o clock in the afternoon.   418 more words


Life is shit

What a wonderful inspirational image WordPress has given me to start my blog with.  Call me cynical, but it does nothing for me.  I’ve had severe post-infectious D-IBS for over 30 months now, that’s 2  1/2 years for those of you who aren’t math inclined.   1,074 more words



There are these places on our lovely planet Earth that just have a weird feel to it, and you can never quite put your finger on what exactly it is. 2,067 more words


Bags to come back to

Hello welcome back

As a person that has a large bag collection I find myself always going back to the same ones for day-to-day. For work days I always have my trusty Lululemon backpack that carries my gym stuff and another with me to hold all my daily essentials. 308 more words