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Economic Policy Institute Petition

EPI has a petition up to demand that Trump & Co. not revoke a series of Obama-era worker protections

To: President Donald Trump

If you are serious about supporting working people, you would advance an agenda designed to promote a fair economy, not revoke executive orders that have improved the wages and working conditions of millions of working people. 42 more words

Employment And Jobs

What is Epidemiology?

I thought it useful if I first explained the Epi of “Epi & Enchantment.”

Epidemiology the word can be broken down into a few Greek roots: 331 more words


rescue limbo

Sometimes you’re rescuing, sometimes you’re being rescued.

This week, I experienced perhaps my closest call with allergy induced epinephrine injections. A simple, “I think I must have ingested citrus somehow…” benadryl administration became a rather stressful drive to the ER with epi at the ready. 848 more words

Anaphylaxis: Critical Treatment Pearls

Anaphylaxis is a life threatening condition, typically with extremely acute onset.  Luckily, the treatment is simple… isn’t it?  Here is a quick review to help you make the right decisions when treating this critical condition. 459 more words


Poking holes into membranes to label proteins for live imaging

There are two major way to label inner proteins, structures or organnelles for live cell imaging. The most common method is fusing the studied protein to a fluorescent protein.  687 more words

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