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Bags to come back to

Hello welcome back

As a person that has a large bag collection I find myself always going back to the same ones for day-to-day. For work days I always have my trusty Lululemon backpack that carries my gym stuff and another with me to hold all my daily essentials. 308 more words


#gescrise et Bataclan: Réflexion sur une force sanitaire d'intervention rapide.

Le rapport de la commission parlementaire sur les attentats de novembre 2015 à Paris, dont le principal a été perpétré au Bataclan (130 victimes décédées) est l’occasion de revoir les moyens à mettre en oeuvre et les axes d’amélioration à apporter aux dispositifs existants. 868 more words

The Health Spread

Some of the information wants to be free

CDC queries= my mood boards.

SO lots of facts and figures this week. The gun deaths data used by every pundit, editorial author, and Facebook meme maker (well maybe not) in this country can be found in our national database of mortality statistics compiled by the CDC and available for anyone with internet access to search. 185 more words

Health Care Policy

3. Reverse Bits

Question : Write a program that takes a 64-bit word, output the reverse of that word.
I would urge you to minimize the window and try to solve this question on your own first. 362 more words

Programming Interviews

2. Swap bits

Question : Given a number and 2 indices return the number after swapping bits present at those indices.

Method-1 : Brute-Force
We can swap bits by following the given steps :- 259 more words

Programming Interviews

1. Parity of a Word

Question : Compute the parity of a 64-bit word.
Parity of a number refers to whether it contains an odd or an even number of 1’s in its binary representation. 599 more words

Programming Interviews

A series on Programming Interview Questions

I have decided to write complete solutions and analysis of the questions that are frequently asked in programming interviews at major tech. companies for the position of Software Engineer/Software Engineering Intern. 39 more words

Programming Interviews