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I Can Make Yarn

I know.  I’ve been doing that for a good while now.  Lots and lots of yarn.  Why just last term I made all this

That would be the 1800+ yards I dyed and spun for my NEWT. 255 more words


Have you ever gotten so far behind

That you aren’t even sure where the beginning is anymore?

This is how I’ve been feeling the last few… I dunno, Months?  2013 proved a challenging year.   1,260 more words



For the last few weeks most of Canada had been in a little bit of a deep freeze.  (Okay to be honest most of North America has been in a deep freeze).   570 more words


YOP Update January 5th, 2014

Happy 2014 everyone!!!!  Hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve filled with friends, family, and love, (and maybe even a little fibre).

This little update marks two things, my first YOP post of the new year and the halfway point for our 3rd year of projects.   175 more words


It's gotten a bit dusty in here hasn't it?

Still havn’t kicked that blogging slump, have I?  So if you’re still hanging on and reading, thanks!  I’m still amazed that you do and at some point I really do want to dust off all the shelves, clear the cobwebs from the corner and get back to more regular posting but right now it’s a fine balance I’ve struck between sanity and not and knitting seems to be more important than internet rambling in maintaining my sanity so it’s what I do. 820 more words


Knitting 5- Blog 0

Which is to say that lately I seem better at making time to knit than to blog.  Not necessarily a bad trade off, ultimately, but it sure does make me quiet around here, hey? 1,067 more words


YoP 9/16- 2nd Verse, Same As the First

Prgoress last week was good, I cannot deny that fact, but the truth is there isn’t much in the way of excitement to show for it.   568 more words