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Book 1 Chapter 10

Chapter X

Midnight Meeting

He was not loved here, but Jimeno Garcés expected that. The Navarrese champion had come to Leon with his entourage – men that numbered no less than forty knights – bearing the banners of the House of Pamplona. 4,116 more words

El Cid

The best thing I learned at MystiCon

I go to conventions to spread the word about my existence, sure, but I also go to conventions to learn. (And to meet awesome people, but that is a side benefit to the utility, even if it is a very important one.) This year, I had a number of great experiences – being on an all woman panel was one, I enjoyed that immensely – but the most meaningful learning I did was as moderator on the very last panel of my time there, Epic Scale Fiction. 711 more words

Writing Advice

The Cid Book 1 Chapter 3

Chapter III

Taking His Toll in Flour

Of course, the Lady of the House was more consoling to her son’s pride than what his father had been. 2,776 more words

El Cid