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The Cid Book I Chapter 20

Chapter XX

Upon the Tourney Field

If anyone, Prince Alfonso was the first to calm down. At first outraged that Rodrigo Diaz would have resisted the bid that the… 5,305 more words

El Cid

Book 1 Chapter 19

Chapter XIX

The Challenge

At noon, the Reception Hall was adorned.

There would be a tourney upon the morrow, and many knights and squires had come from all over northern Spain; at this special time, there were no blood feuds so strong or illness too severe as to keep a warrior from a chance to try skill at tourney. 4,181 more words

El Cid

Book I Chapter 18

Chapter XVIII

Alfonso and His Knights

Storms may rage in their time, but as with all things, they come and pass away. The wind may threaten and blow and at times bring with it a stinging rain, yet the clouds move on and on. 3,798 more words

El Cid

Book I Chapter 17

Chapter XVII

The Fall of the Lion

The House of Láiñez was colder than left over snows of December.

A breeze poured through the tight stone passages, whispering through the crevices of the walls, mouthing a biting chill that gnawed at the spirit and the flesh of the two men who resided within. 5,269 more words

El Cid


Chapter XVI

Bivar’s Reception

Joy to the bishop’s pride! Joy to the strength he had persuading young idealistic and wrathful children as Prince Sancho! And yet more joy still to the fact he would have good news to bring the sulking Don Diego di Bivar and thus clear the air once again. 3,458 more words

El Cid

Book I Chapter 15

Chapter XV

Court Matters

Of course, this occurrence hadn’t gone over well with the bishop.  Buega was proud that he himself had never engaged in perverted pleasures – at least since youth.  3,641 more words

El Cid

Book 1 Chapter 14

Chapter XIV

Buega Espies Sin

Winter came late, blowing in softly as if the season itself was in sorrow. There was scarce snow on the ground, and Castile slept without war or darkness, even if thunderclouds stormed on its horizons, and the Lord of Bivar did little to heed his own estate. 2,213 more words

El Cid