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A (very) brief history of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Produced in 1927 for Universal, Oswald’s debut Trolley Trouble was Walt Disney’s first major hit. Over the next year, Walt and his crew worked at a feverish pace producing 27 shorts with just two weeks between the release of each. 146 more words

Top 5 moments in video games that made me sad

Just like songs and films, video games have the power to make you feel sad. These aren’t necessarily huge defining sad moments from games, just a recollection of times in where I personally was hit in the gut with feels from gaming.¬† 607 more words


PAX.AU 2015 - Day One Impressions

The first day of PAX Australia 2015 opened brilliantly thanks to Warren Spector’s keynote where he discussed his thoughts on what made games special and what everyone should be doing to help advance the medium. 650 more words


My Backlog: The Top 10 out of the First 10 (Part One)

This is the first half of a list that categorizes my favorite games from my backlog. I’ll schedule the second half for next week. I’ve finished 10 games from previous generations of consoles out of the 50 I’ve set for my goal. 1,386 more words

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Lots of blah

Since starting work I’ve had precious little time for art & animation things. I think it’s been a few months since the last update so time for a big content dump! 413 more words

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Diachronically Dynamic Characters

I mentioned this problem obliquely in a previous post, but the idea is important enough to warrant its own discussion. The crypto-speak in the title simply refers to characters that change over time, modifying their opinions and behaviors as the story progresses. 969 more words