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Diachronically Dynamic Characters

I mentioned this problem obliquely in a previous post, but the idea is important enough to warrant its own discussion. The crypto-speak in the title simply refers to characters that change over time, modifying their opinions and behaviors as the story progresses. 969 more words


Epic Mickey Review

Epic Mickey’s attitude in art, concept, and direction is undermined by bland gameplay

The first few glances that the gaming world was able to take at Epic Mickey revealed a game that was supposed to be the antonymous of everything that has the Disney name added to it. 1,703 more words


Epic Mickey: I FINALLY Beat It! (My Daughter's Reaction, My Reaction & Spoilers)

I’ve finally finished a game I’ve been playing FOREVER. I hadn’t been playing it long when I first started this blog, actually. Since Epic Mickey was a game I only played when my daughter was interested in watching, and since it also ended up being one of the most frustrating games I’ve played in my entire life, it took a little longer to finish than I first expected. 944 more words

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Ooo, secret!

I love secrets in video games. Just beating a game isn’t nearly as fun for me as tracking down all the extra collectibles and optional challenges, preferably hidden away in some ingenious and confounding fashion. 912 more words

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Epic Mickey Producer Calls VR A Fad

Warren Spector, the man behind the Epic Mickey franchise, isn’t entirely convinced by Virtual Reality headsets such as Morpheus and Oculus Rift. Spector joins Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime in criticising the current technology… 220 more words


New Frustrations with Epic Mickey Near the End (It's a Rant!!!)

Let me start by saying that this is the first game that’s caused me to accidentally upset my daughter. After about 30 minutes of putting up with the same ridiculous gameplay from, I offhandedly told my wife, “I don’t even want to play the second Epic Mickey, because this one is too frustrating.” Later on – we were still playing, but I’d calmed down a bit – I realized I’d said I didn’t want to play the game while my daughter was listening. 1,454 more words

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Gaming Backlog Journal Update: What's Next?

I’ve received a couple of comments concerning the Backlog Gaming Journal, so this is a quick post to let everyone know what I’ve been doing, which games I’ve been playing, what topics I’ll be covering soon, and how my progress is going. 1,668 more words

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