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Epic Mickey Producer Calls VR A Fad

Warren Spector, the man behind the Epic Mickey franchise, isn’t entirely convinced by Virtual Reality headsets such as Morpheus and Oculus Rift. Spector joins Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime in criticising the current technology… 220 more words


New Frustrations with Epic Mickey Near the End (It's a Rant!!!)

Let me start by saying that this is the first game that’s caused me to accidentally upset my daughter. After about 30 minutes of putting up with the same ridiculous gameplay from, I offhandedly told my wife, “I don’t even want to play the second Epic Mickey, because this one is too frustrating.” Later on – we were still playing, but I’d calmed down a bit – I realized I’d said I didn’t want to play the game while my daughter was listening. 1,454 more words

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Gaming Backlog Journal Update: What's Next?

I’ve received a couple of comments concerning the Backlog Gaming Journal, so this is a quick post to let everyone know what I’ve been doing, which games I’ve been playing, what topics I’ll be covering soon, and how my progress is going. 1,668 more words

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VGM Playlist #2 - 'Animation'

This is a series of posts and playlists showing off video game equivalents to the themes of Classic FM’s Saturday Night at the Movies shows… 238 more words

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Epic Mickey: Beating the Mad Doctor's Attic

My daughter and I had made a few attempts at getting past the Mad Doctor’s Attic in Epic Mickey, and it was already past the point of frustration. 1,169 more words

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Is Epic Mickey Too Dark?

When my daughter first started watching me play Epic Mickey, I noticed her shocked expression when we came across Daisy Duck’s robotic head in a jar. 386 more words

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Mickey Mouse Party: Playing Epic Mickey with my Daughter

Game Status: Almost Beat.

After we beat Super Mario Galaxy, my daughter (now 4) and I needed a new game to focus on. I had already started playing Epic Mickey before she had shown any interest in playing video games. 380 more words

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