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Jumping the Soapbox: Looking Back at Los Disneys

Los Disneys is the work of artist Jay Kristopher Huddy

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People who say to get politics out of video games are idiots.  3,711 more words


Top 3 Kids Games for Adults

I don’t like violence in video games. It usually makes me anxious and panicky, so I tend to gravitate towards kids games. The violence is more cartoony than gory, and something about it makes me feel like I’m playing a  501 more words


Disney Cancelled An Epic Mickey Racing Spin-Off

There may have only been a handful of Epic Mickey games, but Disney seemingly had high hopes for the series. It recently emerged that Disney shelved an additional entry to the series starring… 104 more words


The Junction Point Games That Never Were

Back in June, I did an article covering the history of the now ironically pretty much forgotten Junction Point. Having been founded by veteran game developer Warren Spector, the studio had found itself brought out by Disney after they had signed a deal to create a game that put a darker twist on the mouse that started it all. 566 more words


Concept Art From Cancelled 'Epic Donald' Game Surfaces

Concept art from a cancelled ‘Epic Donald’ game has recently been put on eBay by Disney artist Patrick Block. Originally intended to follow on from the Epic Mickey series, Block claims the game was shelved when Disney decided to focus their gaming attention on developing apps instead. 225 more words