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Epic Mickey: Beating the Mad Doctor's Attic

My daughter and I had made a few attempts at getting past the Mad Doctor’s Attic in Epic Mickey, and it was already past the point of frustration. 1,169 more words

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Is Epic Mickey Too Dark?

When my daughter first started watching me play Epic Mickey, I noticed her shocked expression when we came across Daisy Duck’s robotic head in a jar. 386 more words

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Mickey Mouse Party: Playing Epic Mickey with my Daughter

Game Status: Almost Beat.

After we beat Super Mario Galaxy, my daughter (now 4) and I needed a new game to focus on. I had already started playing Epic Mickey before she had shown any interest in playing video games. 380 more words

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Epic Mickey is a Great Game, but It's Frustrating

Epic Mickey is a really good game. There are a lot of things I like about the game. It’s moody, a little dark, and depicts the world of Disney as an imperfect place where some characters fail to do well for themselves. 451 more words

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Epic Mickey Wii

Epic Mickey was released for the nintendo wii. i liked it.

But i think that the game should have been released for the PS3 and XBox 360 as well.This is because both of these platforms were higher spec and  had more graphical capabilities than the Nintendo wii. 44 more words


Epic Mickey Nintendo wii

I liked Epic Mickey.It was a good idea for a video game.

The idea mickey mouse as an ‘epic action hero’ was interesting.It also seemed to bypass the idea that  mickey mouse was ”a boring character to write for because he is too nice”. 35 more words


Backlog Games I'm Currently Playing

Backlog Games I’m Currently Playing

Grand Theft Auto 5
L.A. Noire
Epic Mickey

The most recent game that I’ve started playing is GTA 5. I’m about 30% into it. 385 more words

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