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The End of the Matrix, EPISODE 2: The Deusian Council

The Matrix Revelations, Volume 2:

The End of the Matrix

(Sequel for “The Matrix Revelations” and a fifth and final movie for the whole saga.) 2,159 more words


Epic Things to come for Epic Times !

Futurism is a world known thing tank in the area of digital future and exponential technologies. They have come up with an interesting infographic compilation of future and emerging technologies that could disrupt our lives in the coming years.


The Time I Fell...

So, If you haven’t figured out, I’m really clumsy. I think part of it may be my social awkwardness mixed with long appendages that stick out of my toothpick body. 593 more words


Stop Being Possessive - Teachings In Short

Teachings In Short | KrsnaKnows

What is that causes all the pain in our life “FEAR”. Because we possess things. Stop this possessiveness of things. Know that everything belongs to GOD. 53 more words


Story of Rich Brahmin - Teachings In Short

Teachings In Short | KrsnaKnows

This video explains the extreme case of renunciation which happens to a rich Brahmin.

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#KrsnaKnows #KrsnaGuru #KrsnaTeachings #TeachingsInShort… 9 more words


Possession Leads to Misery - Teachings In Short

Teachings In Short | KrsnaKnows

This life is to achieve liberation and to achieve the heavens. Do not fritter it away by doing unnecessary wrong kind of things. 108 more words


Have you ever heard of "Dorian Gray"?

A young man he was innocent, loving and loveable! He loved Sibyl Vane, a girl he loved to the vein before all that love died in vain! 279 more words

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