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To the Mountain!

“In Two Days You’ll Be in Paradise”
June 21, 2018

There’s a film-maker at Dad’s home to capture his 100th birthday celebration. Eric and his cameraman, Chip, are waiting for me when I arrive to visit Dad. 1,764 more words


My first Audiobook has been released!

Any audiobook lovers out there, because Gods of the Mountain has been published as one. If this medium is your preference, this easily is the best example of my writing to date. 41 more words


New Patreon series

New Patreon-exclusive comic series. Inspired by one of my favourite games of all time, Diablo 2. With -almost- weekly episodes. Teaser below.

Since I have everyone here now let me say I will be posting 2 strips only per week for about a month(pretty much what I am doing now, I know). 30 more words

[Poem] Ashvatthama (Mahabharata)

Ashvatthama, much maligned character

By shallow fools pretending to know him

Noble youth whose only tragic flaw was fear,

Filial duty and Destiny’s whim

Son of Drona, Destruction incarnate! 66 more words