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Fourth Post (PC Post)

This is my new PC. I built it at around March 28th. I use this for gaming, homework, and any other decent work load. I’ve fitted it with the relatively new Ryzen 3 1200 processor w/ stock cooling, 1 DIMM of 8 gigabyte ddr4 2400 ram, a GTX 1050, 3 LED case fans, a Corsair CX 450 Watt power supply, a Western Digital 1 TB hard drive all inside a Coolermaster Masterbox lite 3.1. 155 more words

Third blog post.

This post is going to be a lot more different. The whole thing is gonna be in italics. Nice. Anyways here’s a picture of a really fat raccoon. 60 more words

Second blog post.

This is my second blog, and not much has changed. I’m a bit of a meme fanatic, so on every post you’ll see outdated 2014 memes. 78 more words

I Tried Washing My Hair With Bone Broth Because Why Not

I went to drink some bone broth, thinking it was still good, but when I opened the jar, it smelled rancid. What was I supposed to do? 760 more words