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Through War, United #7

Through War, United is not currently available for purchase.

“She is still asleep!”

Elsie was jolted awake by a terrible cry. In her dizziness she could not make sense of the wet mass that clung to her, which kept her from rising. 833 more words



Yesterday a kid from the land of beauty (Australia) managed to break the world record for solving a 7×7 Rubik’s Cube in just over two minutes and twenty-three seconds. 29 more words

In news: Why Baahubali and Game of Thrones are similar

With ‘Baahubali’, India has embraced its first ever epic fantasy with wide arms. No, there have been several others in this genre before ‘Baahubali’ stormed into the scene, but no one quite hit the nail in its head. 540 more words


What we're listening to (#15): 'Chapter 10' by Brock Berrigan

Brock Berrigan, hip-hop beat maker and and clear advocate of Budweiser beer, released an album of beats a couple of months back and, after recently discovering it, I haven’t stopped listening to it. 407 more words


EPIC Star Raft Informational Meeting - Aug 8 - Pittsfield, IL

EPIC will use the Star Raft model to build community connections for people with developmental disabilities in Pike County.

But… why do you care?  What does that mean anyway? 345 more words

Community Resource

Epic Hamster Fails: Part One

Part One of Hamster Fails features some slo-mo hamster mayhem. A typical hamster video that appears plain cruel. The nose dives, the flips, the music, and it all fits together to make one word: Fail! 15 more words

Baahubali: The Epic of Modern India

(Warning: Spoilers may be present. You have been warned) Though I think everyone has seen this magnificent movie by now. It’s that famous.

Mahabharat is the epic of ancient India. 1,623 more words

Movie Review