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I just need this for my own reference during the game, basically a 5e conversion of the e-Pick and re-themed for the gothic space opera style ship *cough… 285 more words

Iron Gods

Recording on modern piano action: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

I know it has been a long time since my last post, but this recording took me a lot of effort to reach a certain degree of quality that I always strive for. 41 more words


Expression Pedal MIDI Controller(MIDI merge)

This time I’m going to present you a spin off project from EPiCK, that I’ve just created. This time it is all open source so that everyone can build one: 95 more words


A modern piano action

Like I mentioned an “Oberdämpfer” is an obsolete kind of piano action, so lets test the new fabricated SMD boards on a modern piano action, shall we? 106 more words


The new SMD sensorboard soldered

I just wanted to show you the next generation smd sensor board in it’s very flat and small smd fashion:

yes it fits the keys :) 16 more words


Motherboard 2.0 manufactured

Right now I’ve soldered the new motherboard design and tested it. So far I can tell it didn’t explode and the usb bootloader seems to work:


Reception of my very first manufactured PCBs

Today early in the morning I received the box with my very first(time in my life) professionally manufactured pcbs. So let solder ’em! shall we? 31 more words