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Zeno of Citium

A Cyprian merchant ship
Wrecked on Grecian shores.
Everything lost.
Discovered the wisdom of a dead man
In an Athenian bookstore.
Clutched the robes of a dog… 57 more words


Further Thoughts on Stoicism

I am still working my way through Epictetus’ Dialogues and Selected Writings. One thing about the material itself – it is incredibly dense with ideas in every sentence. 770 more words

Growing Pains

I’ve recently been reading up on Richard Feynman and watched a number of his lectures hosted by Microsoft. Bill Gates is a big fan and at some point, he came across a great lecture series of Richard Feynman’s(click… 761 more words

Stay Out of Prison

“What then is the punishment of those who do not accept? It is to be what they are. Is any person dissatisfied with being alone? Let him be alone. 253 more words

Discipline Of Action

On Hard Work

When you get up in the morning, and are languishing under the warm covers, finding it difficult to get up and begin the process of the day, bring to your mind the controlled activity of the ant hill. 793 more words


Man in development

We are concealed by ease, dulled by security, made absurd by luxury. “The true man is revealed in difficult times.”

Who am I? Watch me when things go wrong. You’ll see me then.

Keith Ashford

On the mind (ii)

Epictetus warns us that it is more rational to fear that which lies in our own power–our choices–than what lies outside of our power–chance. People are prone to do the opposite, to over-estimate their ability to make wise decisions and instead fear the unknown. 62 more words