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Friday Flu Update- Lot's Of Flu Still Out There

The flu is continuing to send lots of folks to urgent care and emergency rooms. The number of flu cases are high, and the severity of illness this season is particularly high. 705 more words

The Medicine Chest

CDC Officials Say The Flu Has Claimed 30 Children's Lives

As winter coming in strong this season, the flu epidemic has been spreading across the nation. The CDC says that 30 children have already died of the flu. 109 more words


ANOTHER Virus???

Just when you think you know how to avoid this recent outbreak of flu, we’ve learned of another strain!

This new virus apparently has stricken Republicans in Congress.  160 more words


Saving One

The dark-haired woman with the shimmering gown sighed. He hadn’t noticed that she was breathing before. “This is only the beginning. There are a great many things you will need to learn.”

3,465 more words
Short Story

Let's Scare Single Mothers by Accusing Men Who Date Them of Being Pedophiles

As you may or may not have noticed, I’m a troll. And I just came up with an idea to ridicule pedohysteria by the method of trolling. 323 more words


Σε έξαρση η ιλαρά στην Αγγλία

Σε πέντε περιοχές της Αγγλίας επιβεβαιώθηκαν εστίες ιλαράς και μέχρι στιγμής επιβεβαιώθηκαν 120 κρούσματα. Η υπηρεσία Δημόσιας Υγείας της Αγγλίας ανακοίνωσε ότι περιστατικά καταγράφηκαν στο δυτικό Γιορκσάιρ, στο Τσέσαϊρ, το Λίβερπουλ, στα δυτικά Μίντλαντς, στο Σάρεϊ και το Μάντσεστερ και ότι αυτές οι εστίες συνδέονται με το ξέσπασμα της ασθένειες σε πολλές χώρες της Ευρώπης.