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How to cure epididymitis with non-surgical treatment?

Epididymitis is inflammation on epididymis. This condition can be acquired by man easily when there are other reproductive diseases or men are on weak immunity. 241 more words

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Is epididymitis contagious to sexual partner?

The term “epididymitis” refers to an infection or an inflammation of a part of men’s bodies that is called the epididymis. Various types of bacteria can cause problems in a man’s reproductive tract. 397 more words

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What's the relationship between prostatitis, epididymitis?

As we all know, prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland. And the inflammation can be caused by infection or no infection. Just like the infection can spread to organs nearby, inflammation can spread too. 344 more words

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The TCM therapy for seminal vesiculitis

And the male reproductive system are closely linked, if infected seminal vesicle inflammation, then it is easily spread to other tissues, which can cause prostatitis , … 222 more words


This was a 9-year-old boy , who was referred for evaluation of  acute right scrotal pain of 2 days onset. He had mild right scrotal swelling and severe pain . 123 more words

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Scrotal Pain - What's in the Bag?

What are the causes of scrotal pain ?

The most cause is infection of the epididymis which is the part of the testicle which has has an upper, middle and lower portion attached to the testis and connects to the vas deferens. 98 more words

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