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The Birth and Pain Relief

The pregnant woman with a strong toxicosis sitting in bathroom

Pregnant woman sitting while getting a massage

We all hope that we are one of those women, you know the ones; they may wince a bit as their contractions get stronger, and utter a demure ‘ouch’ when their baby emerges, but for the most part they stoically and quietly deal with contractions whilst those around them watch in complete awe!!  1,201 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

Writing your birth plan

Your birth plan is the way you’d like to your baby to arrive… in an ideal world.  Writing a birth plan provides a means of helping you to identify and focus on the things you’d like to happen, and the things you’d like to avoid, a way of exploring all the options open to you: home birth or hospital, birthing pool or birthing ball, the kind of pain relief you’d prefer, and a whole host of other factors.  1,001 more words

Pregnancy & Birth

A Positive in all the Negative

“I know it sounds strange mum, but I’m happy”

Shortly after I gave birth to Leo (well, 10 hours but time flies) our families came to visit and I remember telling my mum that I was happy. 1,566 more words


Raylan's Birth Story

During both of my pregnancies I was monitored frequently because of pre-existing high blood pressure that required meds to control.  Starting at 32 weeks, I had NSTs (non-stress tests) two times a week, and my fluid was measured by ultrasound once a week.   1,341 more words


The birth

For various reasons we were booked in for an induction at 40 weeks. My partner was fit, healthy and eager to see Lottie but her body simply hadn’t reached the stage to do it all naturally. 353 more words


A Young Mom of Two Shares Both of Her Birth Stories – Part 1

With my first baby I went into labor on a Saturday in February of 2005, I was 18 years old at the time. 233 more words

Early Birth

Scarlett Rose

Well I was induced Sunday morning at 9ish after I got a labour ward room. I had a shower and some breakfast before they started the induction. 1,385 more words