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Jag tänker mycket på framtiden.

Jag vet nämligen att om det blir fler barn för min del, så kommer dessa att förlösas med kejsarsnitt.

Jag vet också att kvinnor som föder barn med kejsarsnitt ofta har svårare att få igång amningen. 307 more words

Epidural Time. 

She is doing good. Contractions at every 90 seconds.

Hopefully this will help!

Lucy Jean Drury

Boxes, fears, and emotions

I have to warn that this is quite a long ramble on random pregnancy things…


We feel that we are getting ready for the arrival of our son Clump (it stuck from the early ultrasound, when we were only able to see a tiny clump on the screen). 1,339 more words


And Then There Were Three Humans

I’ve been absent for the blog for a few weeks. Some of you know it’s been for the most valid or reasons (at least in my opinion). 2,734 more words

MacKenzie's Birth Story - Part 4 (6 months later...)

Well hello!

I really hope I remember as many details as I thought I would.  Clearly, I never have time to blog, let alone do my hair or makeup anymore.  1,905 more words

First Pregnancy

stuff no one tells you #2

just got done with our 2nd class, and holy moly there is definitely stuff that people “forget” to mention. we all know labor can take hours, and there’s a ton of pain but then you get an epidural. 98 more words


Her Birth Story

Well here we are two weeks postpartum and I’m finally getting around to sitting down and writing the obligatory birth story of our daughter.  Due to anonymity for this blog, I can’t tell you her name but on here she will go by a name that was on our list of possibilities at one point.  1,289 more words