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Brain Bleeds [Show Notes]

Episode 63 – Brain Bleeds

Review:  Your brain is held inside your skull by a tri-layer membrane called the meninges.  These membranes and all the other structures in your brain are nourished by blood vessels, and different circumstances will make these vessels at risk of rupturing. 338 more words



Fenn Ohope Collins decided that she had cooked enough, and made a surprise early appearance on Wednesday 14th September 2016. She was 37 weeks and 4 days brewed and weighed 6lbs exactly. 1,420 more words

First Time

Our Birth Story

Let’s start off with the birth of our first child, the best day of our lives!!

I had been measuring ahead of schedule, so I hoped Jackson would make his appearance early, before the end of the year, but we rang in the new year still pregnant. 450 more words


Happy Birthday, Sophia. 

March 14,2016. It was 11pm and I woke up having contractions. I alerted my fiancé and we were off to the hospital. Shortly after we arrived, my water had broken. 410 more words


The Big Bad Epidural... And How It Can Be Your Best Friend!

Have you ever heard that Doula’s don’t like epidurals?  It’s a common myth, probably stemming from the fact that having a Doula at your birth significantly… 413 more words


You Want an Epidural. Why Would You Also Want a Doula?

About 60% of women receive epidural pain relief during labor in this country according to the CDC.  It is a very common and completely valid choice.  545 more words

Labor and Delivery

Well, our little girl must’ve been real comfortable, because she was not coming out on her own!  Friday, June 24 was the day I was going to be induced if she didn’t come on her own.   634 more words