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Why Shiver?

Notes from Truelearn and UpToDate on Shivering in OB

Shivering during labor

  • 10-20% of laboring patients without epidural, 30-55% with epidural
  • multifactorial
  • hormonal changes: less progesterone than normal cycle results in less NE -> less augmentation of core temps…
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Peri-op Management

CHILDBIRTH - I didn't know a thing (PART 1)

To all the expectant first-time moms who are curious to know what happens in a labor room, here is my personal story. They say every woman has a unique experience and I couldn’t agree more. 1,205 more words


My Birth Story

For my first post I think it would be appropriate to start off by telling you my birth story.  Before I held my daughter in my arms I went through an agonizing 16 hours of labor which served as a form of birth control for my two younger sisters.   865 more words


The things people don't talk about (part 2)

Ok so for part two I wanna talk about labor. I was in labor from about 6 am to 10:05 pm when my son was born. 601 more words


My birth story: husband fainting drama, tea and toast and the VBAC I'd been hoping for

Balancing precariously on the edge of the hospital bed, I gritted my teeth and breathed through my contraction as the anesthetist rushed to check my husband’s pulse from where he lay sprawled out on the floor. 784 more words


My body - 2 weeks post partum.

Today our little girl is two weeks old.
My previous post was all about her: how she was after the birth, her treatment and how she is settling in at home. 1,347 more words

First Time

Brain Bleeds [Show Notes]

Episode 63 – Brain Bleeds

Review:  Your brain is held inside your skull by a tri-layer membrane called the meninges.  These membranes and all the other structures in your brain are nourished by blood vessels, and different circumstances will make these vessels at risk of rupturing. 338 more words