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My 2nd Daughters Birth story (non-medicated)

My youngest daughter was born June 8th 2018 about 1:45 p.m…

My due date was June 9th and I was dead set on going in labor on my own, So 4 days before my due date I had my OBGYN do a Membrane sweep. 749 more words


Delivery at KKH

I had been having braxton hicks since 6 months into my pregnancy. While they were uncomfortable, they were never painful. I just felt achy when my bladder is full when sleeping and triggers a BH. 2,182 more words


The One Where Madonna (Gravesend Edition) Advised Me About My Labour! #BirthStories

So, I believe my encounter with Doogie Howzer (Indian Edition) and my firstborn’s birth was a popular read, so here is that follow up I mentioned! 2,088 more words


Forty One Hours.

I’m a first time mom. I was told my entire pregnancy that we tend to overreact over what we believe is labor the first time around, and I swore that wouldn’t be me, but it was! 1,940 more words

Natural Birth

My First Labor and Delivery Story (induction and epidural)

My oldest daughter was born February 2nd 2016 around noon, one day after her due date. Let me start at the beginning…

On February 1st I went in for my normal check-up and I wasn’t progressed very far, I believe I was 2 CM. 888 more words


Why Midwifery?

My midwife said something to me when I first met her that stuck.

“Do you call an electrician to change a lightbulb?”

She meant it as a way to explain that birth is a natural process and your body knows…

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Natural Birth


On Thursday, June 21st at 2:05 pm one of my closest and oldest friends gave birth to her first child. I was standing behind the delivery doctor, watching her grasp at the 8 pound 10 ounce baby as it was pushed into the world. 669 more words