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Gabriella's Birth Story - Easier Than I Thought It Would Be

I was a week and a half past my due date, and ready to give this baby girl an eviction notice to get out already! I remember waking up around 6:30 in the morning because I felt an uncomfortable cramping. 722 more words


Our Birth Story

On the 30th of April 2019, at 23:51 our world was changed by a little girl who weighed just 5lbs 7oz.

We decided to name her Eliana Lily Lewis. 871 more words

Thirty-four down, six to go!

Wow! I realized I have not written since February. I suppose nothing has really happened which I guess is a good thing. I have been wanting to write but really not sure what to write about. 1,356 more words


Disclaimer: This post is not to look down on anyone who has gotten an epidural. I’m sharing my personal story. I will share the reasons behind why I choose not to have one, my thoughts I had during both births, and dealing with people about this topic.  1,195 more words


Long Labors: Part 2, Physiologic Strategies

Meredith Westin Photography

Long Labors: Part 2 is a follow-up to Long Labors, What Can (And Can’t ) Be Done.

We don’t need to feel entirely helpless when labor lasts a long time. 2,834 more words

Home Birth

8 Things you experience after a C-section

A C-section or Caesarian delivery is a major surgery. Whether your c-section was planned or an emergency, you can definitely relate to the experiences below. … 243 more words


Mythbusters: Epidural edition

Ahhh, the famous epidural. Women are either adamantly against it or refuse to deliver without it. It’s the subject I get the most questions on; do they really work? 692 more words