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Update: Because I'm Special Like That

Like a lot of people with Ehler’s Danlos III, I have back problems and hip problems. In the past, I have received epidurals for the pain and the injections have been lifesavers.   218 more words



I never really understood the lyrics to that Rolling Stone song. I knew it wasn’t about a newfangled mop head or a Eureka pull-behind vacuum or the invention of Pledge. 628 more words

Moment of truth

I HAVE HAD MY BABY !!! He was born on the 22nd Feb at 6.40 am, after a gruelling 3 day labour. I have been so busy since then with looking after him, seeing to visitors and general odds and bods. 682 more words

post-operation #aryakim

Yes, three months have passed and once again, the dusty cobwebs on this blog have to be wiped off.

In my defense, having a newborn, family duties and a thesis to finish was no joke. 671 more words

Stepping into motherhood for the first time.. The birth of Athithian!

After tying the knot in Jan 2007, I found out that I was pregnant in June. Everyone including me were ecstatic to find out about the good news. 909 more words

The Andrew story- Part 3

The last installment of The Andrew Story is all about the wonderful, exciting, and painful experience of bringing that boy into this world. But to understand all those emotions we have to start on Jan. 1,053 more words

A Birth Story

I can’t believe my sweet baby girl is already 1!!! In honor of her birth, I present her Birth Story:

Truly, I am surprised that I have not written this sooner. 2,404 more words