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birth story comic part 2

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Something that really surprised me about labor: I had an epidural but STILL felt SO MUCH PAIN. The drugs gave me a five hour break which was totally pain free, but then all the pain came back. 312 more words


My Natural, Unmedicated, and Virtually Pain-free Childbirth: Part 2

As promised – here’s the story of my natural, unmedicated, and virtually pain free birth of my first born, sweet baby boy Maximus (Max for short). 2,176 more words


Totally worth 9 days of labor...

Despite popular belief, Spumoni ice cream did not send me into active labor. I ended up with 9 days of “prolonged early labor”, 2 false alarm trips to the hospital, and an extra pint of black licorice tasting calories…Which I wish could have been mint. 575 more words


My Birthing Story

Due date was June 7th, 2016. I felt really nauseous that day in particular and didn’t eat much all day because of it. After Gene came back from work, he ate his dinner and we decided to go for a walk. 1,032 more words

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Pregnancy So Far - 3rd Trimester

My due date has come and gone, but my little Bubba is still safely snuggled inside my tummy. I hear a lot of women are exhausted and very impatient by this time, but I find myself grateful at the end of each day that baby hasn’t arrived yet. 939 more words

Cook Islands

My Natural, Unmedicated, and Virtually Pain-free Childbirth: Part 1

When I got pregnant early this year (2016), I already had an idea that I wanted to attempt a natural, drug-free childbirth.  I’d seen the Business of Being Born documentary years ago, so I had some notion of the consequences of giving birth in a hospital setting.  1,128 more words



Okay so I was reading this article about how they’re slowly bringing back laughing gas as a pain reliever during labor. And of course in the comments are thousands of moms sharing their birth stories, some are saying how they wish they could’ve had laughing gas instead of an epidural, others are sharing their experience using laughing gas and then there’s those FUCKING moms bragging about how they did it the all natural way. 404 more words