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3 Effective Strategies to Writing a Birth Plan

Your birth plan is a list of what your preferences are during labor, birth and immediately after birth; What you want and don’t want.
Just a few examples are things like, who you want present before and/or during labor, if you want to be mobile during labor, whether or not you want an epidural, etc. 488 more words

My 4th Epidural Injection...Glutton For Punishment!

I’m sure you all have heard of this pain management method…and therefore can relate to it. But I decided to write about my experience today since apparently I drew the lucky number for the ‘best nurse’ to take care of me.  854 more words

My Journey

She Has Arrived

There are no scheduled Caesarian operations on Saturdays – only Mon to Fri –  but I was advised that mine would happen at some point that day and to be prepared to go to theatre at 9am in case I should be taken first. 585 more words

The Blog I Wish I Had Read Before Going Into Labor.

Have you ever wondered what the “D” stands for in the famous term “D-Day”? Historically there is a lot of confusion about this. It was a term very commonly used in the military. 1,704 more words

Baby Viking's Story

My nesting was in full force, I was cleaning probably way more than I should have been and nagging my husband to put the finishing touches on our son’s nursery. 1,684 more words


The Birth of Liliella Violet Conte

The birth of baby #3 was going to be my second – and last – attempt at a VBAC.  If I couldn’t go into labor naturally on my own, this time around, I was going to commit to c-sections – in order to protect my scar and not risk rupture.  3,094 more words


Giving Birth, my birth story in full....its long and detailed be warned haha

At 36/37 weeks I got signed off with my wishful thinking birth plan. Where I live we hadn’t long had a wonderful facility up and running. 2,140 more words