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The Arrival of James Kenneth Sullivan

I am delighted to announce the arrival of our 7th grandchild, James Kenneth Sullivan, second son of Elisabeth and Robert about 7pm on 3 December 2017. 644 more words


Delivering Baby #3 Should be a Breeze, Right? Part 2 of 2

When I opened my eyes, I felt so warm and cozy. I was swaddled like a newborn baby in soft warm blankets. I also felt a strange sensation on my lower legs, which I found out later was an electric massager to ensure I didn’t develop blood clots. 623 more words

Unrealistic Expectations

Read with discretion that it’s about birth. 😉

I read book after book trying to prep myself. I took advice from the woman who surrounded me and I sat down to write a list. 684 more words

My birth story

These are true events of what transpired during my pregnancy and giving birth.

Part 1
So my pregnancy has been quite miraculous and less problematic than what many women might have faced, which told me that my child whose gender was unknown to me is a gentle baby who doesn’t want to put her mother through a lot. 1,323 more words


365 Days

One year ago, I was blessed with the greatest treasure I could have ever been given. My daughter, Mattison Joann Plotts, was born at 2:40 PM on November 26, 2016. 1,526 more words

Four pushes!

Warning! Long post ahead aka grandmother story. Finally, my birth story.

It all started on Wednesday, 25/10.  Adam requested i fetch him from school, so this lazy woman finally got off her lazy pregnant ass and showered to fetch the boy from school.   1,650 more words


Why Birth Plans Are Bogus

It’s typical of any first time mom(or any mom for that case) to want their birth to go EXACTLY the way they want. You know how you want everything to go down to the very last detail. 745 more words