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Giving Birth: The US and UK

Everyone asksĀ the difference between giving birth in the US and the UK. Here is our experience:


The States is based on a medical model where data is collected frequently, pain is highly controlled, and prescription pills are given out readily. 735 more words


Our baby girl

Sienna Grace literally graced us with her presence at a civilised hour on her exact due date. Weighing in at 2.95KG she weighed a touch more than her brother who was 2.91KG but he was a week late! 157 more words


My Birth Story (37 Weeks)

I wrote this one-handed before leaving the hospital for my birth board but ended up using a short blurb version. Anyway here it is, typo-ridden, not proofread etc but I just wanted to at least get the big details down (though really I wanted to never ever think about it again so it’s brusque). 1,439 more words


My Baby Girl

I finally had her, my adorable 7lb, 12oz baby girl. She has a head full of dark hair- just as I wanted! She’s a beautiful baby (that’s not just me speaking, a lot of people have said it, including my brother-in-law who told my sister he doesn’t normally find babies to be cute, but that she is a pretty baby). 458 more words

Insight Into Me

Epidural? Yes Please!

There is a lot of research out there regarding the epidural and its role in childbirth. Do women who have them have a higher likelihood of having a Cesarean? 608 more words


Isabella Rae is here!! <3 My Experience with Labor and Delivery

YAY she has finally arrived… fashionably late I might add. Okay so my last post I left off frustrated and in pain. I went back to the doctors the following Monday and when they checked me they said I was 3cm dilated (the previous Thursday I was 0), so they were setting me up for an induction! 1,825 more words


4 months old :)

It started at around 2:30 am the night before, three days past my due date, when I started feeling moderate lower back pain every 40 minutes. 1,531 more words