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7 Common Misconceptions About Doulas

Although I haven’t been a doula very long, I have already noticed a trend… There are definitely some misconceptions out there. So for the next few minutes indulge me, as I break down the 7 common misconceptions that I have heard in my short time of being a doula. 666 more words


Hello world!

It’s been a crazy last few weeks. I apologize for not popping back in.

I got induced on Tuesday, June 19th, at 6:30pm. It was a roller coaster experience that’s for sure. 1,254 more words

Our Birth Story

Three things have made me cautious about writing out my birth story. Firstly, I toyed with the fact that it was a very personal experience but I’ve since pushed this to the side because so many people have asked about it. 2,623 more words

Liam’s birth story

I wanted to share my L&D experience with my friends and family that are interested in reading about it. If this is TMI for you or not your cup of tea, I totally understand. 1,700 more words


Labor & Delivery Story

Our beautiful daughter has finally made her debut into the world, albeit not the way we planned, but here healthy nonetheless.

My story starts at my 39 week checkup. 1,157 more words



Epidural sederhananya adalah obat bius yang digunakan dalam persalinan normal. Ya, sekarang persalinan normal juga sudah memiliki obat bius. Epidural ini digunakan untuk mengurangi rasa sakit kontraksi dan diberikan dengan cara dimasukkan melalui saluran setipis jarum yang dimasukkan ke punggung tulang belakang. 250 more words



My son is a miracle. His name is Matisyahu Chaim, which translates to, “Life is a gift from G-d.” Boy ain’t that the truth. From the moment I was pregnant with him, I was so worried something was going to go wrong. 1,259 more words