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another birth story (six weeks early)

I’m not going to say it wasn’t hard. It was shorter than last time, if you just count from the induction start at 11:00pm on September 27 to the moment the baby came out of my body at 1:40pm on September 28. 2,894 more words

A Beautiful Life

Why realistic birth preparation is important...

I am an antenatal teacher who discusses caesareans, induction, epidurals, forceps and baby monitoring as well as using your breathing, positions, gravity, being assertive, being comfortable, saying what you need, knowing what can help labour and birth be more effective and knowing what can help you work with your contractions and to manage your energy. 375 more words

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My birth story in The Rotunda

Have you been watching The Rotunda? For those that don’t know it is a six part tv series and in each episode they follow the births of four babies in the oldest maternity hospital in the world -The Rotunda in Dublin. 2,643 more words

General Musings

What the Doctor Doesn't Know

Hate to burst your bubble of security…actually, for your sake, I don’t hate to. I think it’s really important for you to understand that your doctor does not know everything. 982 more words

Amy's Story

7 Benefits of Homebirth That May Change Your Perspective

On February 9th, 2017 our life was forever changed when we welcomed our little Prince David into our lives, following a victorious homebirth. Our original birth plan was to birth at home with a certified Midwife, but the prices for a Midwife in the state of Georgia was a minimum of $3,000, which we did not have. 3,029 more words


Labor Induction -- My Experience

Because of epidurals and the option to get induced, labor has never been easier. Still, some women choose to have a natural birth. I don’t fully understand why — probably because I don’t have the pain tolerance for that. 842 more words


Harrison Charles Wakefield

Oh hi! Heads up, this may be an extra long blog post…lots to share. Grab some coffee, take a seat, and join me in re-living the events that led up to lil Hdubs arrival. 1,202 more words