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Epidurals for Canine Chronic Back Pain

For some dogs with chronic lumbosacral disease an epidural injection of cortisone can be used to help relieve pain. I have done many of these procedures with good outcomes. 46 more words


My Positive Labour and Delivery Story

Okay so how many of us have watched YouTube videos about women and their labour + delivery stories? They’ve honestly been my guilty pleasure. I always watched them and thought.. 1,846 more words

How it all began

After a difficult pregnancy – think hyperemesis, low iron, preeclampsia and in the end a rather large baby, I was glad for it all to be over! 478 more words


Birth Plans

We recently mentioned in our hospital bag post that you shouldn’t be upset if things don’t go according to your “birth plan”, so why did we bring this up? 1,319 more words


The Day I Became a Mom

There I was, March 20th 2019, pregnant as can be carrying 3 full bags into the hospital. Cody fought me to wait until we got to the room we would be staying in before we unloaded the car, but I couldn’t wait. 838 more words


Author Rebecca Brown

Incredibly! After 12 years of trying we finally had a baby girl. He was there from start to discharge. They allowed him there for everything. 214 more words


My Birth Story

I went into my first pregnancy pretty unaware of what was to ahead of me. It wasn’t exactly planned, but I have a feeling no matter when we had a baby, it wouldn’t hit me until I was pregnant that there is so much that I didn’t know about pregnancy. 1,513 more words