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Supine Hypotensive Syndrome: An Epidural Blackout

Imagine the horror as you welcome an epidural, relief, into your body after a long stretch of contractions (and having to hold a specific position for several minutes while the anesthesiologist placed a needle the size of your face into your spine), only to instantly start blacking out while you hear rapid, loud beeping in the background. 535 more words


Help, I'm Crumbling!

Last week I clipped my fingernails almost down to the quick, where barely any of the white parts show. Why, you might be wondering, did I do such a thing? 582 more words


IATROGENIC CARE; Your Body did not Fail - The Medical Establishment Did

IATROGENIC : “induced inadvertently by a physician, surgeon, medical treatment, or diagnostic procedure. ”

When a mother tells me about her previous complication during labor/delivery, I like to keep in mind that sometimes complications naturally arise. 327 more words


The Surrogacy Experience

Surrogacy has really taken off recently. In the most popular surrogacy group on Facebook, there are over 13,000 members eagerly asking questions, commenting and either completing or beginning their surrogacy journey as an intended parent or as a surrogate, gestational or traditional. 4,236 more words


Blair's Birth Story

Disclaimer: please don’t read if birth stuff grosses you out, but then again why did you click on this birth story if it does…

“Did I just pee myself? 1,572 more words


Am I peeing?

Almost every day that I was pregnant, I was late to work, with horrible morning sickness – gagging or violent throwing up – and waking up earlier to allot myself “time to recover”, never made a difference. 1,427 more words

The Scar to Prove It

I came across a post on Instagram today from an account called @herviewfromhome that’s been bothering me. It was a re-post from @laurapalaciosphoto, and I know that it was well intended. 853 more words