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Theodore James

Now that my little dude is almost six months old I figured it was time to write out his birth story. I realized this week I was already starting to forget bits and pieces of my labor and delivery process, so I wanted to write down what I do remember! 992 more words


Preppin' for Baby

Hi Everyone! In this post I’m going to talk about some things I did to prepare for baby that weren’t taught in the classes we took. 1,253 more words

a star is born

It’s been six weeks (!!!) since our Maelle made her appearance, and I’m only just now finishing the story of her birth.  That #newbornlife is NO JOKE. 2,081 more words

Slice Of Life

Why "I" Choose No Epidural

I didn’t love being pregnant, but I did not hate it either. I did not understand what to expect and truthfully the reason we waited so long was because I feared the pain. 1,824 more words


Epidurals for Canine Chronic Back Pain

For some dogs with chronic lumbosacral disease an epidural injection of cortisone can be used to help relieve pain. I have done many of these procedures with good outcomes. 46 more words


My Positive Labour and Delivery Story

Okay so how many of us have watched YouTube videos about women and their labour + delivery stories? They’ve honestly been my guilty pleasure. I always watched them and thought.. 1,846 more words

How it all began

After a difficult pregnancy – think hyperemesis, low iron, preeclampsia and in the end a rather large baby, I was glad for it all to be over! 478 more words