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Georgia's Birth Story

I’ve had three boys in three years and their births’ were all quite different. With my first (Micah), I didn’t really think about the birth and figured, ‘every mother has done it, how hard can it be?’ It never occurred to me that I would end up having a c section, not once. 1,582 more words


What To Expect When No One Tells You

The one question that I always thought about with my first pregnancy and even with my second was the delivery and healing process after baby. Sure I can tell you all the things you have already either heard or read about in maternity and pregnancy books but what REALLY happens afterwards? 1,163 more words

Rebecca's Birth Story

My induction started at 8.30 am on Monday the 23rd of December with the 30 hour pessary. This kicked things off and I started getting contractions and dilating by that evening. 440 more words


Margaret's Birth Story

Dana has been featured before in the Bright Birth Story Collection. You can read all about her first birth experience here. Dana and her husband, who live in Texas, reached out to me during their second pregnancy for some Distance Doula support and I was so excited to support them from Cleveland. 1,719 more words

Change Your Expression| Come See This Thing #8

New series of posts of quick snippets not worth an individual rant.

faces of horror?

there is a unique kind of smile these sort of folk have that is disconcerting if they really believe the things they tend to have on these signs. 225 more words


Moving on to Plan B

I went to the orthopedist today. He took x-rays of my back. The short version: my spine is about 20 years older than the rest of me. 271 more words


Five Months of Femoral Nerve Damage

Today’s blog post is thanks for Carissa M, a strong mama who suffered from femoral nerve damage from the birth of her daughter. Many thanks to her for sharing her story and helping so many along the way. 2,551 more words

Childbirth Injury