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3 Ways to Cope with Nerve Damage from Childbirth

Mom of three, Viridiana Word, shares three ways she coped with sciatic nerve damage from childbirth. The majority of nerve injuries from childbirth happen during vaginal deliveries; injuries occurring during a c-section, such as Viridiana’s, are even more rare. 2,161 more words

Childbirth Injury

Why I am choosing not to...

… have an epidural or intrathecal for this baby.

It mostly has to do with the comparison of my first two birthing experiences:

When my oldest, Ashton, was born 9 years ago I was 18 years old and had ZERO ideas of what to expect during labor and delivery. 1,971 more words

Medical Pain Relief Options during Childbirth


It is no secret that labor and delivery can be an incredibly
painful experience. While some people prefer to have a natural birth (i.e. one… 1,064 more words

Labor & Delivery


Epidurals…..to have one or not. There’s a lot of mixed reviews. I was one who was adamant about having one. I have a decently high pain tolerance but childbirth was not a pain I wanted to endure. 327 more words

Mom Life

She's here and this is how it all went down

It all started Sunday morning, I had somewhat regular contractions and timed them for a few hours but eventually they stopped. They started up again in the evening stronger than before. 990 more words


Supine Hypotensive Syndrome: An Epidural Blackout

Imagine the horror as you welcome an epidural, relief, into your body after a long stretch of contractions (and having to hold a specific position for several minutes while the anesthesiologist placed a needle the size of your face into your spine), only to instantly start blacking out while you hear rapid, loud beeping in the background. 535 more words

Help, I'm Crumbling!

Last week I clipped my fingernails almost down to the quick, where barely any of the white parts show. Why, you might be wondering, did I do such a thing? 582 more words