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Hello everyone! My name is Sujayne and this is my blog. I have always wanted to have a space where I could write and share my thoughts with my family, friends, and now the world.

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Labor & Delivery...in the Words of Kelz

So, I know I am not alone in thinking labor is like the movies with the lady screaming in pain as she pushes her baby into this world. 770 more words


Addison Lyn

Many of our birth doula clients and childbirth education clients ask us where they can go to read birth stories. Some are searching for medication-free birth stories, some want to read about cesarean births, some want to hear about adoption or surrogacy. 1,125 more words


Former Mom-Shamer

Motherhood is hard, yall.

There are so many decisions to make. And then you have to worry about if you made the right one. Mom-shaming is a popular phrase these days. 933 more words


My labour story

Where do I even start.

So I know this post is out of chronological order if you’ve been reading my other blog posts.. I’ve only technically got up to finding out I was pregnant but I really wanted to put this post out there whilst most of the details are fresh in my mind… and let’s face it everyone loves a labour story! 4,598 more words


Our son was born.

Similar to my memories of OB rotations while in medical school, my labour and delivery experience was full of painful screamings and jokes about “poop and baby coming out at the same time”, as my nurse said in a funny way “you know that this can’t be changed as physiology doesn’t allow that, right?”. 482 more words