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Long Labors: Part 2, Physiologic Strategies

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Long Labors: Part 2 is a follow-up to Long Labors, Part I.

We don’t need to feel entirely helpless when labor lasts a long time. 2,834 more words


8 Things you experience after a C-section

A C-section or Caesarian delivery is a major surgery. Whether your c-section was planned or an emergency, you can definitely relate to the experiences below. … 243 more words


Mythbusters: Epidural edition

Ahhh, the famous epidural. Women are either adamantly against it or refuse to deliver without it. It’s the subject I get the most questions on; do they really work? 692 more words


Madelyn Mary Jane, Part 2

We make it up to the Labor & Delivery floor and my pants are sopping wet.  I had gray sweat pants on, so it was totally noticeable that I was having issues.  2,158 more words

My First Pregnancy, Labor and Birth story

If I have to sum it up in one line, I would say that it was a very smooth ride with a twist at the end. 1,532 more words


Labor && Delivery Story Sequel, Natural Vs. Epidural

((Sorry it’s been so long, my gals! 😬 As you can probably deduce, I’ve been a little busy these past several weeks. ☺😊🤱

I took some time to adjust to two under two life, and then I let things get away from me. 2,933 more words


Here's Why ACOG Recommends Doulas

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists frequently updates their committee opinions and recommendations as they gain new knowledge and listen to consumer (that’s you!) demand. 696 more words