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Tori's Birth Story

My labour and delivery was pretty smooth up until the very end. 

I was in labour for about two days before I actually got admitted into the hospital.   1,502 more words


The time I used acupuncture to induce labor

As I mentioned my second pregnancy was not as easy as my first. I ease miserable for the most part so it was obvious that when I reached 40 weeks I was eager to meet my baby already. 802 more words

The start of my journey to become a mum.

Image: Sofia at 12 days old

When I was just 22 years old, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, and I found the burden of a life long, chronic health condition very difficult to cope with. 1,491 more words


Adelyn Maelie Susan | a birth story

*Adelyn’s birth story was first featured on my former blog, Display Your He{art}, in 2012. In honor of her 8th birthday this week, I thought I’d share her birth story here on our new blog. 2,388 more words


Elsie Norah Faye | a birth story


*This blog post was first featured on my former blog, Display Your He{art}, in 2014. Now that we have a new family blog, I thought it would be fun to share again here on Elsie’s 6th birthday! 2,095 more words


Georgia's Birth Story

I’ve had three boys in three years and their births’ were all quite different. With my first (Micah), I didn’t really think about the birth and figured, ‘every mother has done it, how hard can it be?’ It never occurred to me that I would end up having a c section, not once. 1,582 more words


What To Expect When No One Tells You

The one question that I always thought about with my first pregnancy and even with my second was the delivery and healing process after baby. Sure I can tell you all the things you have already either heard or read about in maternity and pregnancy books but what REALLY happens afterwards? 1,163 more words