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His Epitaph

A poet lies here very often:
When not about, he’s in his coffin.



The Absurdity of Freewill

The absurdity of freewill is that
we have free reign of the entire Earth and approximately 75 years to do with whatever we please,
and we find it sufficient to stress about the electric bill and rearrange the furniture in our “living” room.


the tide comes,
rocking me with the waves.
I cannot swim. 33 more words


An Epigram For My Nemesis

He kept his friends close

He kept his enemies closer

He knew his enemy

As He knew Himself

The man in Him was the bane of my existence… 14 more words


"These were the hills Bacchus loved more than Nysae": Martial on the Aftermath of Vesuvius

Today is, according to many, the anniversary of the eruption of Vesuvius in the Bay of Naples in 79 CE. Pliny’s account is the most famous, but Martial had his say too: 130 more words


Dorothy Parker's birthday

In homage to Dorothy Parker on her birthday:

Such edge as I had
When I was a lad
Was all dissipated
As my waistline inflated


Trump Theory: An Epigram

My whole life has been led

on the theory that I do not want

to embarrass people

except that fat pig Rosie.