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Exercise 110701a

A moment of clarity.

Tears of joy.

Life goes on.

© 2017 L. Tafa


Exercise 100709

Oh, no you don’t

come at me like

that, like some tornado

on a rampage. I’m

not some simple lunk

you met in some

dark alley wanting a… 51 more words



“A ghetto can be improved in one way only: out of existence.”

– James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name


A Tale about a Tail

There is little amiss,
About a tail worth a tale.

Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway :) . 


Exercise 050704

A manic meter

was pushing the

envelope. So it

pushed back and

burst the meter,

blasting pieces all

over. Thankfully no

damage was caused

except to the… 27 more words



The city isn’t picturesque

The souls, I haven’t touched

It reeks of sin here –

I’m afraid I’ll dissolve.

The part of my soul that was loved doesn’t exist in the absence of those who loved it. 32 more words