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My Book Doesn't Have My (Chaste) Taste: Martial on His Dirty Little, um, Book

Martial, Epigrams Book 11.15

“I do have drafts that Cato’s wife
And those dreadful Sabine women might read:
But I want this whole little book to laugh… 137 more words


Poets Have to Make a Living Somehow: Homer Sang and Wrote for His Meals (Certamen, 15-16)

Most people who think of the “Contest of Homer and Hesiod” remember the fact that Homer and Hesiod competed and that there was a mixed verdict (with Hesiod taking the prize).  278 more words



No pleasure is sweeter than love; other joys, are all

second to it ; even the honey from my mouth I spit out.

This is what Nossis says: whoever did not love Kypris, 27 more words


His Epitaph

A poet lies here very often:
When not about, he’s in his coffin.



The Absurdity of Freewill

The absurdity of freewill is that
we have free reign of the entire Earth and approximately 75 years to do with whatever we please,
and we find it sufficient to stress about the electric bill and rearrange the furniture in our “living” room.


the tide comes,
rocking me with the waves.
I cannot swim. 33 more words


An Epigram For My Nemesis

He kept his friends close

He kept his enemies closer

He knew his enemy

As He knew Himself

The man in Him was the bane of my existence… 14 more words