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Spriteful Acidrain

A Sprite such as acid rain.
Fairy of foul play –  your tribe has run away –
They won’t watch you erode any more.
Can’t stand to see the mountains erode, any more. 185 more words


Burdened with a touch so soft,
It coils far around thee.
Move concertina on top…
The slither that surrounds she.
No it will never be enough, 131 more words

Witches brew

What I thought

to be my fairytale,

was a witches brew;

And my heart,

its final ingredient.



America: struggle, fight, climb until you die.



“I decided to be immortal. So far, it’s all going according to plan.”

(Julia G.) 6 more words


Vague evidence (Epigram #7)

Vague evidence of his remarkable existence,

Is the fallen, dead autumn leaf,

For he dwells in the heart and the remembrance,

With whom, for whom, he used to breathe.

American patriotism

American patriotism is the ultimate conformity in the interest of individualism.