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None is more blind or foolish than one who believes their own arrogance.


5 books written by Singaporean authors you should read

(Source: www.timeout.com)

The book Ria, a young medusa, accidentally turns an entire village into stone and flees to an underground settlement for protection. Instead, she becomes its gatekeeper but her new friendship with a human threatens to dismantle the city. 121 more words


Cutting words

Words cut deeper than any knife ever could.


Being an environmentalist means not taking recreational drugs

University of Bristol students are hypocrites if they claim to support environmental causes whilst taking recreational drugs.

Perhaps the most blatant hypocrisy evident at the University of Bristol is the widespread concern with environmentalism coupled with rampant recreational drug use. 677 more words


Let it die

“It’s easier to hold on to our ego, suffering the consequence. Than it is to let it die.”


Louvrehoard - Original Story (an excerpt)

I’ve written some pieces of plot and conversation between characters of my yet-to-be-written stories. Here’s one of absolute favourite.

Dogs are colorblind. They can’t see rainbows.

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Survey reveals 87.6 percent of Bristol Uni students want to do more for the environment

On their website, the University of Bristol claims that ‘sustainability is part of everything we do’.

As part of Epigreen Week I conducted a survey to establish whether the university’s students consider this to be the case, and whether this statement could also be true of the students themselves. 781 more words