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There are no locks strong enough to imprison the truth, because no matter how hard people try to hide it, it always finds a way out in the end.


alt axiom unum

beware your self evident truths
are not dismissed as more fake news

An American Haiku in the Style of Jack Kerouac

The draining of

          this car battery

I call heart.


Kung said something wise

Kung had a saying
about true wisdom —
how did it go exactly?
Something about the wise man
needing only a few words…

But I forgot to turn down the page, 114 more words


Witcraft 201

In this week dedicated to the crafting of wit, we have centered our conversation on a definition given by Mark Twain,

Twain shows us that all wit is grounded in two concepts: the… 799 more words

The Actor's Toolkit

Crystal Cathedral—an epigram

One of the largest glass-dominated buildings

in America kills up to 500 birds a year.

Kills each one with the promise

of more sky.


Rabindranath Tagore

‘Let me light my lamp,’
say the star,
‘and never debate
if it will help to remove the darkness.’

Before the end of my journey… 46 more words