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Being Programmed, Say It This Way Just To Laugh

Since my seizures are sporadic and changing the way they make me “feel”, I finally decided to go down a different road. My “spells” everyone once in a while would make me cry. 220 more words



Good news from the doctor today.  We get to fold up the wheelchair. Yeah!!!  Crutches are next in line to be used with a cast. Can you imagine how hard it would be to walk using crutches and holding up one foot with a heavy cast on your foot. 111 more words

Only God Knows Why My Brain Is Over Functioning


Wouldn’t you know having the wreck in October meant that we bought a costume for Halloween that wouldn’t be worn. Kristina’s foot was supposed to stay elevated. 117 more words

Only God Knows Why My Brain Is Over Functioning

Fundraising for charity

Lovely and not indifferent people on the Earth!

This Easter I’m going to climb three highest Yorkshire Peaks in 12 hours for the charity! I need to raise £150 before 18th of April and I would really appreciate if you could support me in that challenge and donate even a very small amount to… 120 more words



The JOURNEY you take for vacation is usually by car.
This JOURNEY that I will never forget is nothing like that by far.

I had only one reason then to remember 9/11, 55 more words


"Home" Work

Getting settled into the living room was difficult. Ever have broken a bone? A cast was definitely new on how to maneuver it for us. The couch was also not as wide as her bed. 201 more words

Only God Knows Why My Brain Is Over Functioning


I am not assuming a cure here or speaking for a person, corporation or organization, but when I hear the words “may contribute to the development of anti-epileptic therapies” , my heart starts thumping like someone’s wailing away on the bongos.  96 more words